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Halloween Crafts and Games for Kids

Halloween Crafts and Games for kids

Each year I host a family Halloween party. Rather than taking on the entire party on my own, I have each sibling/family bring one activity or craft for the kids to do. I take care of the food and decorations and then only have to come up with one activity – knowing that there will be LOTS coming to entertain the kids. This has worked really well! I shared a few of the fun things we’ve done at past parties in this post, and wanted to share those we did at our party last year!

Halloween Crafts and Games for Kids

Halloween Party Activity for Kids - Decorate Cupcakes

Decorating Halloween Cupcakes:

After lunch we let each of the kids pick a cupcake to frost and decorate with lots of candy. We included sprinkles, candy corn, gummy candy and more! 

Halloween Party Activity - Tie Dye Shirts - Events To Celebrate

Halloween T-shirt Tie Dye:

Each child brought a plain white t-shirt and we had them tie dye their shirts. We did it outside and everyone wore aprons and gloves to keep things tidy and they loved it. We used a Tie-Dye Kit and it came with all the supplies we needed. After the dye was added, we stuck them in a zip top plastic bag for each kid to take home so they could finish drying. Then, once they were washed, they were ready to wear!

Halloween Treasure Hunt - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Treasure Hunt:

We sent the kids all around the yard on a spooky treasure hunt. There were enough clues for each child to have a turn finding one and at the end they got cute tin buckets (found in the dollar bin at Target) filled with fun Halloween favors: stickers, pencils, spider rings, a straw, glow in the dark skeletons, etc.

Halloween Treasure Hunt - Events To Celebrate 1 Halloween Party Activitiy - Cupcake Walk - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Cupcake Walk:

We actually gave them donuts, but the idea is the same. We had frightful music playing as the kids circled the numbers and when the music stopped a number was pulled from a bag. The child standing next to that number got to come pick a donut. 

Halloween Party Activities - Donuts on a String - Events To Celebrate

Doughnuts on a String:

This was my favorite activity to watch, the little kids were hilarious. We suspended glazed donuts from strings and they had a contest to see who could eat their doughnut off the string the fastest. They didn’t have to eat the entire thing, just get it to fall off the string. It was so much fun to watch!

Halloween Party Activity - Bobbing for Apples - Events To Celebrate


Bobbing for Apples:

I was really surprised how much the kids loved this.  They each took several turns! Luckily, since we are all family, we didn’t care about the water getting each others spit in it. 🙂 But they did so well, pulling those little apple stems out of the water – plus, they were apples picked fresh from the orchard so they were totally delicious!

Whether you are planning a family, neighborhood, preschool or church group Halloween party, these activities will entertain the kids for sure! 

See this post about all the fun food and DIY Decorations we had at the party!

Easy Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year I will have a two week old newborn, which I am ecstatic about, but I know it is going to limit my ability to participate in all the festivities of the best holiday of the year. I host a Halloween party for my husbands family each year, but this year I’ve let them know that someone else is going to have to play party host. Thinking of holding my sweet new baby and getting in as much snuggle time as possible makes it all feel worth it. I really can’t wait to have a newborn, they are magical (albeit exhausting). 

Last year I created some really easy and inexpensive decorations for our party that I want to share with you:

Easy Halloween Party Decorations:

Halloween Party Decorations - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Party Backdrop: 

I went to a local party supply store where they sell the colorful butcher paper by the yard. I purchased a few yards of each color and made pinwheels by cutting strips and folding them accordion style and then stapling them together, pinching them and hot gluing them in the center. Then I arranged them how I wanted them and hot glued them at the connection points so they would all hang together. On the back I added a large length of yarn so I could hang it from some nails on my wall (where I normally have a large painting hanging). 

Halloween Party Backdrop - Events To Celebrate

To add a fun sparkly element, I used Elmer’s School Glue to draw a spider web on wax paper and then coated them in glitter and let them dry. Then all I had to do was shake the glitter off and carefully peel the web from the paper. They were pretty delicate, but they added the perfect touch! A few plastic spider rings (with the ring part cut off) finished the look.

