Summer Fun Pizza Crafts (Educational)

I have been getting ready to throw a fun Summer Pizza Party, which I will go into later, but as I was thinking about getting all the decorations ready I thought to myself, what could be more perfect that an educational fun pizza craft.

So I got to work thinking about what to do. My son is pretty little still, so I am just going to talk to you through this part of the craft and then show you what I ended up doing with him as he is only two.

The first thing, I thought of when pondering about what crafts to do with pizza was fractions. Fractions can be tricky for kids and honestly, something most kids forget during the summer. So why not make practicing fractions more fun!

Take the Pizza for example. A pizza is generally in a circle, with cut slices. Have the children create their pizza slices (as you will see below). Then teach them how the pieces fit into the circle and what each slice represents. For example, if I ate one piece of a pizza that was cut into 8 slices I ate 1/8th of the pizza.

Then go through and show them how they can eat 4/8th’s of the pizza which is really half of the pizza. I like to make it as simple as I can so it is more enjoyable. Another fun activity you can do is with the toppings.

Take the toppings and have them count the total pepperoni’s or peppers etc. Then have them divide evenly or give each slice of pizza a specific amount. This allows them to keep counting and using their math skills in a fun easy way!

Now, let’s get to making the pizza slices!

Summer Pizza Craft

Item’s you will need:
  • 4 Pieces of Square Red Paper
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Colorful paper for toppings or topping stickers
  • Ribbon (If you are going to hang your pizza up)
  • Crust Paper (Yellow works great, cut into a 1 to 2 inch rectangle!)

Step 1:

Take your four red pieces of square paper and fold them in half. Crease lightly, but enough that you can see the line. Next you will cut from the opposite corner to the point to make a triangle. Repeat this on both sides. Don’t throw away the side pieces!

Step 2:

Following all those cuts take the extra pieces of the red paper from the sides and connect the long pieces together to form another triangle. Turn them face down and tape them together. If you don’t want to make these extra pieces of pizza you don’t have to. You can just make twice the amount in step one, but it does waste more paper.

Step 3:

Gather all the triangle pieces together and face them the same way. At the top of each piece you will take a hole punch and do two holes about 1/4 of an inch from the top of the triangle. (This step is only important if you are going to hang them up or put a sting around the pizza.)

Step 4:

Decide what toppings you are going to make. I made pepperoni, sausage, and peppers. However, there are so many others to decide from some of which may include pineapple, jalapeños, spinach, onion etc. Next take your other colorful paper and draw the designs that you are wanting onto the back of the paper.

When doing this I folded my paper a few times so I didn’t have to cut the same thing so many times. Once you have them all drawn out, I cut out the shapes. I wanted my to be all different shapes and sizes to bring some personality to it.

Step 5:

This step is probably the most fun and creative step for the kids. This is where we will glue on all the toppings to our pizza’s. I knew how many different toppings I cut out and wanted my pizza’s to be somewhat even.

So I took my glue and put 6-8 glue dots on the pizza base and let my son place the toppings where he wanted them, but on the glue dots.

This helped the mess stay away and helped him know exactly where to put them and how many to put on each pizza.

Step 6:

Finally, after placing all the toppings on the pizza it is time to put the crust on. I found the crust to be pretty simple. I found that the more simple the crust is the easier to place on the pizza. I took and glued on a rectangle piece to the top of my pizza.

Be careful to only glue above the holes you punched out or you will not be able to access them to run the string through.

Once the crust is glued on, take your scissors and cut the crust to follow the line of the pizza. This makes it all flow together and not look funny.

Step 7:

The last step to creating your summer pizza is to cut a piece of string six feet long or to the length that you so desire that works with your pizzas. Run the string through the two holes that you punched through the top of the pizza.

These holes are now hidden by the crust so it is more esthetically pleasing so you may have to bend the pizza back just enough to access them.

When running the string be consistent which side you go in and out of and do the same for all of the pizza pieces. This will allow the pizza to hang up flat and not flip or spin.

In the end, you will have the cutest pizza craft that you can hang up around your house, use at a party or have your kids practice their math skills.

Whichever you decide, remember that summer is a great opportunity to continue to practice all those skills that your children work on at school, and a great chance to spend some fun time with your children!

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