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Love Is Sweet Bridal Shower

Last week I helped put together a bridal shower for my nephews new bride. After getting my cotton candy machine, I declared that the next bridal shower would be themed “Love Is Sweet” – and since I was in charge, that’s what we did.


Let me show you some of the cute details:

Love Is Sweet Banner

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Easy Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year I will have a two week old newborn, which I am ecstatic about, but I know it is going to limit my ability to participate in all the festivities of the best holiday of the year. I host a Halloween party for my husbands family each year, but this year I’ve let them know that someone else is going to have to play party host. Thinking of holding my sweet new baby and getting in as much snuggle time as possible makes it all feel worth it. I really can’t wait to have a newborn, they are magical (albeit exhausting). 

Last year I created some really easy and inexpensive decorations for our party that I want to share with you:

Easy Halloween Party Decorations:

Halloween Party Decorations - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Party Backdrop: 

I went to a local party supply store where they sell the colorful butcher paper by the yard. I purchased a few yards of each color and made pinwheels by cutting strips and folding them accordion style and then stapling them together, pinching them and hot gluing them in the center. Then I arranged them how I wanted them and hot glued them at the connection points so they would all hang together. On the back I added a large length of yarn so I could hang it from some nails on my wall (where I normally have a large painting hanging). 

Halloween Party Backdrop - Events To Celebrate

To add a fun sparkly element, I used Elmer’s School Glue to draw a spider web on wax paper and then coated them in glitter and let them dry. Then all I had to do was shake the glitter off and carefully peel the web from the paper. They were pretty delicate, but they added the perfect touch! A few plastic spider rings (with the ring part cut off) finished the look.

Halloween Glitter Spider Webs - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Party Food:

Halloween Party Food - Cauldron of Sodas - Events To Celebrate

This large black tin “cauldron” was the perfect vessel to hold lots of ice cold sodas!

Halloween Party Food - Events To Celebrate

To please the masses, I kept lunch pretty simple. We did Papa Murphy’s pizza, chips, veggies and dip, fruit and cream cups and a slushy Witch’s Brew. 

Halloween Frankenstein Cups - Events To Celebrate

It took just a few minutes to create these Mummy Cups and everyone LOVED them! I took white crepe paper and wrapped it around each cup and glued two Wiggle Eyes to each cup. 

Halloween Party Food - Candy Corn Fruit Cups - Events To Celebrate

I tried to make Candy Corn Fruit Cups, but learned that using real whipped cream instead of the stablized stuff from a can or tub just made a melty mess. They were still delicious though. 🙂 I used pineapple tidbits as the bottom layer then mandarin oranges and topped it with a large dollop (that deflated) of whipped cream and added two candy eyes. 

 Halloween Witches Brew - Events To Celebrate 

The Witches Brew was simple and delicious. It was lime sherbet and sprite in a punch bowl. It was green and frothy and sweet. 

Halloween Party Ceiling Decor - Events To Celebrate

 Around the light fixtures in the kitchen and family room I added balloons and hanging cardstock bats that were cut using my Silhouette Cutting Machine (if you are a frequent crafter, this is a must-have-machine!). But, if you prefer, you can just purchase some Bat Cut-Outs for a few dollars.  

Halloween Party Decoration - Events To Celebrate

To flank the sides of the food table I used crepe paper streamers to fill the wall – super simple and super inexpensive!

The table decorations were simple since we use them for crafting – I set out my Spider Web Placemats, on table plastic table cloths that were $1 each at WalMart, bowls of candy and had a plastic cauldron with balloons as a centerpiece.

See, you really can make easy and inexpensive Halloween Party Decorations to elevate your holiday festivities!! Happy Halloween!

Here is where you can find all the fun Halloween Kids Crafts and Party Activities we did at the party!

