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Valentine’s Day Party Activities

Each Friday my daughter has a playgroup for two hours with all of the little girls her age in our neighborhood. The moms rotate who hosts and I got lucky enough to host on Friday, February 12th! I was giddy when I found out because that means I get to do a fun Valentine’s Day party for them!

Valentines Day Activities for Kids - Events To Celebrate

These ideas are all really inexpensive and easy to put together. I only have 7 girls coming, but they really could work for any size group.

Valentine’s Day Party Activities

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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Preschool

I get to host the Thanksgiving party for my daughters preschool and I’m having so much fun planning it! I put together these easy Paper Bag Turkey’s for the kids to make. I’m going to have them draw something they are thankful for (since they can’t spell quite yet) on each feather. 

There are lots of cute Thanksgiving turkey crafts floating around out there but some weren’t quite at a preschool level like the ones I featured in this Round up of Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids. I came up with this one because I know the kids will be able to do it. Thanksgiving Turkey Craft -

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Preschool

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Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas: Games & Activities

Disney Princess Birthday Party Games - Events To Celebrate

My daughter was extra excited for the games I had planned for her Disney Princess Birthday Party. I got some of the ideas from other blogs through Pinterest (check out my entire Disney Princess Birthday Party board on my Pinterest account). There are so many Disney Princess birthday party ideas out there, it was actually hard to narrow it down for her party, but I think we hit the perfect balance. 

Disney Princess Birthday Party Games

Snow White’s True Loves Kiss

Disney Princess Birthday Party Games - Events To Celebrate

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Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas

 I was sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser to style a baby shower, one of my favorite things! With over 50 nieces and nephews I’ve done a lot of celebrating! This post may contain affiliate links which give me a small commission if you purchase through them. 

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas -

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Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas -

Frozen Fever? Here are LOTS of FUN, EASY and INEXPENSIVE themed activities, games and crafts for your FROZEN BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas:

1 – Freeze Tag:

Remember the good old days of running and playing? Freeze tag (and TV tag, and Favorites Tag, and Missionary Tag, etc.) was one of our favorite games. Enter the movie Frozen, and this game practically BEGS to be played at a Frozen themed birthday party. Call it Frozen Heart Freeze Tag and the person who is “IT” is Elsa and she freezes the other guests hearts as she catches them. 

How to play: One person is “IT” and they chase after other participants. If they are tagged they must remain frozen in their position until tagged by an unfrozen participant. Once all participants are Frozen – you pick a new person to be “IT”.

2 – Do You Want To Build A Snowman?:


My daughter did this at a birthday party recently and I thought it was too cute not to share! The supplies needed are super simple: toilet paper, tape, carrot noses (made from orange construction paper) and black buttons (made from black construction paper). Let the guests have fun wrapping up their friends and taping the nose and buttons on!

3 – Sing Along Frozen Karaoke:

Have you seen that they released a sing along version of the movie (you can CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO BUY IT)? Buy up a bunch of plastic microphones and have a sing along karaoke session! Trust me, they’ll love it!

4 – Frozen Ice Blocking:

Ice Blocking

Maybe this is just a Utah thing, but when I was in High School we would buy the big blocks of ice from the grocery store, find a really big hill and ride down the hill on the block of ice (we’d use a towel to sit on). Not only was it a blast, it was like sledding in Summer without getting freezing cold! Try it, I bet you’ll totally love it!

5 – Frozen Troll Craft:

I love this idea from the Disney Frozen website. Take rocks, moss, some small googly eyes and a glue gun and create a family of trolls! Aren’t they darling?! Frozen Trolls Craft Instructions

6 – Frozen Freeze Dance:

It’s got to be one of the most downloaded movie soundtracks in history – so chances are you already have it. To play you have one person control the music. Guests dance while the music is playing and as soon as the person pushes pause – everyone freezes. The last person to stop moving is the next person to control the music. So push play and DANCE!

7 – Pin the Nose on Olaf:


I created this printable Olaf template and shared it last week. All you’d need to do is print it out and assemble everything but the nose. Cut enough carrot noses out for each guest and play pin the carrot on Olaf! Free, easy and F,U,N!!

8 – Frozen Bracelets:

I love this kit that I found on Amazon to make Frozen themed bracelets, but you could just as easily provide the clear, slightly sparkly, diamond cut beads (like these) I’ve seen at every craft store and let the guests make a bracelet. The kit above will make several bracelets, which makes them very affordable!

Frozen Fever is still going strong at our house. My daughter was Anna all morning, it was only because I told her she could get a smoothie at Costco if she got in the car that she took her costume off. I don’t mind one bit that she loves it. I know there are a lot of parents that are sick of it, but do you remember what it was like to be that age? I think I watched Robin Hood and The Rescuers at least 1,000 times once we finally got our very own VHS machine (instead of having to rent it at the video store). So, in celebration of that, GO ON, HAVE A FROZEN BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Looking for FREE FROZEN PARTY PRINTABLES? This website has two different sets that are DARLING!

