March Madness Party


While I may not be the biggest sports fan, I do love to host a good party! My husband loves to watch sports and with March Madness literally days away, I thought it would be fun to plan a party for when the madness begins!

I like the idea of having on the first night of the tournament, Tuesday – March 19th, but my husband says that you need to have your brackets filled out before the tourney begins. Details, details – I still want to have it the opening night and I still want people to fill out brackets that night. 🙂 I also love the idea of asking guests to come dressed in apparel or colors that support the team they are rooting for.

Go here for printable brackets and a schedule. 

nacho bar

I am a big fan of build-your-own food and am certain a build-your-own-nachos bar will be perfect! Did you know that you can get the delicious (yet, not in the least nutritious) nacho cheese in a giant #10 can at Sams Club? It tastes just like the stadium cheese. Yum! We’ll have pulled pork, thin and salty tortilla chips, onions, jalapenos, nacho cheese, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, black beans and Spanish rice for guests to nosh on before and during the game. I think half time would be a good time to serve root beer floats and basketball cookies. And, of course there will be a variety of ice cold sodas to wash it all down with. I’m not about to get fancy and make 14 hors d’ouevres , main dishes and dozens of desserts – but if you want to, here is a link to a blog that has some fun ideas.


If you are planning your own party, be sure guests are invited to arrive at least 30 minutes before game time so visiting and getting food can happen BEFORE the game begins. If the language gets a little too salty, and tension can run a bit high at your place for guests to be invited, then have fun watching the games with just your family – but still make it fun by celebrating with simple decorations and delicious food!

Image credits: nacho bar, basketball cookies


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