Inexpensive Centerpieces

Whether you’re decorating for a baptism luncheon, church activity, ladies lunch or any other event with lots of people, chances are you’re on a budget. I was asked by my sister to brainstorm some inexpensive centerpieces for her and thought I’d share the list I sent her with you. She was doing centerpiecesfor a large family lunch being held after a baptism and wanted something cute, but that wouldn’t break the bank either. Many of them double as favors for guests to take home, or have uses after the party is over!

Inexpensive DIY Centerpieces - Events To Celebrate

20 Inexpensive Centerpieces:

1 – House plants, potted flowers or a small pine tree (during the holidays) placed in a cute pot or wrapped in coordinating paper and tied with a ribbon are simple, and have a purpose after the event

2 – A cowboy boot filled with wheat or daisies

3 – A balloon bouquet – not helium filled

4 – A solid color gift bag filled with tissue paper and a few balloons on white plastic sticks coming out of it

5 – Place a large Tissue Paper Pom Pom in the center with confetti scattered around

6 – A vase filled with Tissue Paper Flowers (like these I made for Mother’s Day

Tissue Paper Flower - Mother's Day Gift

6 – A cylindar vase filled with wrapped candies, fruit or ornaments

7 – Serve the desserts on the table – a cake stand piled high with donuts or cupcakes looks cute and tastes great!

8 – Giant homemade party cone hats that have fun and crafty decorations (glitter, pom poms, tassels)

9 – Spray paint or wrap in scrapbook paper empty tin cans in different colors and put three on a table with white flowers in each one or make paper pinwheels to adhere to bamboo skewers and fill each container with a few pin wheels

10 – Grow wheat grass in tinfoil containers and wrap the base in streamers to hid the tin foil (like these I made for a Butterfly Themed Birthday Party)

Butterfly Themed Party - growing wheat grass -

11 – Purchase candlesticks from a thrift store and spray paint them a solid color. Add a small tissue paper pom pom to the top. Put two on each table.

12 – Add Mod Podge to the bottom half of a clear glass canning jar and roll it in glitter or dip in craft paint

13 – Make a small double or triple layer cake for each table and add a pennant banner on sticks for a cake topper

14 – Wrap empty boxes in wrapping paper and top with lots of cute ribbon (like these from this Jungle Party)

Jungle Birthday Party Centerpiece

15 – Thin tree branches (like willow tree) spray painted and displayed in a cylinder vase

16 – Candy display – a bouquet of suckers, candy sticks or a bamboo skewer of treats all displayed in a vase (you could do something like these Mustache Suckers I made for this shower)

Sucker Bouquet Centerpiece

17 – Paper bag or tin can luminaries (make sure your venue allows open flames)

18 – String photos, Chinese lanterns, upside down balloons (put a marble in each one to help weigh it down) , 3D Snowflakes or tissue paper pom poms and hang them from the ceiling in a small cluster in the center of each table. I like to hang mine with fishing line and use a glue dot to adhere the string to a thumb tack that is pushed into the ceiling. (like these balloons from a Barney Themed party or the photos from my In-Laws 60th Birthday Celebration)

Balloon chandelier

Bold Birthday Decorations

 19 – Grow your own herbs in small terracotta pots and display a few on each table. (Like these featured in Good Housekeeping)


20 – Stack a few books on each table and add a teacup or two on saucers at the top of the stack. Add a single large bloom flower (like a peony) to each teacup. 

Here are a few other ideas that are specific to weddings, but would also work really great!

Army Birthday Party

Army Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

My friend Amy always does a fantastic job with themed party and I’m so excited to share one of her latest today. This Army Birthday Party for her son Carter is totally awesome, and she only spent $52.00 (minus the cake) which is a party for a BARGAIN! She got inventive and I love all the details. Let’s take a look at them:

Army Birthday Party Favors:

For the favors she purchased some holiday tins at the dollar store and spray painted them, wrapped them in camo duct tape and scuffed them up a bit. Here’s where you can get some Scotch Duct Tape – Camo.

