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Valentine’s Day Class Party Game

I have loved being the room mom for my daughters class at school so much this year! Planning the class parties has been my favorite part! I’ve learned that the class party games are super important to the energy at the party. Thanks to Oriental Trading for sending me the little toys to use in this fun one I’m about to show you! As I was preparing the Valentine’s Day class party game we’ll do in a few weeks I added this fun Valentine’s Punch Board as the prize element to Valentine’s Day Bingo! I know the kids are going to love it! Instead of just handing them a prize when they get BINGO, they get to punch a cup for their prize! Fun idea right?!

Valentine's Day Class Party Game -

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Family New Year’s Eve Activities

These family New Years Eve activities can be put together at the last minute! Best of all, they can be done for a NOON Year’s Eve party, like we did, or anytime you want to celebrate the New Year! This post contains affiliate links which I earn a small commission from if purchases are made through them.

The night before New Year’s Eve I was laying in bed and realized that I hadn’t planned anything for New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve was on a Sunday this year and so I knew we would go to church, and since we don’t shop or eat out on Sunday, I needed to come up with fun activities that we could do at home. So, I started thinking of a few last minute activities we could do and then the next morning just threw it all together. We had such a fun celebrating as a family that I want to make it a tradition. These are last minute New Year’s Eve ideas that you can do with one child or 12 and everyone will have fun! 

Family New Years Eve Activities - last minute fun for the whole family!

We decided to start our party at 9:00 am (our church isn’t until 1:00 pm) because no matter how late our kids stay up, they always wake up between 6:00 – 6:30 am. So, staying up late for them is fun, but not for us as parents. I hung simple black balloons in front of a gold foil fringe backdrop that I had leftover from another party. Each balloon had a time written on it in 30 minute increments. At that time, we let one of the kids pop the balloon that would start the next activity. If we finished with time to spare, we turned on music and had a dance break while we cleaned up one activity and set up the next.

Family New Year’s Eve Activities

9:00 – Paint or Draw Your Favorite Memory from the Last Year

Family New Years Eve Activities - last minute fun for the whole family!

I got out lots of art supplies and we talked about all of the fun things we had done the last year. Then they painted pictures of their favorite memories. My daughter painted a picture of her and my husband riding Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland and my son painted a very interpretive picture of the new black truck he got for Christmas. 

9:30 – Board Games

Family New Years Eve Activities - last minute fun for the whole family!

My kids are really into board games right now. We played a rousing game of Candy Land and a few rounds of Yeti in my Spaghetti (we just got it for Christmas and my kids LOVE it!). 

10:00 – Craft Party Hats

Family New Years Eve Activities - last minute fun for the whole family!

I pulled out my stash of feathers, pom poms, chenille stems, markers and cardstock paper. At this point my son was throwing a fit about wanting to keep playing board games, so I made a hat for him with my daughter. We had a great time. 

10:30 – New Year Family Bucket List

Family New Years Eve Activities - last minute fun for the whole family!

This was my personal favorite activity. I use a poster board and we talked about all of the things we wanted to do, places we want to go, things we want to learn and things we are willing to try. It was fun to hear each kid come up with ideas for our family bucket list. 

11:00 – Balloon Animals

Family New Years Eve Activities - last minute fun for the whole family!

Sheesh, these are much harder than they look! Ammirite?!  Next time we eat at Brick Oven I’m going to pay the poor kid that comes around to our table more than $1.00 for a balloon creation! We managed to come up with a few shapes. The hand pump balloon inflation tool is a MUST with these skinny little balloons. My kids were more than happy with them and didn’t care that they looked nothing like anything resembling something. I need to invest in one of these Balloon Animal kits that come with instructions! 

11:30 – Lunch

We took a break to have some yummy lunch before the main event!

12:00 – Dr Pepper Toast and Party Horns

Family New Years Eve Activities - last minute fun for the whole family!

We wanted a proper and happy send off to the year, so naturally, we toasted with Dr. Pepper. The kids were so excited to do “clinks” with the plastic champagne flutes I had left over from this party. We shouted “CHEERS” and danced around the house with party horns until my daughter tripped with one in her mouth and injured the roof of her mouth with it. Good heavens, you know what they say, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” But it was the perfect representation of our family. We try. We try to have fun and make memories and occasionally we have bumps in our road, but we keep on keeping on. It wasn’t a fancy party, certainly not pinterest worthy, but we had a great time together and that is what matters! 

Thanks to all of you that followed along with our fun on Instagram. I shared each activity in my stories as they happened. Follow along in our crazy, last minute attempts at fun!

Spy Party Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission when purchases are made through them. I was sent products from Oriental Trading to use in this party.

If you’re planning a Spy party, I know you’ll love these spy party ideas! The party will take ordinary guests and send them through the rigors of Secret Agent Training. By the end of it you’ll be sending them home as official spies! Let’s dive right into these fun and super easy ideas for your spy party!

Spy Party Ideas

As guests arrived they were given a secret identity name badge and identity concealing sunglasses.

Spy Party Ideas: Activities, Favors and Secret Identity fun!

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Christmas Party Games for Kids

This post about my favorite Christmas party games for kids contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when purchases are made through them. 

Get ready for my very favorite Christmas party games for kids! Our calendar for December is filling up quickly! We have a Christmas party each weekend and some during the weeks leading up to Christmas! I’m helping with the Christmas party games for kids at a couple of parties this year and wanted to share with you a few of my favorites. Whether your group is small or large, these will get the kids involved and having fun! All of them can be prepped in just a few minutes and don’t take a lot of effort to do!

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Circus Baby Shower Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission if purchases are made through them. Those commissions are use to fuel my cotton candy addiction. I was sent certain products to use in this post from Oriental Trading. Thank you OT!

