Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn

At our Unicorn party last weekend with my nieces I made some super delicious and sticky Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn. It was pink, fluffy, sweet and so yummy! The recipe is simple enough if you have ever made rice crispy treats, but the addition of jello powder to the recipe adds the cute pink color as well as FLAVOR! I can’t wait to try this recipe again with other flavors – it was amazing! 

Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn4 Ingredient Marshmallow Popcorn perfect for a Unicorn Party!

1 – Melt the butter in a stock pot over medium heat. Why a stockpot? You’ll thank me when you add in all that popcorn.

2 – Add in the entire bag of mini marshmallows, that is, what’s left of the bag after you ate a few, and stir frequently.

3 – Once the marshmallows have melted most of the way (you want it lumpy – at least that’s what I tell myself when my hand occasionally runs across my tummy), remove from the heat and add in the jello powder and stir to combine.

4- Pour in the popped popcorn and gently stir the whole batch together. This is the part where you are glad you used a stock pot since a smaller pot would have it all jumping out the sides. 

5 – Garnish with color mini marshmallows and sprinkles! 

Marshmallow Popcorn
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  1. 4 Tbsp Butter
  2. 16 oz Mini Marshmallows
  3. 2 Tbsp Strawberry Jello Powder
  4. 12 cups Popped Popcorn
  1. Melt the butter over medium heat in a large stock pot. Once melted, add in the bag of marshmallowes. Stir frequently until marshmallows have melted, but still have lumps. Remove from heat and add in the jello powder and stir to combine. Pour in popped popcorn and stir gently to completely coat the popcorn. Garnish with color mini marshmallows and sprinkles.
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