To fill them she headed to the local recruiting station and asked for any free stickers or things they would let her have. They hooked her up! They gave her stickers, pens and a little football for EACH child’s favor box! Then she went to a specialty supply store called Uncle Sams where she found the REAL army patches and used shotgun shells for $1.00 each! 

Army Birthday Party Favors Army Birthday Party Favor Tags

Army Birthday Party Cake:

Isn’t that cake fantastic? She had our neighbor make it. I’ve just discovered that this neighbor does cakes, and I’m stoked about it! Now my cakes don’t have to look awful at parties I host! This camouflage cake adds the perfect centerpiece. 

She wrapped more camouflage duct tape around water bottles. 

Army Birthday Party Cake

Army Birthday Party Decorations: 

Using various shades of green fabric, she draped some across the ceiling, and more on the table accenting with lots of rope and twine. 

She purchased a Camo Pennant Banner to hang from the ceiling as well. 

The American Flag was a must to display at the party. 

She printed an Army advertisement off the internet and framed it and flanked it with some “medals” she her boys had from participating in various activities. 

Army Birthday Party Decor

Army Birthday Party Activities:

Now, this is what I love most about the party! These boys are just too cute and I can just picture how much fun they had with the creative activities she planned for them.

They had a Tug-O-War and other relay races. 

Army Birthday Party Activities - Tug-o-war

They played Wounded Soldier and through giggles, dressed each others “wounds” in toilet paper. 

They also had a push up contest – hilarious!!

Army Birthday Party Activities - Dress the wound


Army Birthday Party Invitations:

Army Invitation Free Printable - Army Birthday Party Invitation Free Printable

Here are some FREE PRINTABLE Army Birthday Party Invitations I designed that would work perfectly with this party! Simply open the link and print at home or send to your local print shop (recommended). 
Amy and her darling family of boys are hoping to adopt a little girl. If you want more information about their family search for a sister, go here. 

Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Cowboy Birthday Party
November is National Adoption month and specifically, Saturday November 23rd is National Adoption Day. To honor those who are trying to build their families through adoption I am sharing an incredible Cowboy birthday party my friends did for their adopted son on his first birthday! They are working to build their family further through adoption and I hope shining a little spotlight on their family today will send the right people their way.

It doesn’t get any cuter than a little cowboy and they really did this party right! Let’s look at the fun details:

Cowboy Birthday Party Invitations:

I’ve said it several times, you can make an invitation SUPER cute just by adding themed wording in. Even if you don’t have adorable photos on it like they had, it will tell your guests a lot about the party just by the wording you use. So, get creative and have some fun with it!

Cowboy Birthday Party Invitation

Cowboy Party Decorations:

Using the adorable prints from their little photo shoot really added a lot to the party space. The cute wanted posters can be done at most print shops, and even some places online.

I also love the sweet and simple name banner done on gingham cardstock.

Cowboy Birthday Party Decor

The adorable centerpieces were made from a Cowboy Boot Planter  and silk flowers with Salted Shell Peanuts  and Salt Water Taffy scattered around.

Cowboy Birthday Party Centerpiece

Cowboy Party Food:

I can’t get over how adorable that Cow Print Pennant Banner is! It really does so much to the food table, and it is less than $3!! The added wagon wheel, galvanized bucket and other details are just the perfect touch!

Cowboy Birthday Party Food Display

Just like with the invitation wording, you can make pretty much any food fit your theme if you get creative and name it according to the theme!

