Halloween Games for a Classroom Party

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As a child, classroom parties for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day were definitely my favorite! While I loved learning, I was all too eager to enjoy games, treats, and holiday festivities with my classmates.

The nice thing about these classroom parties is that you can totally customize them to your students. Whether you’d prefer to do activities as a class, have stations, or do independent activities, there are games to work with any situation.

15 Halloween Games/Activities

1. Pumpkin Bowling

Simple DIY Halloween party ideas for the classroom, including Halloween games, Halloween crafts and Halloween food ideas! Whether you are a seasoned teacher, first year teacher or seasoned room mom, keep your little goblins engaged and your classroom Halloween party well-managed! Don’t forget to check out the vampire Halloween candy boxes, the perfect Halloween treat bag for all of your Halloween treats!
Pumpkin Bowling from One Sharp Bunch

Just a few bottles, colored paper, and a ball are needed to make this pumpkin bowling set!

2. Spooky Charades

Halloween Charades Cards from Happiness is Homemade

These free printable Halloween charades cards make for super fun, easy-to-prepare celebration activity.

3. Halloween Jeopardy

Halloween Jeopardy from Jeopardy Labs

This activity is probably best for a slightly older age group (3rd-5th grades). The website has the ability to change the number of teams, so break out into as many groups as you want and then let the Halloween questions begin!

4. Mad Libs – Halloween Themed

Halloween Mad Libs Printable by Happiness is Homemade

This is a great way to allow the kids to practice writing and test their language skills. They might need some reminders about the difference between an adverb and an adjective, but they will have fun while learning.

5. Poke a Pumpkin

Poke-a-Pumpkin Halloween Party Game
Poke-a-Pumpkin from Fun 365

Of all the activities, this one needs the most preparation. Follow the link for a step by step tutorial for how to construct this game. So worth it! Afterall, what elementary school child doesn’t love winning a prize?

6. Making Slime

How to make slime for Halloween
Frankenstein’s Phlegm from Dream a Little Bigger

Kids might need a bit of supervision if you make this slime in the classroom, but slime is a fan favorite for sure! You could make it more educational by having them describe the slime they create or even come up with a story that includes slime.

7. Q-tip Skeleton

Q-tip Skeleton from Recycled Crafts

This is a super easy craft for students! All you need is some black construction paper, glue, and Q-tips. Depending on the kids’ levels of independence, this could either be a self regulated craft at a station or a classroom craft completed together.

8. Toilet Paper Mummy Wrapping

All you need for this fun game is toilet paper. Have the kids break into groups, choose someone to be their mummy, and then get wrapping!

9. Halloween Estimation Jars

Halloween Estimation Jars from No Time for Flashcards

This is a good opportunity to test the kids’ math skills and spatial awareness. Fill up some jars with a number of any Halloween themed item and then give them note cards to write down their guesses.

10. Halloween Word Searches/Crosswords

Halloween Word Search
Word Search from Puzzles to Print
Halloween Crossword
Crossword from Puzzles to Print

Word searches and crosswords are a great activity for kids to do either by themselves or in small groups. While not necessary, it can be helpful to make a key beforehand, so you can help if they get stuck.

11. Monster Donut Decorating

A Halloween Donut Bar is a perfect snack AND activity for a class Hallloween party. Expecially for the older students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade!
Monster Donuts from Joy in the Works

For those kids that like to be creative, this can be a really fun activity! Who doesn’t love a craft they get to eat?!

12. Spider Races

Spider Races from Still Playing School

This one is perfect for kids of any age group.

13. Witch Hat Ring Toss

Witch Hat Ring Toss from Be The Best Nanny

If you don’t have time to make and decorate the board, you could always just set the hats out and have the students play that way.

14. Tic Tac Boo

Tic-Tac-Boo Printable from Skip to My Lou

This printable provides a holiday version of a classic game the kids will love. They can pair up to play and work on their strategy skills.

15. Halloween Bingo

Free Halloween Bingo boards | Perfect for families, room moms and party planners! {OneCreativeMommy.com}
Halloween Bingo from One Creative Mommy

Bingo is a party classic! Follow the link for access to these cute printables. It is especially useful at the end of the party, because you can do as many rounds as needed to fill the time or until the kids get tired of it!

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