Night Owl Themed Slumber Party

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There are so many fun colors, cute details and really fun ideas in this Night Owl Themed Slumber Party! Yvonne Spinks – over at One Creative Momma – submitted this adorable birthday party she did for her six year old daughter. Let’s look at the fun ideas!

Night Owl Slumber Party Invitations:

A cute paper owl tucked snugly into a sleeping bag!

Night Owl Slumber Party Invitation - Owl in a Sleeping Bag

Night Owl Slumber Party Decorations and Details:

The dining table was decorated to look like a bed – I love this idea so much I can’t even tell you how excited I am to steal it for my next slumber party!

Night Owl Slumber Party Dinner Table Decorated Like a Bed

Each guest decorated their own Owl Cupcake with chocolate chips, M&M’s, Thin Mint Cookies and Pretzel sticks.

Night Owl Birthday Party Activitiy - Decorate Owl Cupcakes

Yvonne made an Owl pillow case for each guest to use! So cute!!!

Night Owl Slumber Party Favor - DIY Pillowcases

Night Owl Slumber Party Favors:

Yvonne’s sister crocheted these adorable favor bags. The skill and talent of crocheting is completely lost on me, I tried for several years when I was younger so I really admire these!

Night Owl Slumber Party Crochet Bags Favor

They placed adorable post it notes with these custom made owl covers inside as well as a fun “Owl hold your place!” bookmark!

Night Owl Slumber Party Favors - Owl Post It Notes Night Owl Slumber Party Favor - Owl Save Your Spot Bookmark

Yvonne also noted that the girls stayed up until 3 am!! Wow, she’s brave! I’d need a nap for days after a party like that!

If you’re looking for some Owl Themed Party Supplies, look no further:

Owl Blossom Lunch Napkins (16)
Owl Blossom Dinner Plates (8)
Owl Blossom Favor Boxes (4)
Owl Blossom Invitations (8)
Owl Blossom 9 oz. Paper Cups (8)


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