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St. Patrick’s Day Tricks & Treats

St Patricks Day Tricks - Events To Celebrate

I remember as a kid, I loved St. Patrick’s Day at our elementary school. We had teachers there that went way beyond a pot of gold construction paper craft. One of the first grade teachers dyed her feet green each year claiming that she was turning into a Leprechaun! My favorite was in second grade our teacher let us know that we had a pesky Leprechaun in our classroom and each night when we left he would do mischievous things in the classroom. We were so excited to come to school to find our chairs upside down, or the trash strewn all over the classroom, or funny pictures drawn on the chalkboards. 

My friend Cari did something fun with her four little ones last year that I wanted to share because it took me right back to the fun of being in elementary school. 

St. Patrick’s Day Tricks & Treats

St Patricks Day Tricks - Upturned Furniture

Their Leprechaun turned over their furniture – leaving a trail of gold wrapped treats. 

St Patricks Day Tricks - Upturned Decor

He also messed up their decorations.

St Patricks Day Tricks - Rainbow Entrance

Then he hung a streamer rainbow and put a pot-of-gold at the end of it for the kids to find. 

St Patricks Day Tricks - Green Milk

Breakfast wasn’t the same that morning because the Leprechaun had turned their milk GREEN!

St Patricks Day Tricks - Green Toilet Water

And, he must have forgotten to flush after using the potty because the water in the toilet was GREEN TOO!

St Patricks Day Tricks - Lucky Lunch


Lucky for them, he left them really great treats for lunch: a Four Leaf Clover Sandwich, Green Jello, GOLDfish crackers, some gold wrapped candy and a lemon lime soda.

I love that these ideas are easy to duplicate. I look at them and think, “I can do that!” and I think I will, my daughter will love them! Thanks for sharing them with us Cari!

St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

St. Patrick’s Day is just one week away! I love when a holiday falls on a weekend because it means that rather than sending your family off to various places, you get to be together to do all of the fun activities! One of my favorite memories of St. Patrick’s Day was a teacher at our school dying her feet green and blaming it on those pesky Leprechauns!

I love food. Therefore, celebrating to me means eating all of the yummy food traditionally associated with a certain holiday. It is pretty common to have a green breakfast (Lucky Charms w/green milk, green smoothies, green pancakes, etc.), but since it is a Sunday you can serve them traditional (or at least it is traditional in America) Irish food for lunch and dinner too!

Corned Beef and Cabbage served with Irish Soda Bread seems to be a St. Patrick’s Day must, but if I cook cabbage at my house (although I love it) I’ll be traded for the Leprechaun treasure.

corned beef and cabbage

Corned Beef is available at most grocery stores (and Costco/Sams Club) in abundance during this time so if you love it, buy extra to freeze! Here are some options my family is more likely to go for. (Click on the names to be linked to the recipe)

Reuben Sandwich:

reuben sandwich

Corned Beef Hash:

corned beef hash

I stumbled across the Homemaking Blog and loved her idea to read the Legend of the Leprechauns (from Family Fun Magazine) and make a treasure box. Me and Lucy (my 20 month old daughter) had a great time making our treasure box, although it was her first time using markers and now I understand why Mom’s buy washable – hopefully it will come out of her clothes! We’ll set it out on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day for the Leprechauns to fill with green Easter grass, necklaces, a glow in the dark shamrock wand and some candy. 🙂

IMG_8952 IMG_8958

Full of magic and trickery, the leprechauns remain in their hidden world until the night before St. Patrick’s Day. On that one night of the year they appear throughout the world to dance and sing and frolic.

Disguising themselves as leaves and grass, and sounding like the wind and the crickets, they come and go unnoticed.

However, it is said that if a decorated treasure box is left empty under the moon, the leprechauns must fill the box with gold or jewels or gifts. But then they will hide the filled box in the most unlikely of places.

If the box is found on St. Patrick’s Day, the treasure remains in our world. If not, the leprechauns may retrieve what is rightfully theirs. And though the leprechauns are very clever, it is not impossible to find the treasure because, unknowingly, leprechauns often leave a trail of greenery behind them.

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