Epic Grinch Birthday Party Ideas

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Looking for a fun birthday party with a GRINCH theme? Here’s your decorations, food, games and more!

The inspiration for this Grinch birthday party came when we were at Dollar Tree after they had just put out all of the Christmas supplies. My daughter begged to have a Grinch party and we made it happen!

Grinch party ideas are plentiful on the web so I hope you’ll gain ideas from this that you can use to make yours perfect for your friends and family!

A Grinch birthday party was a really fun way to celebrate my daughter and have a little holiday fun at the same time! 

Grinch Birthday Party

Grinch Birthday Party Decorations

The showstopper for our Grinch birthday party decor was the balloon garland. I use a really simple method for creating it.

I purchased balloons in the following colors: lime green, dark green, white, red and clear with white dots. These were all the standard 12” balloon. I also used 4 large 18” balloons in white and green. 

  • Step 1: Inflate all of your balloons – for a 16” garland you need about 60 balloons. I use a small pancake air compressor to inflate mine.
  • Step 2: Thread a large eye needle on to a length of fishing line about 20’ long.
  • Step 3: Tie a loop in one end of the fishing line and tape it to a door handle. Then start threading the balloons onto the fishing line by inserting the needle through the belly button of the inflated balloon. Push the balloon all the way to the end (it is helpful if you have a second person who can hand you balloons and push them down the line).
  • Step 4: Continue until all balloons have been added and then tie a loop at the other end of the garland. Use command hooks to hang on the wall. 

The Grinch arm decoration is available to purchase here, but I decided to make mine out of red cardstock, white felt and some left over green fur. I then made the large ornament out of red glitter cardstock and added a tinfoil top. 

The display table has a white table cloth, red and white striped wrapping paper, a white felt icicle decoration I got at Dollar Tree. Along the back of the display table I looped green sparkle mesh ribbon.

On the food table, I use a red plastic table cover, red and white stripe wrapping paper, a green and red sparkle garland and more green mesh with red ornaments in a hurricane vase. I alternated lime green and dark green plates and napkins and set a holiday headband at each spot. 

Grinch Birthday Party Food

Grinch Birthday Party Food

We kept the food simple, yet fun.

  • I filled candy dishes with mints, candy canes and Grinch hershey kisses.
  • Green apple cotton candy became Grinch cotton candy when I used a black sharpie marker to draw on a Grinch face.
  • I popped microwave popcorn and then used green food mist to add a touch of green to the top pieces.
  • Lastly, I made a Grinch birthday cake. The cake is a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. I added large red candy hearts around the outside and black piping icing to create the Grinch face on the top layer of the cake. For the Grinch hair, you’ll need to purchase a Wilton tip #233
Grinch Treats

Grinch Birthday Party Activities

Grinch Birthday Party Activities
  • Grinch Ornaments: Clear plastic ornaments got a Grinch face drawn on the outside with a black sharpie marker. We then added about a teaspoon of rice and a good squirt of green paint and let the kids shake to coat the interior walls of the ornament. These took a day or two to really dry out enough. We had to shake them a few times to redistribute the paint.  
  • Christmas Bingo: We used a free printable Christmas bingo set and let the kids draw a prize out of a Christmas gift bag.
  • Foam Trees: I found a package of foam Christmas trees at Dollar tree along with stickers and mini pom poms. We used foam glue to add the pom poms.
  • Wrap up the Grinch: Using green streamers, the girls were split into two teams to wrap one team member up. Once they were all wrapped up we added a red heart. The giggling this activity created let me know they really loved this one!
  • Pin the heart on the Grinch: This free printable made this game a cinch! I just downloaded and printed the file on bright green cardstock paper. 
  • Decorate Gingerbread Houses: I found a Wilton Gingerbread house set that included 8 miniature houses and included icing and candy. It was the perfect thing! The houses were nice and small so the activity only took about 20 minutes. 
Grinch Birthday Party Ideas

Having a birthday in December doesn’t have to be overshadowed by Christmas! I make it a point to always do everything for my daughter with her late December birthday that I do with my other kids. That means gifts wrapped in birthday wrapping, donuts and balloons when she wakes up and a fantastic party with her friends. This year was no exception! I hope these Grinch Birthday Party Ideas will inspire your next event! 

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