Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Fun For Kids

Save for Later!

Last year my sister asked me to babysit overnight while she went out of town with her husband and we were so excited to get to have her 3 girls stay with us. The best part was that it meant we got to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with them! Even though it was a little bit last minute, I was able to get a few supplies from Dollar Tree and the grocery store and we were all set. I did all of these just the day before so even if you are totally last minute – you can pull these together and make the holiday really fun for your kids!

Easy Last Minute St Patricks Day Fun For Kids - Events To Celebrate

Leprechaun Treasure Box

I read the girls the Legend of the Leprechaun and had them each decorate one side of our treasure box to leave out and fill with goodies that night. I put some gold tissue paper to fill the inside.

Last Minute St. Patricks Day Fun Last Minute St. Patricks Day Fun

Then we painted our fingernails so that even when we first woke up we would be safe from pinching sisters! I grabbed the green nail polish at Dollar Tree.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Fun

Leprechaun Tricks

In the morning I tipped and stacked the kitchen furniture and left a trail of green things from my daughters art supply box to help the girls find the treasure from the Leprechaun.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Fun Easy St. Patrick's Day Fun

Leprechaun Treats

Inside the box they found hats, Green Moustaches, green sticker earrings, necklaces (all purchased at Dollar Tree) and lots of green treats for their lunches to take to school! I bought green apples, green jello, Mint Oreos & Lemon Lime Shasta. 

Last Minute St. Patrick's Day Fun Last Minute St. Patrick's Day Fun