Cowboy/Western Themed party

Each year I ask my husband what he wants to do for his birthday and he gives me the lame, “I just want to have my family over for cake and ice cream” answer! So, I have to do something to make it cute! Last year I decided to do a cowboy theme and at least do a few decorations and favors based around that.

As each of his 7 nieces and nephews entered the party we had them suite up with a bandanna, Sheriff’s badge and cowboy hat (all purchased at Zurchers).


Then we took their mug shot for the Wanted poster. To make the poster I purchased a white poster board cut the outside edges a little bit wiggly as well as a center square for the faces. I glued on my printed out letters (just printed on regular printer paper in a western looking font). Then spritzed it with a little bit of water so it would be malleable and folded creases in it all over and used a brown stamp pad to rub across the edges and folds to give it an aged and weathered look.


Isn’t my daughter the cutest little outlaw?!


For the food we served: sloppy joes, veggies and dip, baked beans, potato salad and chips. I found the cute fabric for the tables and the backdrop in my mom’s vast fabric room (yes, an entire room) as well as that awesome cowboy boot lamp – what a gem! 🙂

IMG_7974 IMG_7972

For the activities we pinned the tail on the horse and broke a cowboy boot piniata. I had planned to have the kids make vests or chaps (their choice) out of brown paper bags, but we honestly just got  having fun, talking and eating that in the middle of the party I decided to forgo that. And then, as requested by the birthday boy, we served cake and ice cream. 🙂


Now, I’ve got to say, when I came across this party I was INCREDIBLY impressed. The creativity of the activities coupled with the DIY nature of all of the elements made me one happy girl! I am now itching to plan a REAL cowboy party so I can use these ideas (but alas, my husband said of his birthday in one month, that again, he wants cake and ice cream – apparently I need to borrow someones kids!).

In short, to celebrate her son’s 6th birthday they had the boys go through 8 “training” activities and earned badges along the way to becoming a real cowboy and once they completed them, they had a marshmallow gun shoot out (her post has instructions on making marshmallow guns)! From top to bottom, I LOVE IT!

The training exercises were:

– Relay races with homemade stick horses (including a DIY tutorial)stick horses

– Pony grooming/ pin the tail on the homemade horse)

– Boot toss/bean bag toss

– Steer roping/ring toss with bottles painted into a cow patternsteer roping

– Panning for “gold” – which was spray painted fish bowl gravel

– Color station where they colored a WANTED poster – includes a free printable

– Horseshoes

She served hot dogs, fruit/veggies and then a dessert table with cake, s’mores, licorice and other goodies all with fun cowboy names!


It really is a darling party, follow this link for the full post. I love that she crafted the activities herself!

Link Party Thanks: Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, Not Just A Housewife, Kathe With an E, Sugar Bee Crafts

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