Just look at the creative menu:
Sloppy Beckhams
Frontier Fruit
Cowboy Caviar
Wagon Wheel Pasta
Grazin Greens
Bandana Baked Beans

Cowboy Birthday Party Menu Cowboy Birthday Party Beverages Cowboy Birthday Party Treats Cowboy Birthday Party Cupcakes

Cowboy Party Cake:

And, the cake, oh just LOOK AT THAT CAKE!! Incredible right? Here is the ridiculous part – they MADE the cake themselves! Incredible, right?! Its completely adorable. If they didn’t do another decoration and only had that cake sitting in the center of a table, I’d be over the moon about the party just based on that cake. 🙂

Cowboy Birthday Party Cake

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Elmo, Big Bird & Cookie Monster Cake

My friends Karson & Betsy have adopted two adorable children. They are hoping to adopt again and I am honored to help spread the word about this wonderful family! They always host incredible parties and this Sesame Street Birthday party for their son Beckham’s 2nd birthday is no exception!! I love the fun colors, creative activities, adorable food ideas and little details that they put into every aspect of this party!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations:

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Cookie Monster Pom Pom

{Cookie Monster Pom Poms}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Centerpieces

{Street Sign & Magnet Letter Centerpieces}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Garland

{Colorful Birthday Banner}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Monster Party Hats

{DIY Sesame Street Party Hats} – If you aren’t up for making some, here are really cute Sesame Street Party Hats

Sesame Street Birthday Party Food:

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Cookie Monsters Cookies

{Cookie Monsters Cookies}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Food Trays  

{Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo & Oscar Fruit & Veggie Trays}

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Ernie's Rubber Duck Punch

{Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Punch}

Sesame Street Birthday Party Activities:

– Bubbles with Big Bird

– Oscar The Grouch Trash Can Toss

– Ernie’s Rubber Duck Pond

– Pin the Nose on Elmo – If you aren’t up for making your own, here is a Pin the Nose on ELMO Party Game

– Count the items in the Jar with Count

 Sesame Street Birthday Party - Bubbles with Big Bird Sesame Street Birthday Party - Oscars Trash Cans Sesame Street Birthday Party - Bug Catchers Sesame Street Birthday Party - Ernies Rubber Duck Pond  Sesame Street Birthday Party - pin the nose on Elmo  Sesame Street Birthday Party - Count the items in the Jar with Count


Need help finding supplies to throw your own Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party? Look no further:
Free Printable Cookie Monster Happy Birthday Banner, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and water bottle labels. 
Free Printable Elmo Banner, invitations, cupcake toppers, candy bar wraps, and more!
Sesame Street Scene Setter Decoration Set
Sesame Street Favors Rings – 1 Dozen
Sesame Street Paper Fan Decoration

Princess Themed Birthday Party

It seems like a rite of passage that each young girl wants a Princess Themed Birthday Party. They are so sweet, fluffy and sparkly, I love them! There are three big reasons that this Princess party thrown by Marci Coombs hit a home run in my book. The first is the cute and very clever names for the party food. I know I am passionate about parties – but I absolutely adore it when party food is named fun things! Second is the really cute, age appropriate activities for the little princesses. Last, she took the generic “princess” themed decorations and favors out on the market and creatively incorporated personal touches to make the party very unique and special for her little princess. Take a look at the details:

Princess Party Themed Food:

Chips Chips & Sleeping Beauty’s Fluffy Pillows (marshmallows)

Princess Birthday Party Food - Chips  Princess Birthday Party Food - Fluffy Pillows

Tiana’s Tiara Sandwiches

Princess Birthday Party Food - Crown Sandwiches

 Jasmine’s Jello – complete with a cute silver star wand

 Princess Birthday Party Food - Jello

Cinderella’s Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo Wands (Rice Crispy Treat Wands) & Snow White’s Not So Poisoned Apples 

Princess Birthday Party Food - Magic WandsPrincess Birthday Party Food - Snow White Apples

Ariel’s Fish Friends (Goldfish Crackers)

Princess Birthday Party Food Ideas  

Princess Punch

Princess Birthday Party Themed Drinks

 Princess Party Decorations:

Marci does something really smart here, she used the princess castle pinata (which has pull strings so there are no hazardous sticks involved) as the table centerpiece – that’s a 2 for 1!

