Little Mermaid Birthday Party

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My daughter’s favorite Disney princess is Ariel so naturally she wanted a Little Mermaid birthday party. Wanting it to be very specifically an Ariel mermaid party, I looked for things to add (like dinglehoppers mini-forks) to make certain the guests knew this was a Little Mermaid party.  (see the last Little Mermaid Party we did here)

Ariel Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Little Mermaid Party Decorations

Little Mermaid Decorations

The Little Mermaid scene setter really anchored the party space. It is a thin plastic that is really simple to hang on the wall with packing tape. I layered a purple fringe garland and added green streamers to the side to mimic sea weed. On the table I started with a mint sequin tablecloth and layered a fish net decoration over one side. The finishing touch was blue glass beads and white seashells that I found at the Dollar Tree. 

Over the archway in the dining area, I hung the Happy Birthday sign that was included in the Little Mermaid scene setter and layered an iridescent fringe decoration and a mint half fan garland. The girls really loved running their hands through the fringe and it helped define the party space since my dining room and living room have a large opening between them. 

On the party table I placed a green plastic table cover layered with a blue sequin fabric piece. On top of that I layered an iridescent garland and added more white seashells. 

Little Mermaid Party Decorations

Little Mermaid Party Food

Little Mermaid Party Food

I love planning the food for themed parties. Since the guests were 4 years old, I knew I needed to keep it toddler friendly. 

  • Ariel’s Fish Friends: Gold Fish Crackers
  • Sour Seaweed: Sour Belts pushed onto bamboo skewers. I used a foam block covered in tissue paper as the base and used pipe cleaners in various colors to create a sea coral look to add the sour seaweed to. 
  • Mermaid Cake &  Cupcakes: To dress up basic cupcakes, I purchased some Mermaid chocolate molds and used candy melts to make the mermaid tail, shells and fish to decorate them with. I added green, purple and pearl sprinkles and finished them with a silver plastic cocktail fork from the dollar store. I also purchased the cake from WalMart and added center decorations. 
Little Mermaid Party Cupcakes
Little Mermaid Party Cake
  • Sea Bubbles: Bubble Gumballs
  • Starfish Sandwiches: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into a star shape with a cookie cutter.
  • Clamshell cookies: Vanilla Wafer cookies with a swirl of frosting in the middle and a candy pearl placed at the front. 

Little Mermaid Party Games

Little Mermaid Party Games

I like to make sure that the party games and activities alternate from doing something at the table to doing something that gets the kids up and moving. This list was a great balance and the girls had so much fun.

  • Little Mermaid Coloring Picture: As guests arrived they were invited to sit and color a printed picture of Ariel. This just helps keep kids contained as we wait for everyone to arrive.
  • Mermaid Suncathcers: I found some mermaid suncatchers at JoAnn Fabric and the girls painted them. I covered a ¼ sheet pan with tin foil so the girls kept the mess contained. 
  • Seashell Necklaces: Using seashells purchased at the dollar store, I used a hammer and nail to gently create a hole at the top. The girls added pearl beads and then painted the shells. 
  • Pin the Tail on Ariel: I had a hard time finding this game at any stores so I created my own. I printed out an Ariel coloring picture several times. On the main picture I colored in everything but the tail. Then on all the others I only colored the tail and cut them out. Then we used the colored tails to “pin” them onto the main sheet. 
  • Mermaid Bingo: I printed the free printable mermaid bingo sheets from The Artisan Life (
  • Seashell Walk: I printed out some seashells and let my kids color them in. Then we drew a number 1-8 on each one. When it was time to play we placed the shells in a circle and invited the guests to stand in front of a seashell. We played music from The Little Mermaid soundtrack and the girls walked around the circle. When the music stopped we picked a number and they got a prize. 
  • Zoom call with Ariel: My niece often works as various Disney princesses for birthday parties. Luckily, one of those princesses is Ariel. Because of distance, we were able to do a virtual visit with Ariel. This was the favorite of all the girls. They were amazed that Ariel knew my daughters name. She sang songs with them and talked all about life in the castle with Prince Eric. It was adorable!
  • Pass the seashell: Played like Hot Potato, we took a seashell and had the girls sit in a circle. When the music played they passed it quickly. When the music stopped, the person holding the seashell was out. We continued until there was one guest as a winner. 

Whether you are planning a mermaid birthday party or specifically a Little Mermaid birthday party, we’ve hope you have found the perfect ideas to make your planning easy. My oldest daughter has had both a Disney Princess birthday party that incorporated Ariel into it as well as a Mermaid swim party that will give you even more fun ideas to consider

Little Mermaid Party Ideas

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