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Disney Princess Birthday Party

Disney Princess Birthday Party IdeasThis adorable Disney Princess Birthday Party was submitted by the talented duo – Karson and Betsy. They are a family who are hoping to adopt and I would love if you would hop over to their blog and if you know of anyone looking to place for adoption – help them connect with them.

The details of this party are so much fun! Any little prince or princess would have a ball at this party! Let’s look at the fun ideas they utilized:

Disney Princess Birthday Cake:

Disney Princess Birthday Cake

Using Disney Princess figurines, they created a perfect scene on her adorable cake!

To make your own – this Disney Princess 10 Piece Figurine Set will be perfect!

Disney Princess Birthday Party Activities:

Princess Birthday Party Magic Wands Princess Birthday Party Magic Wand Decorating

It’s essential for any princess to have a magic wand! The little guests got to decorate their own foam stars mounted on bamboo skewers with assorted foam shape stickers.

They could also decorate a crown using these Foam Princess Crowns and Adhesive Back Jewels (500 pc).

Princess Birthday Party Pin the Crown on the Princess

Every princess must know how to put on her crown – so a game of Pin the Crown on the Princess was perfect training. You can buy one for a few dollars: Pin the Crown on the Princess

Princess Birthday Party - Fingernail painting

A Princess must always look polished. The guests got the royal treatment with their nails painted the perfect Princess pink.

Princess Birthday Party REAL Princess Princess Birthday Party Story by Belle

It doesn’t get better than a visit from a REAL DISNEY PRINCESS! Belle stopped by to have story time and the girls were beyond excited! (It was a friend of theirs who agreed to dress up)

Disney Princess Birthday Party Food

Princess Birthday Party Food - events to CELEBRATE!

I absolutely love when party food is creatively named and these don’t disappoint! Aurora’s Awesome Carrots, Cinderella’s Cheese Chunks, Snow White’s Apples, Ariel’s Watermelon, Belle’s Bugles and Jasmine’s Jelly Sandwiches were served.

Then they got to get creative with adding different flavored syrups to lemonade for a custom drink.

Create Your Own Flavored Lemonade

Disney Princess Birthday Party Decorations: 

Princess Birthday Party Decorations

I absolutely love the valances of plastic table covers on the ceiling. The tissue paper pom poms and white lantern add the perfect “Chandelier” effect. The colors of pink and purple were used throughout with the table covers, food labels and crafts. For full details on the fun party – see their website.

For lots of themed paper goods, table covers, decorations and favors – check out these Disney Princess Party Supplies.

Want even more ideas? Check out another Princess Party I’ve posted by Marci Coombs.

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Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

November 18, 1928 is Mickey Mouse’s birthday! That means he is turning 95 years old this year, he’s looking really good if you ask me!

Here are some fun facts about Mickey:
– Walt Disney was the voice for the original Mickey Mouse
– Mickey first appeared in “Steamboat Willie” – the first cartoon with sycronized sound!
– Walt Disney originally named him Mortimer, but his good wife convinced him to reconsider and suggested Mickey instead.
– Mickey’s first spoken words were “Hot Dogs!” in The Karnival Kid

In honor of Mickey, I’m sharing some adorable birthday party ideas from my friend Kara from Simplistically Sassy. For full details on the party go here. Where would Mickey be without Minnie, right?

Minnie Mouse Party Favors:

– DIY Minnie Mouse ear headbands 

*she made hers but, here are Minnie Mouse Ears w/ Bows (8 Pack) that are less than $1 each!

– Minnie Mouse cups filled with stickers, jewelry and treats

*These are the cups she used:Minnie Mouse Bow-tique 16 oz. Plastic Cup
* Here are cute Minnie Mouse stickers: Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Sticker Sheets
*And this is the perfect cute jewelry:Pearlized Diamond Bead Necklaces & 24 Bracelets in Pink 

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

– Minnie Mouse applique t-shirts

* You can get the plain white t-shirts for about $3.00:Gildan Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Party Treats:

– Minnie & Mickey Mouse cupcakes with Oreos and string licorice

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

– Ice cream scoops with mini Oreos and pink sprinkles

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Party Activities:

– Minnie Mouse coloring pages

* Which you can print FREE here.

