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Ninja Birthday Party

My friend Amy has done it once again. The birthday parties she does for her three boys are always so creative and full of great DIY details! This ninja birthday party is no exception. Her son takes Karate lessons and so coming up with the theme for his party was a cinch.

Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

She hired a friend who has a black belt in karate to come and teach the boys the basic discipline of karate and a few entry level moves. The boys LOVED it and had such a fun time.

Ninja birthday party

Ninja party lesson

A cruise through the clearance section at JoAnn’s scored Amy the perfect fabric for a backdrop. She added a printed sign to finish the look.

Ninja Party backdrop

Her son doesn’t like cake so she went simple and just added some nijago characters to the top of a store bought cake and a fun sign that she created along with the other party printables. 

Ninja party cake

Her son loves root beer and since the dark bottles fit perfectly with the color scheme, she simply wrapped a custom printed bottle wrap around each one to theme it to the party.

Ninja party drink labels

By adding fun little toys and wrapped candy bars to a take-out box – each boy had a fun party favor to take home.

Ninja Party Favors

Amy created the custom head wraps by taking 3″ wide silk ribbon and added Chinese characters to them with white puff paint.

Ninja party headbands

Happy Birthday Dawson! Hi-Ya!

Ninja party


Lalaloopsy Themed Birthday Party

I’m excited that my crafty friend Kara – who blogs at Simplistically Sassy shares this Lalaloopsy Themed Birthday party with you today. She is the ultimate DIY-er when it comes to parties and I love all of the personal details and touches she incorporated into this party for her daughter.

IMG_4921_edited-1 copy


– Button monogram using a variety of pink buttons hot glued onto a blank canvas

– Yarn pom pom garland – tutorial found here

– Button table garland using cardstock and yarn (she used a silhouette machine to cut the button shapes)

– Lalaloopsy dolls, tissue paper and painted terracotta pots

– Starburst topiary – tutorial found here

IMG_4959 IMG_4928_edited-2 IMG_4922_edited-1 IMG_4913_edited-1 IMG_4912


– At her daughters request, Kara made homemade baked donuts using a donut pan – like this one. Don’t they look delicious?! I shouldn’t write when I am hungry. The girls got to frost and decorate it with sprinkles. Fun and tasty!

IMG_4894_edited-1 IMG_4893_edited-1


– Keeping with the button theme – Kara filled a jar with buttons and the girls guessed how many were inside.

– The children colored Lalaloopsy coloring pages – found here for free!

– Each child made a Lalaloopsy necklaces using bottlecaps and pictures that fit them exactly (they can be found here for only $2.50!). She used mod podge to put the pictures on the caps, and then had the string pre-cut, and the beads ready for the girls.

– Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button? And Hot Pom Pom (like Hot Potato) rounded out the afternoon fun.

IMG_4917_edited-1 IMG_4916_edited-1


– These delicious and adorable chocolate button suckers – yum!


Do you have a party that you want featured on Events To Celebrate?!

Just email your photos and a description of the party (especially details of any DIY portions) along with a list of where you got items used in the party (so we can borrow your ideas) to eventstocelebrateblog@gmail.com. Let’s party!

National Drive-In Movie Day – June 6th

Oh, the good old days. It makes me sad that drive-in movies are not around anymore (at least not in Utah County). Relive the fun and excitement of the past by celebrating National Drive-In Movie Day tomorrow, June 6th! Whether you’ve got the equipment and warmth where you live to host one outside or just want to have a fun night inside for the kids, I’ve rounded up some really fun ideas from other bloggers to share with you!

I can’t get over how stinkin’ cute these cardboard box cars are! Find an fruit orchard or grocer in your area that will let you buy a few apple boxes from them and let your children go to town decorating their own cars!

Box Car Details I love: 

drive in movie outside

– Paper plate wheels

– Personalized Plates

For full details on this party – including lots of tips for the outdoor aspect of the equipment – read here.

drive in movie cars

– “Side Car” to hold concessions in

– Stickers to decorate – purchase files for only $5 here.

For full details on this adorable drive-in movie birthday party featured on Small Fry Blog – read here.

