“Would She Rather” Bridal Shower Game (Free Printable)

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Who knows the bride best? Find out with this free printable “Would She Rather” bridal shower game. Great for friends & family of the bride!

Note: This game is also known as “What Would She Rather?”, “What Would the Bride Choose?”, “Bridal Shower Would You Rather”, but they are all the same game.

Keep reading for tips on throwing a bridal shower, game instructions, the free printable, and more!

How to throw a successful bridal shower

Having been to MANY bridal showers, I can tell you that there are 3 things that can make or break your party.

The three things you need for a successful bridal shower are food, people, and games!

Now I know what you’re thinking. What about decor? Here’s the thing. Decorations are nice to have, but they can be pretty minimal and still produce a good time. (See my recent bridal shower post for an example of simple decor). But food, people, and games? Those are essential!!

So, make this “Would She Rather” game a part of your wedding festivities. Bridal showers are all about celebrating the close bond that the future Mrs. has with her friends and family. This is a game that highlights that closeness by allowing the players to show just how well they know the bride-to-be.

What you need to play “Would She Rather” at the bridal shower

There are just 3 things you will need in order to play this game at the party.

  • Game sheets – Print enough “Would She Rather” game sheets for all the guests (including the bride) to have one they can answer on. Scroll down to access our FREE PRINTABLE!
  • Pens/Pencils – Once again, you’ll want to have enough tools for all the party guests to use one.
  • A prize – While it isn’t necessary, I’d suggest having a small prize to hand out to the winner of the game. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Just a bath bomb, candy bar, face mask, or nail polish will do.

“Would She Rather” Bridal Shower Game Instructions

Simply hand out a sheet to all of your shower guests and have them take a minute to mark which of the options they think the bride-to-be is most likely to choose. This can be a fun test to see how well everyone knows her preferences.

Once everyone has finished marking their sheets, you can reveal the bride’s answers and see who gets the most correct answers overall.

I think it is fun to let the future wife reveal her answers or give a little explanation/reaction for each. Doing this just adds to the fun, keeps things casual, and helps involve her in the game. However, you could also just have a game host who reads off her answers.

Have players keep track of the number they got correct, and then hand out a prize at the end.

Your guests will love it!

I’ve included a FREE PRINTABLE, so definitely check that out. Also look at my other bridal shower/bachelorette party games: Bridal Shower Bingo and He Said She Said!

Tips for Playing

  • Have an extra prize or two available in case you have a tie!
  • If you have pencils available, use those. Sometimes people want to switch their answer after marking their paper.
  • Have some music playing softly in the background. That way you aren’t sitting in total silence as people fill out their cards!
  • Pro-tip for the bride: Try doing this game with your fiancé before the wedding day. I did it with mine, and we had fun testing our knowledge of each other.

Why this is a great game for parties

  • It is super inexpensive to play, even with a large group.
  • You can play this game with any group size.
  • Guests have fun getting to show what they know about the bride and maybe even learning something new about her.

“Would She Rather” Printable

Stay tuned for more wedding-related content coming in the future!!

For those who are new here, I am getting married soon, and have done all the wedding planning myself. It has been a real job, but I have honestly learned so much along the way. Learn from my mistakes AND smart decisions in my other wedding posts.

And of course, share about your wedding planning journey. Wether you’re the bride, the maid of honor, or the mother of the bride, I would love to hear your tips and see pictures!

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