Halloween Glitter Spider Webs - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Party Food:

Halloween Party Food - Cauldron of Sodas - Events To Celebrate

This large black tin “cauldron” was the perfect vessel to hold lots of ice cold sodas!

Halloween Party Food - Events To Celebrate

To please the masses, I kept lunch pretty simple. We did Papa Murphy’s pizza, chips, veggies and dip, fruit and cream cups and a slushy Witch’s Brew. 

Halloween Frankenstein Cups - Events To Celebrate

It took just a few minutes to create these Mummy Cups and everyone LOVED them! I took white crepe paper and wrapped it around each cup and glued two Wiggle Eyes to each cup. 

Halloween Party Food - Candy Corn Fruit Cups - Events To Celebrate

I tried to make Candy Corn Fruit Cups, but learned that using real whipped cream instead of the stablized stuff from a can or tub just made a melty mess. They were still delicious though. 🙂 I used pineapple tidbits as the bottom layer then mandarin oranges and topped it with a large dollop (that deflated) of whipped cream and added two candy eyes. 

 Halloween Witches Brew - Events To Celebrate 

The Witches Brew was simple and delicious. It was lime sherbet and sprite in a punch bowl. It was green and frothy and sweet. 

Halloween Party Ceiling Decor - Events To Celebrate

 Around the light fixtures in the kitchen and family room I added balloons and hanging cardstock bats that were cut using my Silhouette Cutting Machine (if you are a frequent crafter, this is a must-have-machine!). But, if you prefer, you can just purchase some Bat Cut-Outs for a few dollars.  

Halloween Party Decoration - Events To Celebrate

To flank the sides of the food table I used crepe paper streamers to fill the wall – super simple and super inexpensive!

The table decorations were simple since we use them for crafting – I set out my Spider Web Placemats, on table plastic table cloths that were $1 each at WalMart, bowls of candy and had a plastic cauldron with balloons as a centerpiece.

See, you really can make easy and inexpensive Halloween Party Decorations to elevate your holiday festivities!! Happy Halloween!

Here is where you can find all the fun Halloween Kids Crafts and Party Activities we did at the party!

Bacon Cream Cheese Bread Dip

Bacon Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

Remember I told you about the fabulous dip served each year at the Witch’s Tea hosted by my friend Meridee? She is letting me share her Bacon Cream Cheese Bread Dip recipe with all of you! I recently served it at a family party and it was a huge hit! The salty bacon, the kick from the onions and horseradish & creamy cheese all spread over the crispy bread. It is heaven in a bite!  It is the perfect bread dip for any fall or winter party. I plan to make it again on Halloween night so that as we answer the door for our trick-or-treaters we have something yummy to eat. It would also be a perfect appetizer for Thanksgiving or any holiday party!

Bacon Cream Cheese Bread Dip

8 slices of Bacon – cooked crisp and crumbled
8 oz Cream Cheese – room temperature
1/2 c. Mayonaise
2 tsp. Dijon Mustard
1 1/2 c. shredded Swiss Cheese
3 Green Onions diced
1/2 tsp. Horseradish Sauce

Combine all ingredients and mix well using a rubber spatula. Transfer to a shallow baking dish (about 9 x 9) and bake at 400 for 15 minutes.

For the bread, I purchase or make 2 loaves of artisan bread. I cut 1/2 inch slices and brush one side of each slice with a small amount of olive oil and then broil in the oven for just a few minutes on a baking sheet until toasted. 

UPDATE: I’ve made this a few times with Sharp Cheddar instead of Swiss – and I can attest to the deliciousness of both cheeses. Try it, you won’t be disappointed with either!

Bacon Cream Cheese Bread Dip

DIY Bride of Frankenstein Wig

Bride of Frankenstein Wig DIY

My friend Laura is letting me borrow her Bride of Frankenstein dress (featured in this post) for Halloween, but I do not have the voluminous curly head of hair that she does in order to do the real Bride of Frankenstein hairdo. So, rather than purchasing one, I thought I’d get crafty and DIY a Bride of Frankenstein Wig and give you the tutorial on it.

