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Spider Web Felt Placemat DIY

I’m completely in love with how these Halloween Spider Web Placemats turned out. They were super easy (thanks to my Silhouette machine) and really inexpensive. Typically, placemats on sale are anywhere from $4 – $6 each, these were about $1 each!

I purchased the black felt sheets that are 12″ x 18″ from Hobby Lobby. They were $.79 each and are a nice thick, stiff felt. I found a spider web image on the Silhouette online library and formatted it in the software by setting the image, removing the outside border and then while holding the ctrl key, selecting all the images so they all had a BOLD red line around them. Then with my cutting blade set on 10 and the cut setting on a double cut, I went to town. If you are using a thinner or more flimsy felt, you will need to use iron on Wonder Under (or Pellon) in order to cut the felt. You want to be sure to use a new blade or your fabric blade. After cutting out 8 of these for our family, I had to snip a few uncut pieces on the very last one.

Then came the glitter, this is my favorite part! I used Elmers school glue (nothing fancy here!) and ran it through all the webbing and then sprinkled the black glitter on it. I let it sit for about one minute before I shook the glitter off so it would set a little bit. Then I allowed it to dry overnight.

Spider Web Felt Placemat detail

I think the addition of the plastic spiders is a MUST! They give it even more dimension. Because of the size of the felt, there is still plenty of space on the placemat for your plate, cup and napkin.  They are sturdy enough that I can store them and use them year after year! 

Spider Web Felt Placemat


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