Want MORE? See this post full of more FROZEN food, activity, craft and decor ideas!

Curious George Birthday Party Ideas

Curious George Birthday Party Ideas -

My daughter has loved Curious George since she started watching it. I thought she would have outgrown it by now, but she still asks to watch him every morning. We love the show on PBS as well as the movie that came out in 2006. It’s safe to say that I’ve seen a fair share of episodes and thought it would be fun to come up with a list of Curious George Birthday Party Ideas. 

First, let’s get to know a few of the characters:
Man in the Yellow Hat
George – the monkey
Jumpy – Squirrel
The Renkins – farmers
Mr & Mrs Quint – a couple that live in the country and go fishing a lot
Compass – pigeon in the city
Hundley – dog that belongs to the doorman
Gniocci – cat that belongs to Chef Pisghetti
Chef Pisghetti
Charkie – Dog in the city
Professor Wiseman

Curious George Birthday Party Food Ideas:

You know how I love themed food. I love making a little label for the food with either a picture of the character or the name in a fun font. Here are a few ideas:

Chocolate Dipped Bananas - Super Healthy Kids

– Chef Pisghetti’s Spaghetti
Banana Heads (Just like Banana Runts)
– Bananas dipped in chocolate or yogurt with lots of topping options, like those pictured above from Super Healthy Kids
– Mixed Nuts for Jumpy the Squirrel
– Allie’s Apples
– Mr. Quints Worms & Fish (gummy worms & fishy crackers)
– The Renkins’ farm fresh veggie tray or Fruit Stand Kabobs
– Hundley’s Hot Dogs
– Banana Splits
– Gniocci’s milk
– Professor Wiseman’s dinosaur bones (pretzles or breadsticks)
– Curious George Cookies – these cookie cutters (pictured below) are so darling and for only $9 that’s a bargain!
– Curious George Cupcakes – Free printable Cupcake Toppers here.Curious George Cookie Cutter

Curious George Birthday Party Activity Ideas:

Lego Birthday Party - Box Step Feet Dance Steps Diagram

– Learn the box step (make diagrams of where the feet step like they had on show)
– Play doctor (on an episode called Dr. Monkey, George diagnosed all kinds of ailments)
– Put a bunch of tub toys floating in in a kiddie pool they have to get out with a scoop (like George had to do when his toys went down the drain in the bathtub)
– Create a mini petting zoo (ask to borrow your neighbors pets – especially bunnies)
– Make a mini pinata (like they do for Marco’s mother’s Day dinner)
– Paint a birdhouse (like George does so Jumpy won’t get all the acorns)
– Yellow Hat ring toss (find yellow cones or paint orange cones yellow with a black band and toss rings around them like that pictured below from Rust & Sunshine)
– Pin the Tie on the Man With The Yellow Hat 
– Boat race in a kiddie pool – make paper boats and send them on a race!
– Play T-Ball (George learned how to count to 10 on this episode)
– Make a brown paper bag monkey or monkey mask (print one here) and sing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed while you act it out
– Play Monkey in the Middle (here’s how you play)
– Newspaper Toss: Bill has a paper route and George loves to help him – you could collect newspapers and do a bean bag toss style game with them through a board with holes cut out or even just buckets set at different distances. 
– Make sock puppets and put on a play (like George did for the Hansel and Grettle episode)
– Play “Who am I” by putting a character photo on each persons forehead and they have to ask questions to try and guess who they are or use them to play charades. You can get character photos here
– Go to the park
– Go to the Zoo
– Go to a dinosaur museum or space museum
– Do outdoor exploring. Provide bug catchers, binoculars, magnifying glasses, etc. and let the kids roam
– Have an auction for simple things – print the money here

Curious George Ring Toss

Curious George Birthday Party Decoration Ideas:

– Yellow hat placesetting – yellow plate, yellow cup with black band around top of cup then turned upside down on plate (like that pictured above from Angel Street Mom)
– Borrow a bunch of the books from the library, make color copies of the covers and some of the pages and use them to make a banner or other decorations (even placemats at the table)
– Print out bananas and copies of George’s face to make a garland
– Lots of Yellow and Brown Balloons
– Curious George Pom Poms (pictured below – like these found on etsy)
– You can also just go the Amazon route for lots of Curious George party supplies 

Curious George Pom Pom

Halloween Crafts and Games for Kids

Halloween Crafts and Games for kids

Each year I host a family Halloween party. Rather than taking on the entire party on my own, I have each sibling/family bring one activity or craft for the kids to do. I take care of the food and decorations and then only have to come up with one activity – knowing that there will be LOTS coming to entertain the kids. This has worked really well! I shared a few of the fun things we’ve done at past parties in this post, and wanted to share those we did at our party last year!

Halloween Crafts and Games for Kids

Halloween Party Activity for Kids - Decorate Cupcakes

Decorating Halloween Cupcakes:

After lunch we let each of the kids pick a cupcake to frost and decorate with lots of candy. We included sprinkles, candy corn, gummy candy and more! 

