National Drive-In Movie Day – June 6th

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Oh, the good old days. It makes me sad that drive-in movies are not around anymore (at least not in Utah County). Relive the fun and excitement of the past by celebrating National Drive-In Movie Day tomorrow, June 6th! Whether you’ve got the equipment and warmth where you live to host one outside or just want to have a fun night inside for the kids, I’ve rounded up some really fun ideas from other bloggers to share with you!

I can’t get over how stinkin’ cute these cardboard box cars are! Find an fruit orchard or grocer in your area that will let you buy a few apple boxes from them and let your children go to town decorating their own cars!

Box Car Details I love: 

drive in movie outside

– Paper plate wheels

– Personalized Plates

For full details on this party – including lots of tips for the outdoor aspect of the equipment – read here.

drive in movie cars

– “Side Car” to hold concessions in

– Stickers to decorate – purchase files for only $5 here.

For full details on this adorable drive-in movie birthday party featured on Small Fry Blog – read here.

You can’t have a drive-in movie without concessions – popcorn, drinks, candy – the works! Here are a few ideas from others that I thought were super creative!

Concessions Details I love:

drive in movie concessions

– Take this idea from Homemaking Fun and hand out paper money (that perhaps they earn doing chores that week) and price everything $1. I love that she used the fun size candy bars so you don’t feel like you or your kids are getting too much candy. Drive in Movie Party - Consessions

– Labeling everything makes it more fun and helps it feel like a party. Here is a link to the free printables shown above!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you don’t even need an actual drive-in movie theater to celebrate this fun day with your family and friends!

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