We had a lot of fun planning this Circus baby shower for my niece! I’m going to share all of our Circus baby shower ideas so you can put together your own in no time! I have to give my sister and niece all of the credit, they pulled this off, I only helped a little with the decorations and games. The circus baby shower invitations and prints were done by my talented niece and my sister did all of the circus baby shower food (which was delicious!) and put up the decorations because I was out of town until just before the shower. But it all came together so perfectly and we had such a great time celebrating with family and friends!

Circus Baby Shower Ideas

Circus Baby Shower Ideas -

Using the 100′ roll of red and white stripe table cover from Oriental Trading was our best party trick. It went really far and did A LOT to decorate and theme the space. Without it, the design just wouldn’t have been the same! We turned it into Circus tent curtains and a swag on the food table. It was accented it with teal and red tissue fans and teal tissue garland.  The 36″ balloons were purchased at a party store and a tassel was added to each one. 

Circus Baby Shower Ideas -

The same look was repeated on the drinks table. 

Circus Baby Shower Ideas -

My talented graphic designer niece created these cute prints that were used throughout the party. They were a very significant touch and added SO much to the theme of the party! Are you loving all of these baby shower ideas?! So cute, right?! If you want to contact her about these prints or any other design work (you should see the cute invitations!) just email her at

Circus Baby Shower Food Circus Baby Shower Ideas - Circus Baby Shower Ideas - Circus Baby Shower Ideas - Circus Baby Shower Ideas - Circus Baby Shower Ideas - Circus Baby Shower Ideas - Circus Baby Shower Ideas - eventstocelebrate.netCircus Baby Shower Ideas -

In one part of her kitchen my sister served pulled pork sliders, salad and chips. It was delicious! Then there were the treats! Oh, the treats! My darling 10 year old niece made lemonade cupcakes that were divine! They looked so adorable in the red stripe baking cups! She needs to be on the next Food Network Kids Baking Championship! In addition to the cupcakes we served churros (from Costco), honey roasted peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy (of course!). The food display stands came from Oriental Trading as well and were easy to assemble. They were meant for other food items but it was really easy to adapt them to what we were serving. 

Circus Baby Shower Games

Circus Baby Shower Ideas -

Every baby shower needs some way for guests to interact. Baby Shower Bingo is my all time favorite baby shower game. Watching the guest of honor open gift after gift can eat a large portion of your time together and frankly, it gets pretty boring. So, this is a fun way to get guests involved and having fun during it! My niece made bingo cards but you can also use my free printable baby shower bingo cards

We also played the Poopy Diaper baby shower game. I detail it all here and even have FREE PRINTABLES for you to use! Hooray for free printables! 

Circus Baby Shower FavorsCircus Baby Shower Ideas -

Well, it was pretty obvious that these Circus animal cookies should be the favor. The were perfect! 

Now you are armed with the cutest and easiest Circus baby shower ideas and your friends and family will be WOWED! Go ahead, you can thank me later. 🙂 

Baby Shower Game: Poopy Diaper Game

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission if purchases are made through them. Those commissions are use to fuel my cotton candy addiction. Thank you!

Looking for a fun baby shower game? Baby shower games don’t have to be super lame. In fact, they can be a fun element of the baby shower that gets guests interacting and amp up the party atmosphere. Even if you are in the camp of hating all shower games, you have to understand that some type of activity is necessary especially if you are bringing guests together from different groups of your life (work, friends, family, neighborhood, etc.). If all you plan is eating (and don’t get me wrong, the food is VERY important!), there will be more than a few guests that suddenly have an excuse to leave because they are bored.

I have over 50 nieces and nephews and almost a dozen great nieces and nephews so I’ve attended and hosted my share of showers. There have been lots of lame games. I don’t think this poopy diaper baby shower game is one of them. We did it last weekend at my nieces shower and everyone had a great time! 

Poopy Diaper Baby Shower Game

Poopy Diaper Baby Shower

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Construction Party Games, Crafts, Favors and Invitations

This post contains affiliate links. A small commission is received when purchases are made through them. I was sent a few products listed below by Oriental Trading to use for this party.

Construction party games, crafts, favors and invitations

The Construction birthday party we had for my son was a lot of fun to plan! We loved coming up with the construction games for kids to play and the construction crafts. I loved taking ordinary party games and giving them a construction party theme! It made party planning so easy! So, take these construction party ideas and your kids will thank you! Three year olds can vary so much on the ability spectrum and these games were easy to adapt to them.

I’ll detail the games, crafts, favors and invitations below. 

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Trunk Or Treat Monster

This post may contain affiliate links. A small commission is paid to me if purchases are made through them. I was sent products from Oriental Trading to use in this post. 

Each year we attend a Trunk or Treat in my in-laws neighborhood. It is amazing to see the trunk or treat decorating ideas people come up with! My favorite part about a Trunk or Treat is that it brings everyone outside and it feels like a PARTY! I wanted to create an easy trunk or treat idea to share and came up with my Trunk or Treat Monster! Isn’t it cute?! It took about an hour to assemble the decorations and about 30 minutes to put it all up. Not bad for a totally awesome trunk! My neighbors thought I was a little odd staging this in my yard in September, but that’s what bloggers do. And, now it is all ready to put up on Halloween!

**Now, a word on adhesive. Use painters tape or masking tape if you are adhering something to the paint of your car. 

***My Trunk Or Treat round up has over a dozen Halloween trunk decorating ideas and I’ll add this over there to. Be sure to check it out! 

Easy Trunk or Treat Idea

Trunk or Treat Monster - easy to assemble in just a few steps! You'll have the best Halloween car decorations on the block!

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