Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas: Food & Decorations

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For my daughters 4th birthday party she couldn’t settle on just one princess to have a party themed around, so we used them all! Now, I’ve got a lot of Disney Princess birthday party ideas to share with you. It was the easiest party I’ve ever put together because there is so much already available in stores and such great ideas on other blogs that I borrowed from. We had each of the girls dress up in a princess dress for the party and had such a wonderful time!

Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas: Food & DecorationsPrincess Party Decorations


Disney Princess Birthday Party Food

I got creative food ideas from my friend Marci who posted her princess party here. I’ve learned from past experience that toddlers don’t care much for fancy food, so keeping it simple was essential. This food ended up being perfect. About half of them finished their whole plate of food and asked for seconds! To set the tone, I escorted them each to a seat and welcomed them to the royal lunch. Then as I made the plates of food I explained the food I was putting on and they all were giggling at the names of the food. 

Tiana’s Tiara Sandwiches

I used a tiara cookie cutter (which ended up being smaller than I thought, but was the perfect size for these little princesses) to cut the bread and then spread peanut butter and jam on them. Here is the cookie cutter I ordered from Amazon – Princess Cookie Cutter Set

Princess Party Food - Tianas Tiara Sandwiches

Ariel’s Fish Friends

I just used standard gold fish crackers. 

Princess Party Food - Ariels Fish Friends


Belle’s Gray Stuff Dip

I used whipped topping for the berries shown below. I even sang the girls the song while I prepped their food.  

Princess Party Food - Grey Stuff Dip

Aurora’s Forest Berries

Fresh Strawberries to go with the whipped topping. Yum!

Princess Party Food - Auroras Forest Berries


Chips Chips

Plain potato chips fit the bill for this. 

Princess Party Food - Chips Chips

Snow White’s Wishing Well Water

I used lemon lime soda for this. 

Princess Party Food - Snow White Wishing Well Water

Here is the full table spread. It was simple, but they are 4 and they loved it!
I bought the plates and napkins at Walmart.
I bought the bowls that the crackers, dip and strawberries are in a Dollar Tree. 
I made the food labels by searching for images on google and just copying and pasting them to a document and adding text and will have links to them below if you’d like to use them.

Disney Princess Party Food

Disney Princess Birthday Party Decorations

Disney Princess Party Decorations

I had a lot of fun decorating for this party. It was really simple, and inexpensive which was awesome. When it was all finished, the look of the pink tulle swag with white glitter bows reminded me of my sisters prom dress from the early 90’s – that’s how I knew I had nailed it. 🙂

Let me detail a few things:

– Princess Castle Backdrop: isn’t that awesome?! It is like two thick plastic table cloths that you just tape to your wall. It made a HUGE impact helping theme the space for only a few bucks! I was even able to fold it up after the party to use again. I bought on Amazon – Castle Prop Party Accessory

– Heart Balloon Centerpiece: I purchased the princess popcorn boxes at Dollar Tree and used balloon sticks to hold a few balloons. I purchased the heart shaped balloons online at efavormart.com. The girls loved taking one home!

– Tulle Swag: I purchased 8 yards of pink tulle from a fabric store (with my 40% off coupon) and used 5 yards on the wall and 3 yards in front of the table. Then I added white glitter tulle bows to accent it.  

– Food Table: I purchased the Disney Princess Placemats from Dollar Tree. I purchased the Disney Princess cups and napkins at Walmart. Then on the food table I added the Disney Princess Barbies sitting by the balloon centerpieces and a vase of silk red roses. While they were eating lunch I told them the story of Beauty and the Beast (I also happened to be dressed up as Belle) and gave each girl a rose to take home. 

Disney Princess Party

Food Label Printables:

Gray Stuff and Wishing Well Water

Tiara Sandwiches and Chips

Berries and Crackers

Rules for use:
– My free printables are for personal use only.
– They may not be modified, sold or used for profit in any way.
– If you feature them or repost them, please give Events to Celebrate proper credit with a link back to this post.

For all the details on the games we played at the party – see this post!

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  3. Caroline

    this party is perfect; not too over the top, just right! Where did you get the picture frames? Thank you!


    1. Tia Fowles Post author

      Caroline- Thank you so much! My daughter loved it and it really was simple to put together! I got the picture frames from Ikea – they were only $1 each!

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  6. emily

    Are the original food labels ( like the ones in your picture) available? They’re adorable!


    1. Tia Fowles Post author

      In order to offer them as a free printable I had to purchase clip art images instead since I’m not the owner of the original images. If you’re up for it, all I did was copy and paste them from a google search onto a Microsoft Publisher document and add the text. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Jennifer

    This is too cute. Thank you so much for sharing! Brilliant. We have found pink goldfish princess crackers believe it or not! You answered my quest for my daughters princess party thank you!

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