Valentine Box for School: Love Shack!

Valentine Box for School

Each year the kids in school are asked to decorate and bring a Valentine box for school Valentine swapping. I always dug out some old shoe box and covered it with construction paper hearts. 🙂 But this year as I was doing a little after Christmas shopping I got the idea to make a Valentine Box LOVE SHACK! Who says gingerbread houses are only for Christmas?!

Valentine Box for School

We picked up the Gingerbread House Kit for $3.00 on clearance, but you can still get them online. And we bought the bulk Valentine’s Day candy at our grocery store. Isn’t it pretty? I love candy. 

Valentine Box for School - Events To Celebrate

My daughter and I had a great time decorating it. You can leave it as a fun holiday decoration (and treat) or you can leave the back half of the roof off so Valentines can be slipped right inside at school. I guarantee this will stand out among the sea of shoe boxes and your kids will have a GREAT time making (and eating) it!  

Valentine Box - Love Shack -

(I see someone sneaking a piece!)

Valentine Box for School

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    1. Thanks Emily! We had so much fun doing the Gingerbread House at Christmas that when I saw them on Clearance I just knew we had to make one for Valentine’s Day!

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