Halloween Party Activities for Kids

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Halloween Party Acitivities

For the last three years we have hosted a Halloween party for my husbands side of the family. We encourage everyone to dress up and come for some fun! We provide lunch and an activity and then each family is asked to bring an activity for the kids. The kids really enjoy helping plan the activity their family provides – so let them join in on the planning!

Halloween Party Activities for Kids:

{doesn’t my mother-in-law look so awesome dressed up as a beauty queen – this was my favorite costume she’s ever done!]


Since most of them aren’t ready to be given a knife – we have painted pumpkins or decorated the foam pumpkins with foam stickers in the shapes of jack-o-lantern features that you can buy here.Halloween-Party-Activity-Decorate-Sugar-Cookies-edited

My mother-in-law is famous for her soft, fluffy sugar cookies so each year she makes a batch of pumpkin or bat shaped cookies for the kids to frost and decorate with an assortment of candies. They always love decorating the sugar cookies and we (the adults) love eating them! Here are some really cute and inexpensive cookie cutters if you’re looking for some.

Halloween Party Activity - Pin the Wart on the Witch

We always play Pin the Wart on the Witch. It is just a poster board weight witch cutout that came with cute little purple sparkly fuzz balls that you add tape to and let the kids try to attach while blindfolded.


With songs playing like “Monster Mash” or “Ghostbusters” we have a cupcake or donut walk and once everyone has received a treat, they usually want to keep going so the person who lands on the number picked when the music stops, then get’s to dance in the middle! They love that. 🙂

Halloween Party Activity - Spider Ring Toss

A friendly, noncompetitive game of Spider Ring Toss is a lot of fun. You could easily build your own ring toss by turning traffic cones into giant candy corn with a little colored construction paper and tape.


Another fun craft we’ve done is to purchase foam glasses and decorate them with assorted halloween stickers. The kids will make a pair for themselves and then go to work on a pair for one of the adults and it’s a lot of fun to see their creativity come out!

More Halloween Party Activities we’ve done include:

Halloween Bingo: get free printable cards here.

Grab the Ghost: Each person has a paper ghost attached to a string and puts it into the center. The person “it” rolls 2 dice until they get doubles. As soon as they do, they try to pin as many ghosts as possible by putting a pan lid over the ghosts in the center while the other players try to yank their ghost away as quickly as possible. The number of ghosts the person is able to pin equals the number of points he gets for that round.

Treasure Hunt: Send them around your yard with clues to find the bones that make up a skeleton or the eyes, ears and nose to decorate a large poster board pumpkin. 

Bob for Apples or Mini Pumpkins: the ridges on those small pumpkins help the kids grab them with their teeth

Go Fish: Make it spooky by giving them a tree branch that has been spray painted black with a layer of glitter spray over the top and have them lower it behind a shower curtain that has a haunted house painted on it.

Hay Bin Treasure Hunt: fill a kiddie size pool with hay and lots of fun toys, money and candy. Then either let the kids all go at it at once, or draw for spots and each gets 30 seconds to gather as much as they can!

Scavenger Hunt: Send them around your neighborhood in teams to check off items your neighbors will be displaying (a “We’ve been boo’d” sign, carved pumpkins, a scarecrow, hay bales, corn stalks, etc.)

Donut on a String: use a broom handle to dangle mini donuts from yarn and let them race to eat them without using their hands (have the video camera handy – this one is hilarious!)

Bean Bag Toss: use a piece of plywood to create a jack-o-lantern bean back toss

Mystery Bowls: as a kid this was the creepiest part of a halloween party but we LOVED it! Blindfolded we would have to feel our way along a table with bowls filled with items. As we walked a person would tell us what we were feeling. Peeled grapes were zombie eyeballs, cooked and cold spaghetti noodles were wolverine brains, etc.

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  1. This looks so fun. I’m throwing my first kid centered Halloween party this year and I will be using some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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