– Create your own Candy Necklace

* This is the little kit pictured below:Heart Candy Necklace Kit

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Bug Themed Birthday Party

Bug Party - Ant Hill Cake

This creepy, crawly bug themed birthday party was submitted by Rochelle, and it is so fantastic! I know so many little ones that would think this party is perfect! Just look at the Ant Mountain Cake her boys helped her decorate (with crushed grasshopper cookies coating the outside – perfect for the theme and delicious!).

She welcomed guests with a trail of bug stickers (buy a Bug Sticker Book):

Bug Party - Bug sticker decorations Bug Party - Bug Sticker Decorations (2)

Bug Birthday Party Crafts:

And then they got to work making some really fun bug crafts!

Bug Catcher Necklaces (yarn, beads and the $.25 machine plastic containers for keeping bugs in)

A Special Decorated Bug Jar (found here:Plastic Bug Jar Craft Kit – 12 per pack)

Lightning Bugs (empty plastic water bottle, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, construction paper wings and glow sticks to put inside)

A Cootie for each child to take home! (Cootie 4 Pack)

Bug Party Activities - Bug Catcher Necklaces  Bug Party Activities - Making a Bug Catching Jar

Bug Party Activities- Making Lightning Bugs Bug Party Activities Making Cooties

Bug Birthday Party Activities:

After making fun crafts they did a couple of really fun activities!

Read Very Hungry Caterpillar (You can purchase The Very Hungry Caterpillar here)

Searched through puffed rice cereal for little bug toys to put into their bug jars (here is a great deal on 144 Plastic Mini Insect Toys)

Ate Chocolate Covered Crickets!!! (You can find some to purchase here – they even come with a badge for the eater to wear with pride!)

Bug Party Idea - Searching for Bugs Bug Party Activities - Bug Search in Puffed Rice Cereal Bug Party Activities - Eating Chocolate Dipped Crickets

It makes my skin shiver just thinking of all the creepy, crawly fun they had! I am so impressed they were all brave enough to try the chocolate crickets! Way to go on planning such a fun party Rochelle!

Do you have a party you would like featured on Events To Celebrate? We know you are creative and crafty and we would love to share your great ideas with others! Contact us at with 6-10 photos and a description of your party and let us help inspire others with your great ideas!

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Elmo, Big Bird & Cookie Monster Cake

My friends Karson & Betsy have adopted two adorable children. They are hoping to adopt again and I am honored to help spread the word about this wonderful family! They always host incredible parties and this Sesame Street Birthday party for their son Beckham’s 2nd birthday is no exception!! I love the fun colors, creative activities, adorable food ideas and little details that they put into every aspect of this party!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations:

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Cookie Monster Pom Pom

{Cookie Monster Pom Poms}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Centerpieces

{Street Sign & Magnet Letter Centerpieces}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Garland

{Colorful Birthday Banner}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Monster Party Hats

{DIY Sesame Street Party Hats} – If you aren’t up for making some, here are really cute Sesame Street Party Hats

Sesame Street Birthday Party Food:

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Cookie Monsters Cookies

{Cookie Monsters Cookies}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Food Trays  

{Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo & Oscar Fruit & Veggie Trays}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Ernie's Rubber Duck Punch

{Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Punch}

Sesame Street Birthday Party Activities:

– Bubbles with Big Bird

– Oscar The Grouch Trash Can Toss

– Ernie’s Rubber Duck Pond

– Pin the Nose on Elmo – If you aren’t up for making your own, here is a Pin the Nose on ELMO Party Game

– Count the items in the Jar with Count

 Sesame Street Birthday Party - Bubbles with Big Bird Sesame Street Birthday Party - Oscars Trash Cans Sesame Street Birthday Party - Bug Catchers Sesame Street Birthday Party - Ernies Rubber Duck Pond  Sesame Street Birthday Party - pin the nose on Elmo  Sesame Street Birthday Party - Count the items in the Jar with Count


Need help finding supplies to throw your own Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party? Look no further:
Free Printable Cookie Monster Happy Birthday Banner, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and water bottle labels. 
Free Printable Elmo Banner, invitations, cupcake toppers, candy bar wraps, and more!
Sesame Street Scene Setter Decoration Set
Sesame Street Favors Rings – 1 Dozen
Sesame Street Paper Fan Decoration

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party!

