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Trolls Birthday Party Ideas

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

We celebrated my daughters 6th birthday last week Lady Glitter style! It celebrated two things my daughter is currently obsessed with – TROLLS and roller skating! We had a Trolls birthday party for her and her friends at our local roller skating rink! It was so perfect since in the movie Lady Glitter Sparkle (aka Bridget) and Prince Gristle go roller skating on their date. I’m going to share all of my Trolls birthday party ideas here and link to everything I used so you will be all set! I was sent several products from Oriental Trading complimentary to use for the party and others I purchased from various stores. 

Trolls Birthday Party Ideas

The Classic Fun Center in Orem, Utah was such a great spot for the party (and the girls had a great time)! In the past I have done all of the decorations, food and games – which is a lot of work, but something I LOVE! But, we were out of town for a month until two days before the party so it was actually really nice to know that the party would be really fun, but I would only have to do a little bit of the work. 

Trolls Party Favors

This was my favorite part of the whole shebang – because I got to be crafty!

The contents of the favor bags are:
Pink Medium Gift Bags – Oriental Trading
Pink Tulle “Hair” on bags and headbands – Oriental Trading
Felt Flowers on bags and headbands – Oriental Trading
Trolls Pencils (24 pkg) – Amazon
Trolls Rings (24 pkg) – Amazon
Trolls Stickers (came in a 4 sheet package) – Walmart
Trolls Fruit Snacks – Walmart
Glow Sticks – Walmart
Plastic Headbands (4 pkg) – Dollar Tree
Blue & Green Glitter Foam (for my daughters bag and headband) – Hobby Lobby

**I used the glitter foam on my daughters bag and headband just to make it stand out a bit from the others since she was the birthday girl. 

To make the favor bag I gathered a length of pink tulle that was 9″ x 48″ and used a hot glue gun to secure it to the inside edge of the bag. Then I took a small piece of tulle and tied the top to create the iconic Troll hair. 


To make the headbands I followed this tutorial from my friend The How To Mom and used 18″ x 5″ pieces of tulle. I did 12 on each headband. Then I used a small amount of tulle to wrap around the top to create the Troll hair style. 

Trolls Party Supplies

Since the decor had to be minimal, I wanted to make sure it was totally themed. I got Trolls paper supplies (paper plates, cups and napkins) as well as pink table covers from Oriental Trading. They were perfect and really adorable! We also had pink, yellow and teal balloons. 

Trolls Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

Trolls Birthday Party Cupcakes

I baked the cupcakes in regular cupcake liners and then used pink glitter cupcake wrappers that I got at Hobby Lobby around each one. 

For the frosting I used vanilla frosting that I colored with Wilton food gel. I put each color in a sandwich size ziptop bag and then put all three bags into a gallon size bag with my piping tip already in place. That gave me the unicorn effect when I piped the frosting on top. 

The cupcake picks were a FREE PRINTABLE party pack from DreamWorks that I linked to in my Trolls Birthday Party Invitation post a couple of weeks ago. (Don’t mind my circle cutting inabilities. I usually use a circle cutter but was out of town and only had a clunky pair of kitchen scissors to work with. Not awesome.) 

Here is my beautiful birthday girl. I can’t believe she is 6! It has been the most amazing 6 years of my entire life! Or, to use the words of Poppy – it has been hair-iffic!

Trolls Birthday Party Invitation

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

In just a few weeks my little girl turns 6! I’m not sure how time has passed so quickly, but I certainly am not ready to have a 6 year old! She has wanted a Trolls roller skating party since seeing the movie and so I put together her Trolls birthday party invitation the other day. I went to the DreamWorks Trolls movie page, copied an image from the main page and pasted it into my publisher program. It had some text in the center so I just added my own text box over the top of it with the party info. Then I saved the files and emailed them out. We are out of town up until the party, so this year it is going to be a little different than her past parties where I decorate the  entire party space to fit the theme (like her Pirate, Butterfly, Disney Princess and Rainbow parties). In fact, we will be having it at a fun center that has a roller skating rink, bouncy toys and an arcade. She is REALLY excited! I am excited that I at least get to put together cute favor bags for the party!  

Trolls Birthday Party Invitation

Trolls Birthday Party Invitation

I really like to theme the wording on the invite, so I used the lyrics from one of the songs in the movie as the intro to the invitation. Cute, right?! And, my favorite part is the NO TROLLS LEFT BEHIND rsvp. 🙂

Planning a Trolls themed party? These are my favorite party supplies:

  • Hot Pink Tulle : so you can make those super cute Poppy hair/headbands – this is my favorite tutorial for them on Pinterest
  • Trolls Cupcake Kit: The cupcake wrappers alone make me want this kit – so darling!!
  • Trolls Pez Dispensers (pack of 12): they are the cutest party favor ever!
  • Trolls Party kit: this is a FREE party kit done by DreamWorks that has invitations, party flags, a Pin the Hair on Creek game and free cupcake circles! FREE – that’s the best party supply ever! Just download it and print!
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