Cute and Fun Bridal Shower Cookies

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Here are some fun, easy recipes for bridal shower cookies. The party guests and bride-to-be are sure to love these cute desserts.

Fun news, I am having my Bridal Shower this Saturday!! The last few months have been filled with wedding planning, and it’s hard to believe that my wedding is coming up so soon.

It’s exciting to see how everything is coming together, and WOW I am so excited to be done wedding planning haha. Since I’ve done all the wedding planning myself, I have learned a lot about getting started wedding planning, ways to save money on your reception, building a wedding registry, and giving wedding gifts!

If you haven’t seen my other posts about all that, you should definitely check them out.

But today, I wanted to share some beautiful cookies that would be great to feature at your bridal shower. I feel like bridal showers typically have some variety of sweets, and cookies are a common one. So, here are my favorites that I found. Let me know if you try any of them out!

Note: While many of the cookies in this article are pink, you could adjust them to fit whatever color scheme you have at your bridal shower or bachelorette party. These are simply a group of styles and designs to get you thinking!

Recipes for Bridal Shower Cookies

  1. XO shaped Cookies – These bridal shower cookies are so cute and unique! To make them, you’ll just need letter shaped cookie cutters and thin icing. And if you want to create the ombre effect, add small amounts of food coloring to make the icing more and more pigmented!

2. Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies – Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie! I mean, how could you not be obsessed with that ooey gooey goodness?? So, pull out a heart shaped cookie cutter to make these lovable cookies for your party.

3. Vanilla Macaroons – Macaroons are so soft and light. They are perfect for adding that feminine touch to your bridal shower. AND you can make macaroons in just about any color of flavor you want, which is great for themed parties!

If you’re wanting something white, try this vanilla flavor.

4. Rose Shaped Buttercream Cookies – The simplicity of these cookies is just the thing for a baker with limited skills. All you need to achieve this “rose petals” look is a piping bag full of your chosen frosting color. You’ll look like a pro, and the guests will love these sugar cookies.

5. Individually Iced Cookies – I will say, these cookies are gorgeous! But they are also very time intensive to decorate. So, I’d suggest buying them from a company if you want an elaborate design or opting for something more simple to homemake. If you’re home making them, try a design such as “love”, “Mr. & Mrs.”, or the date of the wedding!

6. Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies – The fruity middle of these cookies gives me brunch vibes. This would be a nice treat to eat alongside some fruit kebabs, dip, crepes, or muffins! And the nice thing is, you can choose what flavor of jam you add to the center.

7. Meringue Rose Cookies – Another option for creating that rose-shaped cookie look is this pink meringue recipe. Using just a handful of ingredients, this is an easy one to put together. And, it is dairy and gluten free, making it a great treat for those with food allergies.

8. Powdered Sugar Lemon Cookies – These white powder cookies have a powerful lemon flavor that will lighten up any party. The white color is a subtle reminder of the big day coming up!

9. Watercolor Sugar Cookies – With watercolor, you can design cookies to match whatever color scheme or theme you want for the party! These ones have cute brush strokes that give an elegant yet energetic feel, perfect to match the anticipation of the upcoming wedding day.

Every party needs something sweet, and these bridal shower cookies would be great to include at your next event!!

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