DIY Bride of Frankenstein Wig:

Supplies you’ll need: white poster board, black spray paint, cotton balls (about 200 large), hot glue gun, stapler, sharpie marker.

Bride of Frainkenstein Wig Tutorial Supplies

Step 1: Don’t be jealous that this isn’t your picture, in your bathroom, with a posterboard wrapped around your head. 🙂 But that is step 1. Wrap the posterboard around your head and mark with a marker where they overlap so you can staple it right there.

Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 1

Step 2: After stapling it to the circumference you will need, trim the top down (I cut mine in 1/2 because I wanted the finished wig to be about 8″ above my head).

Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 2

Step 3: Cut 3″ slits in the top of the tube so you can fold them down to make the top of the wig. It doesn’t have to be super pretty because it will all get covered. Use a hot glue gun to secure the flaps down.

Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 3 Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 3.1

Step 4: Put the tube on your head and mark where you’ll need to shape around the forehead and ears. Then trim so it resembles a hairline. I had to trim, try it on, trim, try it on – about 5 or 6 times until it fit down low enough in the back.

Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 4

Step 5: You are ready to hot glue the cotton balls onto the base. Always put the glue on the poster board, because putting in on the cotton ball will just make a big cotton-y mess (not that I know from personal experience or anything). Work in sections so the hot glue doesn’t dry before you’ve had a chance to get the cotton on.

Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 5 Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 5.1

Step 6: Cut a lightning strike shape from the left over poster board and use it to mask when you spray paint. I used an apple box to spray inside of so the mess would be (somewhat) contained. You will need to spray one side, allow it to dry an hour or so, and then give that same side another coat of coverage. Then allow it to dry overnight (so it doesn’t stick to the box by turning it before its dry – not that I know that from personal experience either) before you turn it and spray the other side.

Bride of Frankenstein Wig Step 6

Ta-Da! I actually love the way it turned out. I love that it is a bit cartoonish and over the top, because that is exactly what Halloween is all about! My DIY Bride of Frankenstein Wig wasn’t too tricky, right? It will be a custom fit for your head and will be the talk of the neighborhood!

PS – I also used this same method for creating my Marge Simpson Wig in this post, but left it the full poster board length. It was epic!

Bride of Frankenstein Wig Tutorial


Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

Spider Web Placemats

Spider Web Felt Placemat DIY

I’m completely in love with how these Halloween Spider Web Placemats turned out. They were super easy (thanks to my Silhouette machine) and really inexpensive. Typically, placemats on sale are anywhere from $4 – $6 each, these were about $1 each!

I purchased the black felt sheets that are 12″ x 18″ from Hobby Lobby. They were $.79 each and are a nice thick, stiff felt. I found a spider web image on the Silhouette online library and formatted it in the software by setting the image, removing the outside border and then while holding the ctrl key, selecting all the images so they all had a BOLD red line around them. Then with my cutting blade set on 10 and the cut setting on a double cut, I went to town. If you are using a thinner or more flimsy felt, you will need to use iron on Wonder Under (or Pellon) in order to cut the felt. You want to be sure to use a new blade or your fabric blade. After cutting out 8 of these for our family, I had to snip a few uncut pieces on the very last one.

Then came the glitter, this is my favorite part! I used Elmers school glue (nothing fancy here!) and ran it through all the webbing and then sprinkled the black glitter on it. I let it sit for about one minute before I shook the glitter off so it would set a little bit. Then I allowed it to dry overnight.

Spider Web Felt Placemat detail

I think the addition of the plastic spiders is a MUST! They give it even more dimension. Because of the size of the felt, there is still plenty of space on the placemat for your plate, cup and napkin.  They are sturdy enough that I can store them and use them year after year! 

Spider Web Felt Placemat

Halloween Garland

Glittered Halloween Garland -
There isn’t much space left in my house when I’ve finished putting up my Halloween and Fall decorations, but there was one wall above our TV that needed a good Halloween Garland. I purchased 4 sheets of glittered cardstock at Hobby Lobby for $1 each and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the iconic Halloween shapes and it turned out really cute. It took me about 2 hours of interrupted time (by interrupted, I mean my daughter had 2 friends over and they wanted suckers, then they wanted Popsicles, then they wanted to pop popcorn and eat it in a fort made under the kitchen table – they were too cute to say no to). 

