Barbie Themed Party Ideas

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Here are fun ideas for themes, activities, food, invites, and more to help you plan the best Barbie themed party ever! For young girls and adults!

“I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!” Sound familiar?

As someone who grew up watching the Barbie movies and collecting my own dolls, it is crazy to see the resurgence of Barbie due to the newly released Barbie movie.

I remember spending HOURS playing Barbies with my sister after school. We loved to collect all kinds of dolls and outfits. In fact, we even had a Barbie camper that opened up to reveal a whole RV with a kitchen, bathroom, and more.

As you can imagine, I was more than happy to collect fun ideas for throwing a Barbie themed party. Here are my favorite ideas I found for themes, decor, activities, and food.

Note: I have catered more of these ideas towards parties for young girls, but many of these ideas could also work for adults.

Barbie Party Themes and Decor

Come on Barbie, Let’s go party!! The possibilities are endless when it comes to themes and decor, but here are some really fun ones that I think you’ll like.

Themes For Your Party

  • Malibu Barbie/Mermaid Barbie – Since it is summer right now, I can guarantee that this theme would be a hit on a hot day. If you’re throwing a party soon, try one of these 2 themes. Kids will love splashing in the water and hanging out in the pool!
  • Build Your Own Barbie Party – I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was so cool! People do customizable parties (like Build-A-Bear) all the time, so why not do it with Barbies? Guests can come pick out their own doll and then dress them up and play with them. So cute!
  • Disco Barbie – Have people come in neon colors, ready to party. You can add in fun 80’s music, disco balls, and maybe even go skating!
  • Spa Barbie – Every Barbie needs her beauty rest! Throw a spa themed party with face masks, scrubs, nail painting, and more. This theme brings together fun and relaxation in a way that everyone can appreciate!
  • Barbie in the Dreamhouse – Slumber parties are a classic birthday party idea. Take yours to the next level by making it Barbie themed! Have the birthday girl and her friends dress up in the PJ’s to enjoy a Barbie movie, fun snacks, and cute memories.
  • Princess Barbie – My favorite Barbie movie growing up was the 12 Dancing Princesses, so this would’ve been the one for me haha. Guests can get dressed up and decorate tiaras together.
  • Pretty in Pink Barbie – Pretty much anything hot pink can be classified as Barbie related. So, if you’re wanting a more simple decorating approach, try a full on pink look!
  • Barbie in Paris – You could do a cute brunch like at a tiny cafe or even have your own fashion show

Tips for Decor

When it comes to decor, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make things look put together. My suggestion, is to have at least one statement piece. That could be a balloon arch, decorated dessert table, or a banner/streamers. Other things that can really add to the party are fun balloons, items with the Barbie logo and silhouette, colored lights, and anything glittery!

Barbie Themed Party Invites

Activities for Your Party

Fun activities to do with the party guests!

  • Barbie Bingo – If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your guests, a great option is Barbie bingo. By following the link, you can access a free printable for one! I’ve also seen pink Jenga, pin the crown on the princess, and more.
  • Photoshoot in a Barbie Box – Here is a tutorial that can help you build your own life size Barbie Box for people to stand in and take pictures with. It would make a perfect photoshoot spot at your party. And of course, don’t forget props!
  • Coloring Pages – If you click on the link, there is a page with free printables for Barbie birthday coloring pages. This would be a great activity for young girls as you wait for all the party guests to arrive.
  • Bedazzling items – There are so many things you can bedazzle – everything from a hat to sunglasses to shoes! This can make for a fun, cheap craft. Just make sure to have supervisors there while people use the hot glue guns.
  • Runway show – Have your Barbie girls get all dressed up and then walk down the runway in their themed outfit. The girls will love getting all dolled up and walking the runway. Make sure to take lots of cute pics!
  • Paint Nails or get them done – Whether you do a spa party or not, you can break out the nail polish and let your guests paint their nails. After all, Barbie always looks put together. Your guests should too!
  • Have a ball pit or play house – If the weather is nice outside, it might be nice to have a play area. A common option is a ball pit or play house, but you could also just send them outside on a playground or with picnic stuff.
  • Barbie temporary tattoos – Temporary tattoos, face paint, or face gems are all things that can be fun for young kids to do at a party together.

Barbie Themed Foods

When it comes to food for a Barbie Themed Party, here is my rule: Anything finger food or pink goes! And in a lot of cases, you can make them both! Above I have listed a number of foods that fit the color theme and would also be easy for guests to eat.

Having a table set up for all the food can be a simple and easy statement piece. And if you don’t want to serve a ton of food, have a dessert table at least!

Anyways, BEST OF LUCK planning your Barbie Themed Party!

Have you seen the movie? If so, tell me what you thought about it. Since I haven’t seen it yet, I want to hear your thoughts.

Also leave comments and pictures of your own Barbie parties! I’d love to see what you come up with.

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