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Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Fun For Kids

Last year my sister asked me to babysit overnight while she went out of town with her husband and we were so excited to get to have her 3 girls stay with us. The best part was that it meant we got to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with them! Even though it was a little bit last minute, I was able to get a few supplies from Dollar Tree and the grocery store and we were all set. I did all of these just the day before so even if you are totally last minute – you can pull these together and make the holiday really fun for your kids!

Easy Last Minute St Patricks Day Fun For Kids - Events To Celebrate

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St. Patrick’s Day Tricks & Treats

St Patricks Day Tricks - Events To Celebrate

I remember as a kid, I loved St. Patrick’s Day at our elementary school. We had teachers there that went way beyond a pot of gold construction paper craft. One of the first grade teachers dyed her feet green each year claiming that she was turning into a Leprechaun! My favorite was in second grade our teacher let us know that we had a pesky Leprechaun in our classroom and each night when we left he would do mischievous things in the classroom. We were so excited to come to school to find our chairs upside down, or the trash strewn all over the classroom, or funny pictures drawn on the chalkboards. 

My friend Cari did something fun with her four little ones last year that I wanted to share because it took me right back to the fun of being in elementary school. 

St. Patrick’s Day Tricks & Treats

St Patricks Day Tricks - Upturned Furniture

Their Leprechaun turned over their furniture – leaving a trail of gold wrapped treats. 

St Patricks Day Tricks - Upturned Decor

He also messed up their decorations.

St Patricks Day Tricks - Rainbow Entrance

Then he hung a streamer rainbow and put a pot-of-gold at the end of it for the kids to find. 

St Patricks Day Tricks - Green Milk

Breakfast wasn’t the same that morning because the Leprechaun had turned their milk GREEN!

St Patricks Day Tricks - Green Toilet Water

And, he must have forgotten to flush after using the potty because the water in the toilet was GREEN TOO!

St Patricks Day Tricks - Lucky Lunch


Lucky for them, he left them really great treats for lunch: a Four Leaf Clover Sandwich, Green Jello, GOLDfish crackers, some gold wrapped candy and a lemon lime soda.

I love that these ideas are easy to duplicate. I look at them and think, “I can do that!” and I think I will, my daughter will love them! Thanks for sharing them with us Cari!

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