Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

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From party food to decor and activities, this unicorn birthday party on a budget was so fun!

My daughter was set on a Unicorn party theme as soon as we saw all the cute items at Dollar Tree two months ago. Fortunately, I’ve learned that if you see something at the Dollar Tree that you want, you purchase it right away because their inventory can be unpredictable.

The fact that most of these items came from either the Dollar Tree or Oriental Trading meant that this party was really affordable!

After purchasing the items, she was invited to 3 friends parties and all were a Unicorn theme! I had to laugh because there was no way I was going to change the theme of hers so ours was the 4th. If you need reassurance that a Unicorn party theme is perfect for a 6 year old, take my word for it!

Let’s dive into the Unicorn party ideas! My hope is that you will find easy games, crafts, food ideas and decor that will elevate your own Unicorn birthday party and make it something that feels really special!

Unicorn Party Food

To find the Unicorn printable food labels, just see this post from a Unicorn themed party I did a few years ago. I kept the food similar to that event, but changed a few things. Here is what we served:

  • Unicorn Poop: Rainbow swirl marshmallows
  • Unicorn Horns: Twist Lollipops
  • Unicorn Feed: Fruity Pebble and marshmallow treats
  • Unicorn Treats: Cupcakes and cake made from a Strawberry cake mix, topped with a swirl of pink and purple frosting. 
  • Unicorn Tears: Rainbow sherbet and sprite
  • Unicorn Manes: Cotton Candy – I know most people don’t have a cotton candy machine, but you can get some here. I’ve even seen small tubs for sale at Walmart.

We also served pizza at the party to round out all the sweet offerings. For the party I only served the cake, sherbet/sprite and pizza. The other items I put in their take home favor bags to enjoy later. 

Unicorn Party Decorations

Party decorations are one of my favorite parts of a party! The main showpiece of the decor was the balloon garland I made. I loved the color block effect of using white, light pink, dark pink and then purple balloons with a few mylar Unicorn and Rainbow balloons (from Dollar Tree) to accent it. This garland cost about $15 and made a huge impact on the party space, that makes it totally worth it in my opinion!

Below the balloon garland I hung the “We {heart} Unicorns” sign purchased at the Dollar Tree.

The green sequin tablecloth has been the best $18 I have spent. I’ve used it for so many parties, birthdays, and bridal showers. And you’ll notice the purple tassel decoration in all of those posts as well. There are some decorations worth holding onto and reusing.

The iridescent table runner is from those same parties. One thing I did add this time was a Unicorn Horn party hat for each guest. The horns were purchased at Dollar Tree and I stapled a tissue paper tassel to the back of each one as a Unicorn Mane.

Unicorn Party Activities

Whenever I host a party for kids, I like to change activities every 10-15 minutes and alternate between activities at the table and movement activities. This helps keep them from getting bored and keeps the fun going. 

Here are the activities we did for this Unicorn birthday party:

  • Unicorn Coloring Mask: As the girls arrived we had them sit and color a Unicorn Mask until all friends arrived. 
  • Pin the Horn on the Unicorn: The sticker horns with numbers on them on this particular set made the game so much more simple! There are lots of great options here
  • Unicorn Bingo: There were a couple of friends who had never played Bingo and needed a little assistance, but this game is such an easy one to customize to any theme, it’s definitely a party staple for us! This free printable Unicorn Bingo is the perfect thing!
  • Unicorn Beaded Bracelets: This was a simple activity with pony beads and elastic string. The colors were customizable for each girl to create any bracelet they liked best. 
  • Unicorn Books: I read them a few of my favorite Unicorn story books. Thelma the Unicorn and The Return of Thelma the Unicorn have such a great message!
  • Adopt a Unicorn: To make this feel more like a game, I had the girls do it cupcake walk style. We put numbers on the ground in a circle 1-10. Once the music started, we had them march around the circle of numbers. When the music stopped, we drew a number from a bag. The guest standing on that number got to come adopt their unicorn. The kit included 12 Unicorn plushies and 12 adoption certificates. The guests got to name their unicorn and give it a magical power. This was the favorite activity of the whole party. They were delighted to get to take one home!
  • I loved that all the unicorn plushies were identical so there were not hurt feelings over getting a certain one. I got them from Oriental Trading, but you can also get the same ones here .

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