Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations

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Growing up, my sister and I loved making holiday themed decorations together. Our parents weren’t super big into decorating the outside of our house, so we took it upon ourselves to bring the festivities indoors. We would change our bed spread, hang lights, make garlands, and just have fun with it.

Something about making and putting up decorations helped us feel more connected to each holiday and what it stood for. For Thanksgiving we put up a gratitude turkey that our family could add to and cut out a bunch of paper leaves. Real artists over here. *wink*

For those of you with the same holiday spirit as mini me, it can feel really exciting to decorate for the holidays. Good news is, you don’t have to be limited to changing your bed spread. Here are some ideas for decorating the outside of your house for Thanksgiving!

Door Décor

  1. Wreaths are a great way to decorate your door. They are extremely versatile and customizable. Follow this link to see 30 different Thanksgiving wreath options!

Fall Leaves Wreath from The Pioneer Woman

2. Banners are another great way to dress up your door! You can find ones with all kinds of cute phrases such as “Blessed”, “Harvest” and “Happy Fall”.

3. You can use a door cover or paper wrap your door to create a design that is uniquely yours! These are generally pretty cheap, easy to put up, and super festive!

Autumn Door Cover from Amazon

Front Porch

  1. One of the classic symbols of Thanksgiving is the Cornucopia. Add one of these to your front porch for an authentic touch. While you could fill it with fresh items, I’d advise fake fruits and veggies if you plan on leaving it out for more than a week!
Porch Cornucopia from That Sweet Tea Life
  1. Garlands of leaves can be used to adorn your front porch, and give it a warm feel. And if you have the time, this is a decoration you could potentially make yourself.
  1. Thanksgiving Welcome Mat! If you’re wanting a super minimal effort way to decorate for the holidays, this is a perfect option. There are all kinds of mats that talk about fall, giving thanks, being blessed, and other cutsie phrases.
Thankful Mat from Etsy
  1. Lights are a go-to for holiday decorating. You could stick with traditional ones or get different shaped lights. Here are some shaped like maple leaves. Isn’t that so fun?!
Maple Leaf Lights from Ali Express
  1. Plants! Use items such as hay bales, corn stalks, and pumpkins to add some holiday flare. If you’re wanting a more natural or neutral appearance, these can really help achieve that look.
Corn Stalk Front Porch from Home Stories A to Z

Lawn Décor

  1. Pilgrim people cut outs? Talk about cute! You could buy some or get crafty and create your own!
Lawn Pilgrims from Amazon
  1. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey! Add a blow up one to your lawn as a fun holiday decoration. Or go for a cheaper option like a sign you can stick in the ground.
Blow Up Turkey from Amazon
  1. Scarecrows are another fun addition for your lawn. Since Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest, they contribute to the overall theme in a simple way.

If we are being honest here, just about anything that is red, orange, yellow, or brown could count as a Thanksgiving decoration. The possibilities are endless. This post just highlights some of the main Thanksgiving symbols and decoration categories you could use to get started!

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