You can’t have a drive-in movie without concessions – popcorn, drinks, candy – the works! Here are a few ideas from others that I thought were super creative!

Concessions Details I love:

drive in movie concessions

– Take this idea from Homemaking Fun and hand out paper money (that perhaps they earn doing chores that week) and price everything $1. I love that she used the fun size candy bars so you don’t feel like you or your kids are getting too much candy. Drive in Movie Party - Consessions

– Labeling everything makes it more fun and helps it feel like a party. Here is a link to the free printables shown above!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you don’t even need an actual drive-in movie theater to celebrate this fun day with your family and friends!

Barney Themed 3rd Birthday

This party is submitted by Beth Williams, a stay at home mom of 5 kids. She has three daughters who all have a birthday within about 5 weeks of each other – so springtime is birthday planning time for her. I love a lot of things about this party. The reality for most of us is that 1- we don’t want to spend a lot of money, 2- we don’t have time to make a lot of intricate decorations, and 3- the kids attending the party just care about having fun and eating candy. Adding a theme helps tie everything together and makes it a lot of fun to plan (in my opinion), but keeping that within reason – especially for the age of the children – is key. Anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with a group of three year old girls, knows how short their attention span is. That means that she had to plan several short activities to keep them engaged and having fun. She did just that.

The kids were given a Barney coloring page when they arrived. You can print your own here. This helped keep them focused a little as guests were arriving. coloring barney pages

Once they were finished coloring, their pictures were stapled onto a bag that they would later find at the end of their Treasure Hunt filled with goodies!

treasure hunt bags

They danced to music on a Barney and Friends CD while they played the freeze dance game and each took turns choosing when to stop the music. Following the dancing they played the 4 corners game. Each corner of the room had a color poster of a character from Barney and Friends. Beth would hold up a picture of a character and the girls would have to run to that poster.

Freeze Dance Game

A game of duck-duck-goose was turned into Barney-Barney-Baby Bop!

Baby Bop and Barney

Then it was cookie decorating time! Sugar cookies, purple and green frosting and an assortment of sprinkles, candy toppings and purple “Barney” milk was served.

decorating cookies purple milk and cookies the birthday girlThe girls were so excited to go on a treasure hunt that took them all around the house and yard to find clues that ultimately led them to a spot in the backyard where they found their treasure bags filled with candy, drinks and toys! They got to play on the backyard playground and trampoline for the rest of the time.

Treasure hunt clues

Treasure Hunt

Here are the clues:

Clue #1 (hand to the birthday girl) Barney and all his friends think it’s special to get letters in the mail from friends. Look for the next clue in the mailbox. (picture of letter/mail and mailbox). 
Clue #2 (in mailbox) Barney loves to sing and dance to music. Find the next clue on the piano. (picture of piano)

Clue #3 (on piano) Baby Bop takes a nap when she get s tired. She took a nap on Sue’s bed. Go there to find the next clue (picture of Baby Bop and bed)

Clue #4 (on Sue’s bed) B.J. loves to play outside with friends. Look for the treasure on the swingset (picture of B.J. and swings)

Beth decorated by adding streamers and balloons to the party rooms in the classic Barney colors of purple, pink and green.

Easy Party decor Balloon chandelier

Here are the party girls! I think one of my favorite things is that the girls had SUCH a great time playing together (I know because I was there with my daughter) and isn’t that what a birthday party should be all about? I get caught up in details and sometimes I forget to just let the little kids be little and have fun! Great job Beth – I remember her telling me that she only spent $25 on the entire party – now that is budget friendly!

Party Girls

Here is a link to FREE Barney themed printables including cute images you can use for cupcake toppers, a Happy Birthday Banner and more!

barney printables

Do you have a party that you want featured on Events To Celebrate?!

Just email your photos and a description of the party (especially details of any DIY portions) along with a list of where you got items used in the party (so we can borrow your ideas) to eventstocelebrateblog@gmail.com. Let’s party!