Once again, Rochelle has wowed us with her creativity and incorporation of the theme from start to finish! This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party is such a perfect adaptation of the fun parts of the show into a childs birthday party!


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Activities:

As guests arrived they were given a pair of DIY Minnie Mouse ears and played Ring Around the Rosie.


True to the show, they had a problem to solve and needed TOODLES each time to help them! The children would call for toodles and out he came with a tool to help them with each activity.

DSCN6263 DSCN6292

For the first activity Toodles brought them each a pair of binoculars (made from pink rolled styrofoam sheets tied with a ribbon) and they had to search around the room for shapes that were taped to the walls. They would be show a certain shape and then have to look through their binoculars to match it to one on the wall. So cute. I just love all the littles looking through binoculars!

DSCN6268 (1) DSCN6265

For the second activity they did the “Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog” dance and Toodles brought them some music! They danced and danced and danced! It’s a pretty catchy tune. 🙂

DSCN6282 DSCN6294

Next they needed Toodles to bring them some bean bags for a fun bean bag toss!


Lastly, Toodles brought them some plates so they could have birthday cake! Now, seriously, aren’t these cakes adorable! She made them herself. Oh, how I wish she lived closer to me so I could hire her when I need a cake, she is so talented!



Don’t you just love those cute little lips ready to blow out the candle? What a darling little birthday girl! And, what cute ideas for taking the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and turning it into such a fun party!

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Dora The Explorer Birthday Party

I grew up ballroom dancing and through that met some really fun, incredible people. Karson & Betsy are two of them. They have earned multiple national titles and are now amazing instructors. They have two adorable children, Izzy & Beckham, that joined their family through adoption. They are hoping to adopt another child and that’s just one reason I’m so excited to share their parties. Hopefully, you will spread the word about this amazing family and somehow we will help them make a connection with the right person out there.

They hosted this adorable Dora The Explorer birthday party for their daughter Izzy’s 2nd birthday.

Dora the Explorer Decorations:

I love the vibrant color palette they used, it all turned out so cute! A “Happy Birthday Izzy” banner was hung above a banner featuring characters from the show – super easy to do, but SO cute!

Dora the Explorer birthday food display Dora the Explorer birthday banner

The party space is enviable. This patio is incredible because it gives you a defined food area and is open to the yard for the activities – but no matter where you are, you feel like you are all together.

Dora the Explorer party space

The centerpieces were so fun – just a simple box wrapped in white wrapping paper with lots of colorful ribbon, feathers and even some accordion folded Dora the Explorer wrapping paper (such a cute idea!). They included some cute “explorer stars” as well. 🙂

Dora the Explorer birthday centerpiece

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake:

The pair of them have incredible decorating skills  – if I were to attempt this, it would turn out looking more like a brown leather shoe than Dora. 🙂 Props to them.

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

Dora the Explorer cupcakes

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Activities:

My favorite feature of the party was the map. They used the map to help them find Izzy’s birthday gifts that were hidden. They went over the stream, around the fountain, through the flower garden and found the gifts! Such a cute idea and a perfect way to incorporate the theme!!

Dora The Explorer Birthday map


The kids also had fun playing Pin the Tail on Swiper!

Dora the Explorer birthday activities


If you’re looking for additional ideas, there are LOTS of free printables found on the Nick Jr. website.

Thank you for sharing your creative and fun party ideas with us, Karson & Betsy! Their family blog is so inspirational. They truly live life fully and celebrate each day with their beautiful children.

Angry Birds Birthday Party

This incredibly fun Angry Birds Birthday Party is being shared with you by Marci Coombs. She and her friend threw this joint party for their two sons who have the exact same birthday – how fun!

I think one reason this particular party theme is such a hit, isn’t just about the popularity of the game, but about how many ways you can turn that into a really fun party. From the activities to the food and favors – there is SO much you can do with it!

Angry Birds Birthday Party Activities:

A home made Angry Birds catapult is a must. They used boxes, plywood and lots of bright green bouncy balls (with the faces painted onto them) to create this one.








