Camping Themed Birthday Party

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Looking for fun Camping birthday party ideas? You’ve come to the right place! My son recently celebrated his 7th birthday and we had a camping themed birthday party for him.

The ironic thing is that he hasn’t ever actually gone camping in the mountains (I guess we should remedy that). We have a fire pit we use regularly and camp in our backyard each summer, but he really wanted a camping themed party so we went for it!

These ideas also work great if you’re looking to do a Lumberjack birthday party, Nature birthday party or Great Outdoors party theme. 

camping birthday party ideas

Camping Birthday Party Decorations

food display table

A balloon garland is an inexpensive decoration that really adds impact to a party space. I used about 45 balloons to create this along with 4 tissue paper fans. I just inflate the balloons and string them with a needle and fishing line. To add the small green ones, I waited until the garland was hung (using command hooks) and taped them in place. I also used a fishing line to hang the gold tissue paper fans from the ceiling. You can use just standard balloons, but I think adding a few 18” balloons really takes it to the next level. 

For the “Camp Grayson” garland, I handcut the letter segments and used a marker to add a woodgrain. Then I mounted the letters on red and black buffalo check wrapping paper  that I used to cover plain cardstock. I used jute twine to string the letters and added sprigs of pine to the center of each letter. 

On the table the bottom layer is a white table cloth, then a burlap fabric piece topped with more of the red and black wrapping paper. I accented with two small trees and pine cones scattered around. 

camping party table

At the table where the kids were sitting I used a black plastic table cover layered with a burlap table runner. I added pine sprigs and a fake fire made of wood and tissue paper. I accented with pine cones. At each place setting I used some Lumberjack party paper goods. Each guest had a cup with a headlamp in it and they used the cup to keep their game prizes in throughout the night. 

Camping Party Food 

camping birthday party food

We used the firepit we have in the backyard and roasted hot dogs and s’mores for dinner. This gave us a great opportunity to talk to the kids about fire safety. We may have burned a few more marshmallows than we actually ate, but the kids had a lot of fun. 

The cake was a simple two layer chocolate frosted cake. I used pretzels and green melting wafers to make pine trees, graham crackers for a tent and more pretzels and candles to create the fire. When the candles were lit, it really looked like a miniature campfire and the kids loved that! 

Camping Party Games

camping birthday party games

Camping bingo was played in the tent. I printed these free camping bingo cards and laminated them. 

We used cut out clipart shapes to play a shadow guessing game. With the kids inside the tent, I turned out all the lights and stood outside the tent. I held a shape up to the tent and shined a flashlight behind it to cast a shadow onto the tent ceiling. They did a great job guessing each shape.

Next up was fishing! What camping trip is complete without a little fishing? And what did they catch? Swedish fish of course!

Then we followed these instructions to make marshmallow catapults. The kids launched mini-marshmallows all over the house (Seriously, all over!) but they loved it! The instructions were easy enough for them to follow and they got to take it home after the party. 

With their headlamps on, we headed outside to play hide and seek, sharks and minnows and ghosts in the graveyard. The headlamps just made the night games that much more fun! 

Camping Birthday Party

A camping birthday party is perfect any time of the year. If the weather is nice, you can host all of these activities outside or even up in the mountains at a picnic spot. I hope these ideas inspire your camping themed birthday party! 

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