Kids Party Craft: Glittered Clothespin Magnets

Glittered Clothespin Magnets

Looking for a fun, easy for all ages and inexpensive craft for an upcoming birthday party? I’ve got the perfect solution! A few Saturday’s ago all the women in my family got together while all the men went off to a meeting and we ate pizza and made these adorable glittered clothespin magnets. It was something I just put together at the very last minute because I had the supplies in my craft stash and it turned out to be A LOT of fun! What surprised me the most was that I think I had as much fun doing them as the teenage girls, the tween girls and the younger girls (all the way down to age 5).

Clothespin CraftSupplies:


Assorted glitter colors

Masking Tape

Elmer’s School Glue

Magnets (ours were self adhesive)

Use the masking tape to mask off any areas you don’t want the glitter, apply the glue in a thin layer, dip it in the glitter and then remove the tape to show the cool design. Then, simply add the magnet to the back and ta-da! you’ve got a craft!  Clothespin Craft for kids Glittered Clothespins


Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

On the day my daughter Lucy was born there was a double rainbow that stretched across the sky. It was beautiful! For her first birthday we wanted to celebrate using the rainbow as our theme to tie into that special day.

When planning an event I look for ideas on party planning blogs I follow, pin ideas on pinterest and then hit the dollar store. That is always my first stop and I try to get as much there as I can. Anything I can’t get there I look for at WalMart, Hobby Lobby or a party supply store here called PartyLand.

Here are a few of my favorite details:



I bought a few packages of assorted balloons from the dollar store and turned them into a fun rainbow on the arch separating the family room and the dining room. The hard part was keeping the balloons away from Lu after I had blown them up – she LOVES balloons!



I made this rainbow arch by cutting $1 plastic table cloths and taping them to the ceiling. Again, I bought as many of the colors as I could find at the dollar store and then had to buy a few of the colors at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each. The “clouds” are just the tissue paper puffs as taught by Martha Stewart.


I found the pennant banner at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars and then added some cardstock letters I had in my scrapbooking stash. I love that I can reuse it over and over for lots of parties!


Even if you aren’t serving a lot of food or desserts, I think it is all in how you display them. The skittles and licorice wouldn’t have looked as cute if I hadn’t take then 10 minutes it took to separate them. They make a bigger impact in large blocks of color. The slushy punch is rainbow sherbet with Sprite – YUM!


Do those cans look familiar? Yep, they are cleaned out baby formula cans that I then covered in scrapbooking paper. Since my daughter was bottle fed (don’t give me any hassle about that) we have lots of them. I’ve actually used them several times to put plastic utincils in at parties and I even made them into a cute party favor filled with caramel popcorn at my nieces baby shower. Back to the scrapbooking paper I covered them in, I also used strips of that same paper to create the rainbow on the invitations. I wanted to find gold coins to have at the end of my rainbow, but they were at least 3x more expensive than these butter cream candy – so I went with that. 🙂


I combined two ideas for the cupcakes I found while hunting for inspiration. The cupcakes and a tutorial can be found here. And the decor and other really cute ideas for rainbow themed parties can be found here. I love Marci Coombs, I don’t know her but I stalk her blog and secretly wish we were neighbors. 🙂 The printable toppers were FREE and can be found here along with a ton of other really cute free printables.


Okay, so I’m not going to win an award any time soon for my piping skills, but I was still decorating these 5 minutes before the party started and I blame the rush for my shaky hand. 🙂 They were still scrumptious. Donuts and frosting – can’t go wrong there!


Kid activity #1- Coloring a paper plate rainbow. Idea found hereIMG_8221

Kid activity #2– Pin the cloud on the rainbow. Let’s pretend that doesn’t look as crappy as it does. My daughter was turning 1 – she didn’t care! Idea inspired by this. I know, the one on her website looks 100x better than mine, but remember how this blog is about not spending a lot of time or money? I used leftover parts of the table cloths and it took me all of 10 minutes (I know it looks like it only took me 5).


Kid activity #3 – Make a rainbow cereal necklace. Yum. I love fruity loopy cereal but I have textural problems with eating it off of soggy yarn. The kids didn’t mind though. 🙂


Kid activity #4 – Face painting! My sister-in-law did a great job painting a rainbow on each of the cute chubby cheeks in attendance.


The birthday girl! She had so much fun at her party, was confused by the singing and clapping and very daintily ate the frosting off of her cupcake.

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