Princess Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

For each place setting she placed a tiara, mirror (from the $ bin at Target) and a candy necklace (that doubled as a napkin ring) around a square princess paper plate. 

Princess Birthday Party Table Setting

Outside she hung strips of plastic table covers and a princess banner to frame the outdoor activity space – simple and really cute!

Princess Birthday Party Decorations

Princess Party Activities:

What little princess wouldn’t love to have their fingernails painted and a few spritzes of body glitter spray? 🙂

Princess Birthday Party Activities - Painting Nails 

Each princess was invited to make a candy necklace using a variety of fun treats!

Princess Birthday Party Activities - Make Candy Necklace

Then, what princess party is complete without some make-up and sweet smelling lotion?

Princess Birthday Party Activities - Lotion and Glitter Spray

I adore all of the creative ideas Marci incorporated to turn a generic princess themed birthday party into something unique and special for her daughter. Check out her blog for more awesome ideas!

Planning your own princess party? I can’t get over how cute these princess shaped cookie cutters are! They would be perfect for cutting sugar cookies, watermelon slices, sandwiches or letting the girls use them with play dough. They come with a wand, ring, castle, tiara, dress and candle. So cute!


PS – Check out these adorable wreaths Marci makes – you can order your own custom wreath for any season/holiday!


Do you have a party you want featured on Events To Celebrate? Just email photos or a link to photos and a description to! Let’s PARTY! 

Dora The Explorer Birthday Party

This post contains affiliate links. If purchases are made through them, I receive a small commission. 

Hola! It’s Dora, Boots and all of your friends from Dora The Explorer featured in this DARLING party!

I grew up ballroom dancing and through that met some really fun, incredible people. Karson & Betsy are two of them. They have earned multiple national titles and are now amazing instructors. They have two adorable children, Izzy & Beckham, that joined their family through adoption. They are hoping to adopt another child and that’s just one reason I’m so excited to share their parties. Hopefully, you will spread the word about this amazing family and somehow we will help them make a connection with the right person out there.

They hosted this adorable Dora The Explorer birthday party for their daughter Izzy’s 2nd birthday.

Dora the Explorer Party Decorations:

I love the vibrant color palette they used, it all turned out so cute! A “Happy Birthday Izzy” banner was hung above a banner featuring characters from the show – super easy to do, but SO cute! They went the DIY route, but if that’s not for you – just check out these Dora The Explorer party supplies (I especially love the giant wall decoration!) 

Dora the Explorer birthday party food display Dora the Explorer birthday banner

The party space is enviable. This patio is incredible because it gives you a defined food area and is open to the yard for the activities – but no matter where you are, you feel like you are all together.

Dora the Explorer party space

The centerpieces were so fun – just a simple box wrapped in white wrapping paper with lots of colorful ribbon, feathers and even some accordion folded Dora the Explorer wrapping paper (such a cute idea!). They included some cute “explorer stars” as well. 🙂

Dora the Explorer birthday party centerpiece

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake:

The pair of them have incredible decorating skills  – if I were to attempt this, it would turn out looking more like a  shoe than Dora. 🙂 Props to them. If baking isn’t your gig, just check out these cute Dora The Explorer cake decorations and a Dora cake pan!

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

Dora the Explorer cupcakes

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Activities:

My favorite feature of the party was the map. They used the map to help them find Izzy’s birthday gifts that were hidden. They went over the stream, around the fountain, through the flower garden and found the gifts! Such a cute idea and a perfect way to incorporate the theme!!

Dora The Explorer Birthday map


The kids also had fun playing Pin the Tail on Swiper!

Dora the Explorer birthday activities


If you’re looking for additional ideas, there are LOTS of free printables found on the Nick Jr. website.

Thank you for sharing your creative and fun party ideas with us, Karson & Betsy! Their family blog is so inspirational. They truly live life fully and celebrate each day with their beautiful children.

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