Beanie Boos Sunglasses Craft

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Beanie Boos sunglasses that you can craft in about 10 minutes with $2 in supplies! Your Beanie Boos lover will adore matching her favorite toys! These are the perfect party favor for a Beanie Boos birthday party!

When McDonald’s began offering Beanie Boos in their kids meals this summer we ended up going there several times (we were moving and ate out more than usual). My daughter was thrilled that her little brother would get one in his kids meal and not care one bit that she took it over. She’s IN LOVE with them and he would rather play with cars and tractors. 

These Beanie Boos sunglasses are so simple. I found the sunglasses and glitter glue at the dollar store. Just look for the roundest pair of sunglasses. I also purchased a children’s pair, but liked the look of the oversized ones on her better since the eyes on the Beanie Boos are so exaggerated. 

Beanie Boos Sunglasses DIY

Crafting them was SUPER SIMPLE. I cut a toilet paper roll tube into a 1″ section and tightened the circle a bit to fit the sunglasses I was working with and secured the tube with tape.

Then I held it in the center of the sunglasses while I squirted the glitter glue on the sunglasses. I used a cheap watercolor paint brush to move the paint around the sunglasses until it was distributed evenly. 

Then we just had to let them dry and now they are ready to be played with! 

*These sunglasses were inspired by Love & Lion. On their site they have a full Beanie Boos Halloween costume – which is amazing! 

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