60 Activities for a Teen Girls Birthday Party

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So here’s the thing. Parents aren’t very cool….but these teen birthday party ideas are! And throwing a cool teen birthday party just might make you a cool parent. Before you can throw the most impressive teen-approved party known to man, there’s a few things to consider.

When it comes to throwing a successful teen birthday party, it is important to:

  1. Know your audience and the activities/setting that will most appeal to them. Your teen will offer the best input.
  2. Choose a well-fitted location for hosting the party. If you host it in your home, just make sure to establish any boundaries necessary.
  3. Decide on a budget that you will work around. Below is a range of activities that can fit within different budgets, interests, and time allotments.
  4. Plan a guestlist – This will help you determine which activities are best. Consider the space available, price, and food amount.
  5. Provide food! – We know teens can EAT, so plan for more rather than less.
  6. HAVE FUN! While planning the party can require preparation and coordination, remember that all the efforts beforehand will make for a great celebration.

Check out these categories to find something that will fit your group!

Food Related Activities

  1. Pizza Tasting Party – see our post about this here.
  2. Build your own pizza, salad, calzone, etc.
  3. Cake Decorating Competition
  4. Cupcake Wars Style Bake off – Make the best themed cupcake!
  5. Chopped Championship – incorporate random ingredients into a dish
  6. Make and eat Freakshakes
  7. Formal Dinner – Have everyone come dressed in their best
  8. Chef’s Kitchen – Pairs follow along to make what the Chef is preparing
  9. Fondue Assortment
  10. Rent a Food truck
  11. French Fries or Chicken Nugget Blindfold taste test – guess the brand
  12. Fast Food Mukbang – trying all the foods from a fast food restaurant
  13. Melon/pumpkin carving contest
  14. Blindfold taste testing – name that random food
  15. Charcuterie party – have everyone bring a different themed one

Indoor Activities

  1. Spa/Beauty Night
  2. Murder Mystery
  3. Sleepover and a Movie Night
  4. Karaoke Night
  5. Making Friendship Bracelets
  6. Have a Fashion Show
  7. Just Dance! Battle
  8. Mario Kart/Wii Competition
  9. Card/board Games
  10. Poker Night
  11. Painting – Follow a Bob Ross Video
  12. Era themed Night – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s!
  13. Host a Gameshow/Jeopardy
  14. Glow in the Dark Dance Party
  15. Hollywood dress up Party
  16. Power Point Night – attendees present a power point on a topic of their choosing
  17. Make a Fort
  18. Go on a Treasure Hunt
  19. Tie Dye or Bleach Shirts
  20. Make a Home Movie
  21. Make homemade slime, bath salts, perfume, soap, etc.
  22. Blindfolded Makeovers

Outdoor Activities / Go to a Destination

  1. Attend a Drive-in Movie
  2. Roller Skating Night
  3. Mall Scavenger Hunt
  4. Beach Bonfire
  5. Backyard BBQ
  6. Photoshoot at a scenic spot
  7. Picnic and Games at the Park
  8. Roasting S’mores around a Campfire
  9. Sports Games – pickleball, volleyball, spikeball, etc.
  10. Pool Party
  11. Backyard movie on a Projector
  12. Escape Room
  13. Bowling and Arcade Games
  14. Glamping and fancy breakfast
  15. Paintball
  16. Miniature Golf
  17. Visit a carnival/festival/circus
  18. Giant Slip ‘n Slide and water obstacle course
  19. Have a Backyard Concert
  20. Attend a Concert
  21. Visit the Nearest City
  22. Hike a Nearby Trail
  23. Go to an Amusement Park

If you use any of these ideas send in pictures or a comment about how it went! Any tips you have to help it run smoothly will surely be appreciated by other parents and party planners.

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