Angry Birds Party Ideas

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My friend Amy is super creative and talented. She threw this party for her son long before Angry Birds really became commercialized and you could find party goods for them in any store, which meant that it had to be a DIY party! That is perfect for us because DIY usually means less expensive and more original!! Don’t let the fact that something hasn’t become mainstream stop you from finding ways to creatively bring the party to life! She suggests finding someone to create custom printables (she just so happens to design printables – find her here on etsy for pricing and details on a custom order). These can include invitations, cupcake wrappers, cupcake picks, favor bag details, banners, etc. If the theme you are going for isn’t out in stores or you want something original and custom, having them designed is really the way to go! They add so much to your party, for not a lot of money.

For her party, Amy made each of the kids an Angry Birds t-shirt and the cute favor bags are filled with big colored pom-poms (in the colors of the birds) and a slingshot!


IMG_7922She designed and printed these cute picks for the cupcakes – yum!IMG_7921

IMG_7925Then the kids had fun building different towers and launching “birds” at it!IMG_7955

I love it! Now that Angry Birds is so popular, there have been hundreds of parties with it as their theme. There is a lot in the stores, but buying the themed merchandise can be expensive. So, I looked around online for additional ideas that were DIY and came across a few that I thought were cute, easy to incorporate and theme specific.

You could serve these already decorated this way, or let each child make their own mini pizza.

angry birds pizza

Have them wash it down with some piggy punch or make it red and decorate it with the bird icons.Langry birds green drink

There are a lot of Angry Bird cake images online, but I think fondant is tricky, so I loved this simple M&M decorated cake. It is something I think I could tackle.angry birds cake

For a fun craft, let each child decorate a cup with pre-cut bird foam pieces and that can be what they take some candy home in (like pop rocks for the TNT in the game or a trail mix bar as the “bird seed”).


Lastly, I LOVE these balloons made to look like the Angry Birds. Here is the link to the FREE printables to make them yourself!

angry bird balloons with printable

I also found a website that has lots of ideas for an Angry Birds party. It had coloring pages, party printables and clip art. It was pretty awesome. I love the idea of buying paper goods in solid colors and customizing them yourself with printed stickers rather than paying twice as much for the themed ones at the store!

Have some fun adding your own spin and creativity on an Angry Birds party rather than just buying everything already themed at the store! 🙂

Image Credits: Amy Rasmussen party, Pizza & Cake, Punch, Balloons, Cups 

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