6 Disney Princess Birthday Party Games & Activities

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Disney princess party games ideas and treats!

Disney princess party game ideas

My daughter was extra excited for the games I had planned for her Disney Princess Birthday Party. I got some of the ideas from other blogs through Pinterest (check out my entire Disney Princess Birthday Party board on my Pinterest account).

There are so many Disney Princess birthday party ideas out there, it was actually hard to narrow it down for her party, but I think we hit the perfect balance. 

Disney Princess Birthday Party Games

1) Snow White’s True Loves Kiss Game

To play Snow Whit’s game,

  • I played music from the Snow White soundtrack as the girls passed the apple around the circle.
  • I stopped the music randomly and if they were holding the apple when the music stopped.
  • They fell down dead from the poisoned apple and we gave them True Loves Kiss (a Hershey kiss) to revive them.
  • They scooted out of the circle.
  • The game continued until all the girls had bitten the poisoned apple and got a True Loves Kiss. 
Disney Sleeping Beauty Party treat
Pass the apple sleeping beauty party game

2) Rapunzel is all tangled up game

To play the Rapunzel game,

  • I put the girls into teams and gave them a roll of yellow streamers.
  • I played music from the Tangled soundtrack.
  • One child held the end of the streamers while the other ran around and around to wrap them up and get them all Tangled up in Rapunzel’s hair.
  • Then I had them switch with each other and we did it all again.
Disney princess party rapunzel game

3) Tiana’s Kiss the Frog Game

To play Tiana’s Kiss the frog game,

  • I downloaded and printed a free frog poster. (The link is broken to the one I used, but there are many)
  • Instead of having the girls pin a kiss on the frog,
  • I put red lipstick on each of them and blindfolded them.
  • They thought it was so hilarious to kiss the frog.  
Tatiana Kiss the frog Princess Party game
Disney Princess Birthday Party Games - Events To Celebrate

4) Jasmine’s Musical Carpet Game

To play Jasmine’s princess party musical carpets,

  • We played this just like musical chairs, but I used placemats instead.
  • We had them go around the circle to music from the Aladdin soundtrack. 
Disney Princess Birthday Party Games - Events To Celebrate

5) Ariel’s Treasure Hunt Game

For Ariels’ Treasure hung game,

  • I made clues that sent them on a treasure hunt around the yard.
  • At each spot they found a gift from one of the princesses that would help them get ready for the Royal Ball.
  •  Jasmines Jewelry: bracelets and rings;
  • Cinderella’s Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo wands;
  • Sleeping Beauty make-up to give them lips as red as a rose;
  • Rapunzel’s tiara’s.
  • Then they looked in Snow White’s magic mirror to make sure they were the fairest in the land.
  • Then I escorted them each to the dance floor and played music.
  • I played songs from the movies that the girls were dressed up to represent so when they heard “their song” they got to pick the dance moves and everyone else followed along. 
Disney Princess Birthday Party Games - Events To Celebrate

After the Royal Ball I escorted them each to the table where we had a Royal Lunch – which I detailed in this Princess Party post all about the food and decorations. 

6) Cake decorating taught by Fauna

Princess Cupcakes

In the movie Sleeping Beauty the 3 fairies try to make Aurora’s 16th birthday a big surprise.

Fauna, bless her heart, is in charge of the cake and the scene is my favorite of all time. It makes me laugh even now to see her folding in the eggs.

So, we let the girls each decorate a cupcake.

  • I piped on the frosting and let them go to town with sprinkles.
  • Each girl was also given a fondant tiara (I used this super simple recipe) that I made using these tiara fondant cutters (I found them on Amazon: 4-Piece Princess Fondant Press Set.) They have a plunger on them to imprint on the tiara and to help you release it from the cutter.
  • As a final accent, they were each given a princess pick (I just printed them on cardstock, cut them out and hot glued them to a toothpick) to add to their cupcake. 
Disney princess party activity cupcake decorating

 I hope these simple Disney Princess birthday party games will help you as you plan your own party! If you use any of the ideas, I’d love to hear about how they went for your little princess! 

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6 Disney Princess Birthday Party Games & Activities

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