The guests then played Egg Toss. You pair off and stand close together tossing a raw egg (she colored them and drew angry bird faces on them) from one person to the other. As you each catch the egg successfully, you take a step away from each other and continue until the egg cracks open or someone drops the egg. The couple to get the furthest apart without losing their egg wins!angry11 (1)

They also threw darts at a giant balloon board. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to inflate all of those balloons?! Party time!

angry8 (1) 

Angry Birds Birthday Cake:

I love the structure made from wafer cookies, kit kat candy bars and green gumballs with piggy faces drawn on with an edible marker. It took this generic cake from Costco to a perfectly themed confection! angry10

Angry Birds Birthday Party Favors:

The party favors are super fun. They turned pain red paper bags into a themed piece by adding these free printable faces to them. Then they filled them with lots of silly goodies!





There are so many creative details and it would be a really great party for the kids – not just themed, but fun at the same time!
PS – Check out these adorable wreaths Marci makes – you can order your own custom wreath for any season/holiday!


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Blog Hop – Summer Splash & Swim Party

I hope you have all entered to win our fabulous giveaway! I love each and every product we are featuring and so I am crossing my fingers for you – they will be so fun to use in your everyday, but will also help you host some incredible parties!!!

Swim Party Decorations

Today we are having a virtual party, which means you can visit all of our blogs to get a lot of really great ideas from food to activities and decor to desserts! I’m going to share some really easy, but fun decorations to add to your summer party. Whether you have a built in pool, a slip n’ slide or are hosting it at a city Splash Pad – these will really add a pop of color and fun themed elements to your party!

Last month was my nephews 2nd birthday. My sister-in-law called me a few days before the party and we brainstormed some ideas. Time was the number one factor for her. She didn’t have a lot of time to run to a bunch of stores (so everything is from the Dollar Store, a party supply store or the grocery store), or time to order anything from the internet and didn’t want to put a lot of time into setting things up. I think what she came up with was fun, bright and really perfect for the Summer swim party theme!

Flip Flop Garland:

Over the grilling and food area (they served hot dogs, chips, fruit, drinks, etc.), hung a felt Happy Birthday garland (that she has on hand for all of her kids birthday parties) along with a second garland made of Dollar Store flip flops and scraps of fabric. Nothing says summer weather like flip-flops and I love the way this turned out!!

Swim Party Decorations - flip flop garland

Treats & Favors:

On a separate part of the patio were the treats and favors. The colorful lanterns (found at a party supply store) were hung using fishing line. Various treats were overflowing from the Dollar Store sand buckets. Each side of the table had one of these giant fish balloons (purchased at a party supply store) that were absolutely adorable!

**One additional idea is to fill a sand bucket with floral foam, top it with brown sugar (to look like sand) and then stick your cake pops or pie pops, decorated to resemble beach balls, inside of it. You could do gummy sharks, gummy worms and Swedish Fish kabobs. Wouldn’t that be cute?!!

Swim Party Decorations

Swim Party Decorations - Table display

I couldn’t stop eating the HiChews. They were my favorite! But I loved how the gold fish crackers and salt water taffy really fit in with the “water” theme of the party!

Swim Party Decorations - treats in sand buckets

Each child at the party got to take one of these giant fish balloons tied to a bottle of bubbles. They were squealing with excitement when they learned they each got one!

Swim Party Decorations - Fish Balloons

In our area there is a bakery (Lehi Bakery) famous for their square glazed donuts. Anything you get from them is super delicious, but you’ve got to include the square glazed donuts for nostalgic purposes.

Swim Party - Donut tray

I really love this tiered dessert stand (from Pottery Barn), but thought it was so fun that rather than have a cake, she just had a tower of desserts (including the iced ginger snaps on the bottom – yum!!).

Swim Party - Dessert Tower

Yard & Pool Decor:

In addition to fun animal shaped goggles and floaties, they inflated several of these large beach balls and the kids had so much fun punching, kicking and toppling over them! Here is my daughter Lucy all ready to swim!


So, by stopping at the party supply store, the dollar store and the grocery store (for the treats) she was able to quickly pull together some really darling party decorations!

Make sure to check out the other blogs participating – by the end you’ll be stuffed with lots of great ideas for hosting your own party!

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