 Halloween Garland Using Silhouette Cameo:

I began by searching for “Halloween icons” in the Silhouette online store and found a few that I liked. Then once I had them downloaded to my library I sized and arranged them on the page. Once I had it looking like I wanted, I cut (well, I let the machine cut) them out.

Silhouette Halloween Garland

Once cut, I peeled away the excess paper and was left with the cute shapes!

Skulls & Cauldrons for Halloween Garland

I determined how I wanted the garlands and placed them in the order I wanted on my kitchen table. Then I measured a length of black grossgrain ribbon and used hot glue to attach the cardstock shapes to the ribbon. For a finishing touch, I tied pieces of orange and black tulle in between each shape.

Simple Halloween Garland

Didn’t it turn out cute?! I love it, but then, I love anything Halloween and the fact that it glitters is a MAJOR bonus!

Glittered Halloween Garland

If you don’t own a Silhouette machine, don’t fret. I found this awesome Glitter Chandelier Kit on Amazon and now I want that too! You could hang it in your foyer as is or turn the cute glittered shapes into a garland just like mine!

Halloween Garland

Dollar Store – Glittered Halloween Pumpkins

Dollar Store glittered halloween pumpkins

My sister and I love to craft together – but we both like things that are easy and inexpensive.  The glittered Halloween pumpkins I’m sharing with you today were all her idea and that’s why they are so cute.The Dollar Store happens to be one of my favorite places to shop – we’ve discussed that here before.These are easy and inexpensive, plus I can’t resist a little sparkle!

Dollar Store Glittered Halloween Pumpkins

Last weekend while the boys were at the BYU football game, we had a girls night. We ate pizza and popcorn and made these glittered pumpkins. The pumpkins were purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 each.

We used a foam brush to paint them with a bit of Mod Podge.  (Below, I’m helping my daughter Lucy spread the mod podge on the pumpkin)

Inexpensive Halloween Craft - Dollar Store Glittered Pumpkins

Then we sprinkled the glorious glitter on them and let them dry. (Below, Susan chose clear glitter and it gave the pumpkin a sugared look. My favorite ended up being the gold, but I think I’d like to try one with black glitter too!)

Simple Halloween Craft - Dollar Store Glittered Pumpkins photo 2

See I told you it was simple & affordable. They were easy enough for the girls to do, and inexpensive enough that if they didn’t turn out great (which they did) it wasn’t a big deal! Not only are they cute and sparkly, but it was SO much fun for us and the girls. You can’t put a price on that!

Dollar Store Glittered Halloween Pumpkins

Now we are ready to Celebrate Halloween with these super easy and inexpensive decorations! Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle and glitter to Dollar Store Halloween pumpkins to give them that extra pop! /This is such a fun, easy and inexpensive activity to do with your family. What color of glitter will you choose?

Trunk Or Treat Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission on purchases made through them. 

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

A lot of neighborhoods and churches host a trunk-or-treat on Halloween and I LOVE the idea! You may be scratching your head wondering, “What is a trunk or treat?” Simply put, each family parks one car in a designated area (a church parking lot, for example) and hands out candy to the kids trick-or-treating. This replaces the door-to-door trick or treating. The best ones have some way of interacting – like a ring toss or having the kids do the fishing game for their candy.

Each year we go to the neighborhood trunk or treat at my in-laws and there have been some amazing decorations! There is one family that always does a tailgating theme and they grill hot dogs to hand out instead of candy. The people next to them always do a soda shop theme and serve cups of soda to go with your hot dog. Brilliant, right?! Last year there was even a camping theme and they had a portable firepit, camping chairs and s’mores supplies. 

My favorite aspect of the trunk or treat is that it gets people outside socializing! You get to know your neighbors and have fun as a family! Don’t wait for someone else to organize one, do it yourself (that’s the party planner in me talking)!

