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Spring Cleaning Hacks: Party Supplies

Organizing my party supplies has been at the top of my list for Spring Cleaning, so when SNICKERS®, Family Dollar and Collective Bias, Inc. offered to sponsor my post about it I jumped at the chance! #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

Spring Cleaning Hacks - eventstocelebrate.net #WhenImHungry #ad

I happen to have a large collection of supplies on hand at any given time “just in case”. You never know when you’ll need to throw a party! Aside from that, I have a bunch left over supplies from the parties I’ve done that have all somehow ended up in three different locations throughout my house – all stored (embarrassingly) in old cardboard boxes. They’re jammed so full that finding something in them is not possible unless you dump the whole thing out, so I usually just buy all new supplies for each party and have amassed a pile up. It was time to organize them a bit. Spring Cleaning To The Rescue!

I headed to Family Dollar to purchase some organization bins and grabbed some SNICKERS® Almond, Extreme and Peanut Butter Squares to make a Spring Cleaning incentive jar. Cleaning and organizing makes me HANGRY (Hungry+Angry) – so these are just as necessary as the organization bins.  I figure I’ll treat myself to one each time I cross one project off my Spring cleaning list. They’re that motivating to me. 

Spring Cleaning Hacks

Paper Goods Organization

Here are the Paper Goods all spread out. See what I mean? I have like 6 boxes of utensils that are all 1/2 full.

Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

Spring Cleaning Hack: Pencil Boxes for Storing Utensils

My favorite find at Family Dollar was actually in the school section – I used pencil boxes to organize my plastic utensils. I put spoons in one, forks in another and knives in a third. Genius right?! No more digging through crappy boxes that have a mixture of all three inside!  Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

I also put all of my napkins in plastic storage containers. They seem to always get spread around the box and crumpled up so having them in a sturdy container will help a lot!Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

 I also folded all of the plastic table cover remnants I have (left over from projects like this, and this). I love finding non traditional ways to use them and for $.97 each, I get a lot of bang for my buck!

Everything fit neatly into a large storage bin and it is ready to go on the shelf in my pantry! I know many won’t understand this, but it gives my mind great peace to have it so organized! I love it!Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

 Party Supply Organization

Streamers and balloons may be my party nemesis. Inside the box they’ve been kept in they seem to unwind and wander all throughout the box. It was time for a Spring Cleaning solution! 

Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

Spring Cleaning Hack: Store Balloons According To Color

I used to keep all of my balloons in one large plastic bag. No good. I sorted them by color and stored each color in it’s own zip top bag. Then, I placed all of the individual bags into a larger zip top bag. Ah, my zen is returning!

Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

To keep them from unraveling I also stored each individual roll of streamers in a plastic zip top bag. I know these things are simple, but they are going to help me stay organized and I may actually know what is inside my storage bin instead of just going and buying all new because I don’t want to untangle a mess each time. Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

 See, all of the party supplies snug as a bug in a cute plastic storage bin. Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

Baking Supply Organization

Because I access my baking supplies frequently, I decided to store them in an open basket for easier access. 

Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

Spring Cleaning Hack: Use a Tackle Box for Piping Tips and Food Dye

I have had this small tackle box for a few years, and it made the perfect organization bin for all of my food dye and piping supplies. In the bottom I have all of my piping tips stored in the little cubicles.

Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

 Once the little pieces were all contained I just stacked things into open baskets to keep in my pantry. 

Spring Cleaning Hacks - Events To Celebrate

I felt so satisfied after I was finished! It was definitely worthy of a SNICKERS® Almond to reward my efforts. Now, to tackle the next project (so I can have another SNICKERS®) – the mess that we call our play room!

Headed to Family Dollar to get your Spring Cleaning supplies? Stop in the treat aisle for the snack size SNICKERS®  Almond in a 6-pack and find the full size bars at the check-out stand to put in your Spring Cleaning Incentive Jar!

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