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Vintage Airplane Shower Printables & Games

The fun continues with post #2 about this cute Vintage Airplane baby shower I did for my niece. Today I’ll be sharing the FREE printables, favors and fun activities we did at the shower. 

I followed my Rules for Hosting a Shower on a Budget and prepared 3 activities for the guests.

Vintage Airplane Shower Activities:

The first was Advice Cards. To help it fit with the Vintage Airplane theme, I ordered these Vintage Postcards on Amazon and asked guests to fill in advice to the new mom on them and slip them into the cute little suitcase. This was something that the guests could do while they mingled and it was helpful to the mom!

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower - eventstocelebrate.net

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Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decorations

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decorations - eventstocelebrate.net

Are you planning a Hot Air Balloon baby shower with an “Up, Up and Away” theme? This is a fun and inexpensive decoration or centerpiece that your guests will love! I’ve been on a little kick with my new Cotton Candy machine and when I was making some the other day I saw a hot air balloon, so I turned it into one. 

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decorations

Hot Air Balloon Base: Round Tin, Chinese Take-out Box, Small box or basket
Floral Foam
String or ribbon
Cotton Candy
Tissue Paper
Accent Ribbon

I started by wrapping some yellow paper around the base of a leftover Christmas tin (they always go on sale for like 4 for $1 after the holiday). Then I cut a cube of floral foam and fit that inside the tin (and added a few rocks to give the base some extra weight).Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decorations - eventstocelebrate.net

I added a piece of ribbon around the tin and tied it in a bow. Then I cut two squares of yellow tissue paper and used my scissors to puncture a hole in the top of them and through the floral foam. I then inserted my cotton candy. Lastly, I followed this tutorial on You Tube on how to make the netting to go around the cotton candy. Next time, I will use more strings for the netting and tie the knots closer together, but I still think it turned out pretty cute!

These can be made a day or two in advance which is always a bonus when planning a party! 

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