Trunk or Treat Ideas:

Zombie Football Toss Trunk Or Treat

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

Genius idea, right? They had artificial grass with painted yard lines on it. Then they had a table set up with a PVC Pipe End Zone for a football toss! They had insulated coolers and football pennant flags o bring this football zombie theme home! This grass print table cover would also work great for the football field. 

Haunted House Trunk-or-Treat

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

Using spooky Halloween cutouts on the doors and lots of spiders webs really made this a fun display! Inside there is a Witch standing over a cauldron on real wood logs. 


Pirate Ship Trunk Or Treat

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

They built this Pirate Ship over a mini van!! I’m totally serious! It took them a few weeks to make it and they used really big sheets of cardboard to wrap the van and then spray painted the whole situation. They added a ship mast, cannons, ladders, a treasure chest and even water at the bottom! It was incredible (and time consuming)! 

Spooky Trunk Or Treat

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

If you don’t have 2 weeks to build a pirate ship over your car, these car decorations are perfect for you! With large eyes and a spooky mouth made from poster board they transformed this trunk! The giant spider finishes the look! 

Spooky Vegetable Garden or Cemetery Trunk Or Treat

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

I love this idea because it is a way to do something with all of my vegetable garden plants at the end of harvest! Throw those pumpkin vines (that overtook your entire yard even though you only planted 1) in and a few foam Halloween headstones, add in a spooky spider’s web and you’re all set!

Sweet Shop Trunk-or-Treat

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

I caught them when they were still setting up, but you get the idea. It turned out really cute! They filled the jars with sweets and all wore cute aprons and soda shop hats. This cardboard Candy Stand would work so great for this theme! 

Wizard of Oz Trunk Or Treat:

The Wizard of Oz is such a popular Halloween theme for costumes and trunk or treats. We ued large cardboard sheets to create the house, with bunched up brown craft paper for the thatched roof. Then we stuffed a pair of striped tights with fabric batting to nestle under the house. A 12′ length of yellow craft paper was used for the yellow brick road. Can’t find craft paper? Use a yellow plastic table cover to create your yellow brick road. 

Angry Birds Trunk Or Treat {Image Source}

Trunk or treat - Angry Birds

Talk about an interactive trunk! What a fun idea! Find Angry Bird Balls to use here

Disney’s Cars Mater & Lightning McQueen Trunk Or Treat {Image Source}

Trunk or Treat - Mater & Lightning McQueen

I love that this one can be done as a last minute trunk or treat idea. Get some poster board, some paint and start crafting! Or, use these giant Wiggle Eyes to help recreate this look. 

The Addams Family House Trunk Or Treat

Trunk Or Treat Ideas - more than a dozen trunk or treat ideas! Events To Celebrate

Some people have too much time on their hands. Right?! This was built from a wood frame and plywood (like a kids play house) on a trailer so it could be transported. The attention to detail is so impressive! It was amazing and I hope they did something fun with it after the party!


Daniel in the Lions Den Trunk Or Treat {Image Source}

Trunk or Treat Daniel in the Lions Den

Such a fun play on a scriptural story! Daniel and the Lion Halloween costumes are really what pulled this trunk together! 


Grease Trunk-or-Treat: {Image Source}
Trunk or Treat 058

Not only would the costumes be easy for this theme, the decorations are relatively simple as well! But the best part is that it is still really fun!! These vinyl record decorations make this theme a cinch to pull together!

Hippies Trunk Or Treat {Image Source}

Trunk or treat hippies

Another idea that would be pretty simple to execute and bring a lot of fun to the party! Hand out peace sign necklaces or tattoos and have everyone wear a tie dyed shirt with some John Lennon style sunglasses

Jonah and the Whale Trunk Or Treat {Image Source}

Trunk or Treat Jonah and the Whale

Another playful take on a scripture story! The whale car decorations alone would be awesome, but adding Jonah takes it up a notch for sure! 

Looking for supplies?
These Cat’s Eye Stickers  or Giant Googly Eyes would be perfect and are only a few bucks!

Car Lashes are the perfect look for any vehicle. Add some pink lips made from a poster board and you’re all set!

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