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Valentine’s Day Class Party Game

I have loved being the room mom for my daughters class at school so much this year! Planning the class parties has been my favorite part! I’ve learned that the class party games are super important to the energy at the party. Thanks to Oriental Trading for sending me the little toys to use in this fun one I’m about to show you! As I was preparing the Valentine’s Day class party game we’ll do in a few weeks I added this fun Valentine’s Punch Board as the prize element to Valentine’s Day Bingo! I know the kids are going to love it! Instead of just handing them a prize when they get BINGO, they get to punch a cup for their prize! Fun idea right?!

Valentine's Day Class Party Game -

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Halloween Lunch Box Jokes

Halloween is my favorite holiday! With my daughter now in first grade I get to make her a lunch for school each day (these are my favorite lunch containers). I’ve had fun using my free printable lunch box jokes, but as Halloween approaches I wanted something themed for the season! These Halloween lunch box jokes are easy to read and easy for kids to understand! Best of all, they are a free printable! Just scroll below to print the document and your kids will have giggles along with their lunch! What a great way to help them through their day!

Halloween Lunch Box Jokes 

Halloween Lunch Box Jokes - free printable

Print your copy here: Halloween Lunch Box Jokes

Still working on your Halloween Costume? Well, if you’re up for a DIY project – check these out. If not, throw on one of these funny shirts and you’re all set!

Happy Halloween!

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Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Fun For Kids

Last year my sister asked me to babysit overnight while she went out of town with her husband and we were so excited to get to have her 3 girls stay with us. The best part was that it meant we got to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with them! Even though it was a little bit last minute, I was able to get a few supplies from Dollar Tree and the grocery store and we were all set. I did all of these just the day before so even if you are totally last minute – you can pull these together and make the holiday really fun for your kids!

Easy Last Minute St Patricks Day Fun For Kids - Events To Celebrate

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Valentine’s Day Love Coupons

Love is in the air, can you feel it? It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I’ve made a Love Coupon book for my husband in the past, but to be honest – it never got used. It was totally cute though! I thought these Valentine’s Day Love Coupons for kids would be a better way to go.

Valentine's Day Love Coupons

Each Monday night we have a Family Home Evening (FHE) where we share compliments about each other, sing, pray, have a short gospel devotional and usually have an activity or game that goes with the devotional. I plan to use these for my Valentine’s Day themed Family Home Evening this year. As a special activity, I am going to make a DIY punchboard (like this one I shared on Instagram). Each punch hole will contain one of these cute coupons and everyone will get to take a turn punching to see which Love Coupon they get! 

It seems like each year the kids get bombarded with candy from school. I thought these would be a fun way to promote family togetherness and love without the focus being on the candy. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ll be baking up a large batch of sugar cookies (using my favorite recipe) to decorate and we will for sure be making another Love Shack like this, but I’m hoping this will be a fun way to show love to my kids without the candy. 

Best of all, I am including them here FREE for you to print and use for your family! I made 6 different options and I hope you comment if you use them and love them!

Click here to print: Valentine’s Day Love Coupons

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No Candy Easter Ideas: Easter Rewards Printable

No Candy Easter Ideas: Easter Rewards -

No Candy Easter Reward Printable

You can use this Easter Rewards printable to minimize or completely eliminate the candy during the egg hunt this Easter. My husband and I were talking over the weekend about how October kind of starts a “candy season” and it goes through Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. I’m tired of all the candy in our house and so I’ll be using these along with other fun toys from the dollar store (puzzles, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc.) instead of candy for our Easter Egg Hunt this year. I know our kids will get plenty of candy at Grandma’s Easter Egg hunt, so they won’t feel the dent, but I’d much rather encourage active play and fun outdoors, than eating more candy. 

I hope you find them helpful too! You could print one set for your entire family and hide them with the other eggs, or print one set for each child and mark the eggs with the first letter of their name – or hide their eggs according to color (Susan finds all the yellow eggs, Steven finds all the green). 

If you’re looking for even more fun ways to shake up your Easter Egg Hunt, check out this post I did. It has lots of fun ways to switch things up and have a hunt your kids will remember! 

Print your own set of Easter Rewards:  Easter Rewards –

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Easy Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year I will have a two week old newborn, which I am ecstatic about, but I know it is going to limit my ability to participate in all the festivities of the best holiday of the year. I host a Halloween party for my husbands family each year, but this year I’ve let them know that someone else is going to have to play party host. Thinking of holding my sweet new baby and getting in as much snuggle time as possible makes it all feel worth it. I really can’t wait to have a newborn, they are magical (albeit exhausting). 

Last year I created some really easy and inexpensive decorations for our party that I want to share with you:

Easy Halloween Party Decorations:

Halloween Party Decorations - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Party Backdrop: 

I went to a local party supply store where they sell the colorful butcher paper by the yard. I purchased a few yards of each color and made pinwheels by cutting strips and folding them accordion style and then stapling them together, pinching them and hot gluing them in the center. Then I arranged them how I wanted them and hot glued them at the connection points so they would all hang together. On the back I added a large length of yarn so I could hang it from some nails on my wall (where I normally have a large painting hanging). 

