Winter Birthday Party Ideas

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Winter Birthday Party Ideas & Themes - events to CELEBRATE!

I’m somewhat of an authority on this subject. My birthday is tomorrow, I’ll be 33 (*gasp!*) years old. Growing up having a winter birthday was no fun at all, but only because I’ve never liked the cold and snow much. Living in Utah all of my life, there has always been plenty of cold and snow. I thought I’d put together a few fun ideas (at least they seem fun to me) of things to make the most of your winter baby’s big day!

Winter Birthday Party Ideas:

1- Have a Pool Party!

It’s all I ever wanted. Just once I wanted a swimsuit as my birthday present instead of a new coat. I’m guessing there are other winter babies out there that feel similarly. So, if you’ve got an indoor pool nearby, turn it into a Summer Splash & Swim party! Give your child a new swimsuit and towel, invite their friends and go all out with the beach balls, floaties, goggles and flip flops.

Can’t find them in your local stores? Amazon to the rescue! You can find all the Swim Party Supplies you’ll need like beach towels, flip flops, floaties and decorations.

2- Snow Fun Party! Embrace the cold!

As a child I really did love to go sledding, I’m not sure why we never did it for my birthday. If you live in an area where you’ve got a lot of snow, embrace it and plan with it in mind. Bundle up the kids and head out to sled. Provide extra gloves, scarves and plastic bags to put over their feet (to keep them dry) then hit the hills! The stores are filled with sledding supplies, but if you’re on the hunt, these are my favorite kind of Inner Tube. You can have them filled at a tire supply store or event a gas station that has an air pump.

Build a snowman, or snow family and have each guest be in charge of a different “person”.

Build a snow fort and then serve refreshments inside.

Have a hot cocoa station at the ready with lots of yummy add-ons (like I mentioned in this post). Then let them warm themselves inside while they decorate sugar cookies or gingerbread houses.

3- Winter Olympics Themed Party!

Throw a Winter Olympic themed party and have each guest select a country to represent.  Serve food from different cultures and at the end pass out the medals in a special ceremony. Let the games begin with these activities:

Bobsledding – just pile teams onto sleds and send them soaring down the hill to see who wins!

Snowball Target – Build a large target and let the kids make snowballs. The one who hits closest to the target wins!

Dress the Part – fill 2 or 3 bins with winter clothing (coat, gloves, hat, scarf, snow pants, etc.) and have teams race to dress in the clothes, do an obstacle course (like hula hoop, do a cartwheel and turn around 3 times), then undress and tag the next person on their team. The first team to get all members through the relay wins!

Build a half pipe – Give each guest a container of play dough and let them get crafty! Have them build a ski jump or half pipe!

4- Ice Skating Party!

Chanel your inner Michele Kwan and take the kids Ice Skating. Many skating rinks will have a private instructor that you can hire for an hour to give your group a lesson and help during the party. This will help with young kids and those who are new to ice skating. Be sure to have the kids wear elbow and knee pads (like they would wear for Roller Blading) to prevent injuries. Instead of just having the kids go around and around in circles, add in some fun activities. They can do a choo-choo train, have one person go around the rink and put a sticker or photo of the birthday child along the wall somewhere and then let the others try to find it, have a performance and let the kids go out one at a time while the others hold up score or comment cards (that are pre-printed so they all give great comments or scores).

5- Gingerbread House Party!

Have your little chefs have fun in the kitchen with a Gingerbread house party! Build the walls and load them high with candy!! Even after the Christmas holiday, kids will love the chance to decorate their very own Gingerbread house (why are they associated with Christmas anyway?). If the birthday is in February, get lots of heart shaped candy to make it a love themed house. Outfit each guest in an apron and chefs hat and let them get creative with candy! This Wilton Gingerbread Mini Village Kit has 5 smaller houses – perfect for little hands and quick decorating!

There are so many fun themes you can choose for your Winter Birthday Party. Here are my words of advice:

– Separate the gifts for their birthday and the holiday. Wrap their birthday gifts in birthday party wrapping paper – not Christmas paper. Don’t give them a combined “Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas” gift.

– If the birthday falls on or very near a major holiday, schedule the party a week before or after.

– Make sure they get the traditional Birthday things you do for other birthdays in your family. If that means making a birthday cake instead of grabbing donuts because of the busy holiday season – it’s worth it and it won’t go unnoticed by that child.

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