Mermaid Valentine

Handing out Valentine cards at school is something my cute daughter looks forward to all year! When I saw these cute gummy mermaids on Oriental Trading, I knew they would be the perfect treat to hand out for Valentine’s Day for my mermaid loving little lady! Oriental Trading sent them to me complimentary to use in this post. My plan was to design a cute free printable mermaid valentine to offer here, but my computer has been having trouble. Luckily, I found these darling mermaid valentine cards on Etsy being sold by Nestling Design for only $5! I just printed them at home and was all set!Mermaid Valentines -

There are three different gummy mermaids in the package of 38 you get from Oriental Trading. I love that means you only have to buy one package for an entire class of kids. They come in pink, blue and green. 

Mermaid Valentines -

There are a few different mermaid valentine printables on Etsy, but I selected these ones based on four factors: 

1- The number of cards printed on one page – 8! That means fewer pages of cardstock paper I need to use.

2 – I wanted all of the cards on one page to be the same. Sure, there are cute ones that have 4 different designs, but my preference was to have them all the same.

3 – They were only $5. I could go purchase some at the Dollar Tree that weren’t mermaid, but since I wanted to do a specific theme, I knew I’d have to pay a little bit. $5 is still reasonable to me. Luckily, I have 1 child in school, not 6. Though, if you do have multiple children in school this is a great deal because you can just purchase the download once and print it as many times as you need for all of the classes. 

4 – The mermaid resembles Ariel, which is my daughters favorite Disney princess. 


Mermaid Valentines -

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