Halloween Party Backdrop - Events To Celebrate

To add a fun sparkly element, I used Elmer’s School Glue to draw a spider web on wax paper and then coated them in glitter and let them dry. Then all I had to do was shake the glitter off and carefully peel the web from the paper. They were pretty delicate, but they added the perfect touch! A few plastic spider rings (with the ring part cut off) finished the look.

Halloween Glitter Spider Webs - Events To Celebrate

Halloween Party Food:

Halloween Party Food - Cauldron of Sodas - Events To Celebrate

This large black tin “cauldron” was the perfect vessel to hold lots of ice cold sodas!

Halloween Party Food - Events To Celebrate

To please the masses, I kept lunch pretty simple. We did Papa Murphy’s pizza, chips, veggies and dip, fruit and cream cups and a slushy Witch’s Brew. 

Halloween Frankenstein Cups - Events To Celebrate

It took just a few minutes to create these Mummy Cups and everyone LOVED them! I took white crepe paper and wrapped it around each cup and glued two Wiggle Eyes to each cup. 

Halloween Party Food - Candy Corn Fruit Cups - Events To Celebrate

I tried to make Candy Corn Fruit Cups, but learned that using real whipped cream instead of the stablized stuff from a can or tub just made a melty mess. They were still delicious though. 🙂 I used pineapple tidbits as the bottom layer then mandarin oranges and topped it with a large dollop (that deflated) of whipped cream and added two candy eyes. 

 Halloween Witches Brew - Events To Celebrate 

The Witches Brew was simple and delicious. It was lime sherbet and sprite in a punch bowl. It was green and frothy and sweet. 

Halloween Party Ceiling Decor - Events To Celebrate

 Around the light fixtures in the kitchen and family room I added balloons and hanging cardstock bats that were cut using my Silhouette Cutting Machine (if you are a frequent crafter, this is a must-have-machine!). But, if you prefer, you can just purchase some Bat Cut-Outs for a few dollars.  

Halloween Party Decoration - Events To Celebrate

To flank the sides of the food table I used crepe paper streamers to fill the wall – super simple and super inexpensive!

The table decorations were simple since we use them for crafting – I set out my Spider Web Placemats, on table plastic table cloths that were $1 each at WalMart, bowls of candy and had a plastic cauldron with balloons as a centerpiece.

See, you really can make easy and inexpensive Halloween Party Decorations to elevate your holiday festivities!! Happy Halloween!

Here is where you can find all the fun Halloween Kids Crafts and Party Activities we did at the party!

St Patrick’s Day Treats & Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Treats, Crafts & More - Events To Celebrate

I’ve gathered together lots of ideas from some of the finest bloggers out there to share this St. Patrick’s Day round up of ideas! Whether you need St. Patrick’s Day treats for your kids class, a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft, or just want to do something fun with your kids – you’ll find it here. Plus, you’ll see there are lots of home decor ideas and free printables too! 


St. Patrick’s Day Treats:


St. Patrick’s Day Crafts, Decor & More:


Special Thanks to all those who contributed!

St. Patrick’s Day Tricks & Treats

St Patricks Day Tricks - Events To Celebrate

I remember as a kid, I loved St. Patrick’s Day at our elementary school. We had teachers there that went way beyond a pot of gold construction paper craft. One of the first grade teachers dyed her feet green each year claiming that she was turning into a Leprechaun! My favorite was in second grade our teacher let us know that we had a pesky Leprechaun in our classroom and each night when we left he would do mischievous things in the classroom. We were so excited to come to school to find our chairs upside down, or the trash strewn all over the classroom, or funny pictures drawn on the chalkboards. 

My friend Cari did something fun with her four little ones last year that I wanted to share because it took me right back to the fun of being in elementary school. 

St. Patrick’s Day Tricks & Treats

St Patricks Day Tricks - Upturned Furniture

Their Leprechaun turned over their furniture – leaving a trail of gold wrapped treats. 

St Patricks Day Tricks - Upturned Decor

He also messed up their decorations.

St Patricks Day Tricks - Rainbow Entrance

Then he hung a streamer rainbow and put a pot-of-gold at the end of it for the kids to find. 

St Patricks Day Tricks - Green Milk

Breakfast wasn’t the same that morning because the Leprechaun had turned their milk GREEN!

St Patricks Day Tricks - Green Toilet Water

And, he must have forgotten to flush after using the potty because the water in the toilet was GREEN TOO!

St Patricks Day Tricks - Lucky Lunch


Lucky for them, he left them really great treats for lunch: a Four Leaf Clover Sandwich, Green Jello, GOLDfish crackers, some gold wrapped candy and a lemon lime soda.

I love that these ideas are easy to duplicate. I look at them and think, “I can do that!” and I think I will, my daughter will love them! Thanks for sharing them with us Cari!

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