Wedding Wednesday: Late Night Wedding Snacks

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Late Night Wedding SnacksWhether you’re hosting a sit down dinner or a casual reception, wedding day festivities always go late into the evening. Chances are you’ve been dancing and its been hours since dinner (if you’ve had the chance to eat anything at all since you’re the bride and groom) –  so a fun late night snack is the perfect way to cap off the night for you and your guests! You don’t have to set out an entire spread, in fact it is more fun to do miniature versions in individual portions!

Here are some of my favorites:milk and cookies late night wedding food

Good old fashioned milk and cookies. I love serving little shooters of milk or chocolate milk with a plate of cookies. You could even cut a slit in the cookie and stand it on the edge of the milk glass.

root beer floats late night wedding food

Root beer float shooters. You don’t need a budget to serve 300 people a full serving, just buy smaller glasses and let guests enjoy a mini version of this popular treat! If you want to get fancy, offer a variety of soda’s with a small scoop of vanilla: orange, strawberry, root beer and grape!

french fries late night wedding food

Chances are you’re craving will be for something salty and fatty after your very long day. If your wedding cake, desserts and candy buffet are leaving you with a bit of a sugar high – a mini-bag of french fries is the perfect solution!

Marley's Sliders - late night wedding food

Cheeseburger sliders (Marley’s pictured above) are a really popular trend right now. They sound really good don’t they? That’s because they are! And when you’re on the dance floor at 11:00 pm they sound even better!

A few other ideas you could consider:

Salty, Buttery Popcorn

Ice Cream Cone

Chips & Salsa or Queso

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Wedges

Whatever you choose, make it fit your personality and have fun with it! Keep it simple, keep it small and it will keep in your budget! 🙂

Image Credits: Cookies & Milk, Root Beer Floats, French Fries, Marley’s Cheeseburgers

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