Doc McStuffins Birthday Party


This adorable Doc McStuffins Birthday Party is brought to you by my good friend Rochelle. She put together so many fun (and do-it-yourself) details for her daughters birthday party!

The invitations:

A handmade Doc McStuffins inspired headband accompanied the invitations to the party.


The Activities:

Necklaces: As guests arrived they were invited to the table to make heart bead necklaces while they waited for others to arrive.


Check-up Time: Toys were brought out that all needed some special attention and care. Each guest was given a handmade stethascope to use while helping to diagnose the toys ailments. They sang the Doc McStuffins check-up song. They found that one bear had torn-tummy-itis and they helped stitch him back together. Another set of toys had mixed-up-parts-iosis and each girl helped figure out the correct parts to go together. A third toy had a door that kept coming off and was diagnosed with broke-door-efitis and was promptly taken care of by the doctors.

DSCF2331 DSCF2336 DSCF2339

Aren’t they all so adorable – especially with their headbands and stethascopes?!!


The Cake:

Rochelle has mad skills in the cake department. She topped this #4 cake with Doc McStuffins figurines, fondant bandaids and candles. So cute!

DSCF2313 DSCF2348

The Favors:

Each guest got to take home their own Doctors bag filled with:

Lambie Tails, doctor is in/out door sign and a book of boo boos to fill in each time they diagnose a toy at home.



I love every single detail she included! She planned and hosted this party before Doc McStuffins had gained the popularity is has now and there are a lot of fun FREE PRINTABLES that you can include if you are also planning a party for your little Doc.

For some really cute Doc McStuffins party favor ideas that use FREE PRINTABLES – check out this post! 

Free Printables:


Thank You Cards

Doctor Kit

Coloring Page

Cupcake Toppers

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