Halloween Party Activity - Tie Dye Shirts - Events To Celebrate

Halloween T-shirt Tie Dye:

Each child brought a plain white t-shirt and we had them tie dye their shirts. We did it outside and everyone wore aprons and gloves to keep things tidy and they loved it. We used a Tie-Dye Kit and it came with all the supplies we needed. After the dye was added, we stuck them in a zip top plastic bag for each kid to take home so they could finish drying. Then, once they were washed, they were ready to wear!

Halloween Treasure Hunt - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Treasure Hunt:

We sent the kids all around the yard on a spooky treasure hunt. There were enough clues for each child to have a turn finding one and at the end they got cute tin buckets (found in the dollar bin at Target) filled with fun Halloween favors: stickers, pencils, spider rings, a straw, glow in the dark skeletons, etc.

Halloween Treasure Hunt - Events To Celebrate 1 Halloween Party Activitiy - Cupcake Walk - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Cupcake Walk:

We actually gave them donuts, but the idea is the same. We had frightful music playing as the kids circled the numbers and when the music stopped a number was pulled from a bag. The child standing next to that number got to come pick a donut. 

Halloween Party Activities - Donuts on a String - Events To Celebrate

Doughnuts on a String:

This was my favorite activity to watch, the little kids were hilarious. We suspended glazed donuts from strings and they had a contest to see who could eat their doughnut off the string the fastest. They didn’t have to eat the entire thing, just get it to fall off the string. It was so much fun to watch!

Halloween Party Activity - Bobbing for Apples - Events To Celebrate


Bobbing for Apples:

I was really surprised how much the kids loved this.  They each took several turns! Luckily, since we are all family, we didn’t care about the water getting each others spit in it. 🙂 But they did so well, pulling those little apple stems out of the water – plus, they were apples picked fresh from the orchard so they were totally delicious!

Whether you are planning a family, neighborhood, preschool or church group Halloween party, these activities will entertain the kids for sure! 

See this post about all the fun food and DIY Decorations we had at the party!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Activities

For my daughters Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed 3rd Birthday party it was a lot of fun thinking of the activities she and her guests could do. She kept saying she wanted to be Izzy and so I knew all the girls would too!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Activities - Events To Celebrate


DRESS LIKE A MATEY: Each guest got to wear a bandanna, waist sash (for holding their swords), name tag, some Mini Bubbles in a pink organza gift bag that we called Pixie Dust and a Pink Eye Patch . For the name tags I printed their first name on a gold dabloon and then they got to pick out of a bag the other part (the landlubber, the scalawag, the treasure hunter, etc.). For the bandanna’s I cut 22″ squares of pink chevron print cotton fabric into triangles. 

Pirate Party Dress Ups

COLOR A PICTURE: While we waited for guests to arrive, the girls were invited to color a free printable coloring page of Jake, Izzy and Cubby. 

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Coloring Page

JAKE’S SWORD: On the show Izzy always has pixie dust and Jake always has his sword. I purchased these plastic Pirate Sword and Adhesive Back Jewels and let the girls make their swords pretty. The jewels were perfect because they came on a clear plastic backing sheet and were easy for the girls to peel off. 

Pirate Party Jeweled Swords Jake and the Neverland Pirates Jeweled Swords

PIN THE TAIL ON TICK-TOCK-CROC: This free printable pin the tail game saved the day! It was easy to put together and the girls loved it!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pin The Tail Game

CAPTAIN HOOKS HOOK: I gave each girl a black paper cup with a small X slit in the bottom and a 12″ piece of tin foil. We rolled up the tin foil and curved it and then stuck it through the X on the cup. They then held onto the tin foil inside the cup to wear it. It was simple enough for these little ones and they thought it was so fun!

Pirate Party Hooks Craft Jake and the Neverland Pirates Hooks

CUBBY’S TREASURE MAP: On the show, Cubby always has the treasure map, so we had to send these girls on a treasure hunt! I made a little treasure map using my Microsoft Publisher program just using clip art and let them each color one and roll it up. Then we set off to find hidden bags of gold dabloons and a treasure for each of them at the end!

Pirate Party Treasure Map Coloring Page Jake and the Neverland Pirates Treasure Hunt

 I filled each Treasure Chest Treat Boxes with an assortment of candy and plastic jewelry. The tag says “We ARRRGGG so glad you came!”

Pirate Party Treasure Hunt

TICK-TOCK-WHERE’S-THE-CROC?: I didn’t get a picture of this game, but all we did was hide a kitchen timer that had a bell set to 1-2 minutes. Then the girls had to find it before the bell rang! We played a few rounds and they had a great time searching behind couch pillows, under chairs, etc.!

DANCING WITH BUBBLES: Our last activity was to turn on the Bubble Machine and dance to the Jake and the Neverland Pirates music (found on the Disney Junior DJ Shuffle album). They danced and fought the bubbles with their swords until it was time to go!

Pirate Party Bubble Dance

 For the post all about the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Decorations, go here!

Here is a post all about the fun food ideas: go here!

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