Popcorn Cake and Cupcakes

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Our family is a bit obsessed with popcorn. In fact, we pop some at least 4 times a week. My husband got a theater-like popper for Christmas last year and I bought the really buttery popcorn packets from Orson Gygi and now we can’t stop ourselves! When my friend made this popcorn cake for her sons Blue & Gold banquet I fell in love instantly! It would be so fun to make for a carnival themed party, movie watching party or just a fun get together with friends!

Popcorn Cake

She started by baking four 9″ round cakes – you really could do any flavor you want since it will all be covered in frosting.

Popcorn cake

Then layer and frost all four cakes and add pieces of red licorice along the sides for the popcorn box stripes.

Frosted popcorn cake

Last, she heaped real buttery popcorn on top and added a paper popcorn sign to the front. I’ve also seen others use caramel popcorn or marshmallows – but I happen to love salty/sweet desserts and think this looks delicious!

Popcorn Cake 1

Popcorn Cupcakes

If you’re looking for something more individual sized to serve – check out these adorable popcorn cupcakes! They are the same concept only – if you hop on over to her site she has a FREE printable for the cupcake wrappers! I love free printables, they make decorating so easy!

Popcorn cupcakes free printable

And if you are looking for lots of fun, sweet and delicious popcorn recipes, head over here to find 20 different ones!

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