Back To School Theme

At our back to school dinner tomorrow we will introduce our back to school theme for the 2017-2018 year. When I heard the Mormon Tabernacle choir sing Fill the World with Love by Petula Clark recently, I knew this would fit our family goals and purposes perfectly. Sending my little lady into 1st grade has me in all sorts of emotional turmoil! She’ll be gone all day! I’m a bit of a mess, so hopefully this little message will help both of us. 

Back To School Theme 

Back To School Theme - Fill The World With Love Printable


Be brave. There is so much uncertainty and turmoil in the world. We have to be brave as we face the challenges that are here.

Be strong. The wind blows for each of us, we must be rooted in our values and strong in our convictions. We must be strong to withstand the winds of social pressure, peer pressure and negativity.

Be true. Each day in our home we have devotional and I hope it is helping shape the little characters of each of my children. I want them to be true to the things we have taught them, and tried to model for them. True to their character of honesty, integrity, virtue, accountability, respect, love, kindness, faith and service.

Fill the World with Love. Man alive, as I see everything on the news, this thought keeps repeating itself in my mind. If only we could give love to everyone around us. Everyone, whether it is visible or not, is dealing with hard things and needs a little bit of charity.

So, this is our family school year theme for 2017-2018. I’m going to frame the 4×6 to put on her dresser. And my plan is to ask each week during our family home evening what we have done that week to be brave, strong, true or give love  

Print out my 4×6 FILL THE WORLD WITH LOVE printable here: Fill The World With Love Printable

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