Encanto Birthday Party Ideas

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Let’s not talk about…

All the stress of your child’s big birthday party that’s coming right up!!

….and you thought I was going to say Bruno! 

OK but seriously, why is it that the most happy times and fun things that come into our lives are generally the most stressful whether it is planning or putting them together or everything in between.

I am going to try to help you relieve some of that stress by sharing some of the cutest and fun ideas for the most successful Encanto birthday party you can imagine. 


You can buy invitations at the store or print your own. Attached is a great template that you can use.

Encanto Birthday Invitation Template


EnCanto is such a fun bright movie. That makes decorating so much easier! Think lively, and bright. Online has a ton of options that you can buy. However if you’re on a tight budget or feeling crafty these are so easy and inexpensive. 

First off, flowers are an easy way to start. You can make some cute homemade flowers out of crêpe paper or buy real ones! 

Then use hanging triangle banners, streamers and balloons. 


Activities tend to be one of the hardest things for parties. You will want to have enough activities planned for the children stay busy, but not too many. 

Here are some cute ideas for games that I have come up with revolving around each character and their superpower in the movie.

  • Pepa: Controls the weather, Click here for some fun “Water Weather Games” to play.
  • Bruno: Can tell the future. Play a group game of MASH or individual games.
  • Julieta: Heals with a meal and her food. Make your kitchen Julieta’s Kitchen
  • Dolores: Has Super Hearing. One fun game to play is telephone game or word games.
  • Camilo: Shape shifts and becomes someone else. Either invite the kids to come in dress ups or provide dress ups for the party to play with.
  • Antonio: Talks to animals, and is friends with everyone. A fun way to include this in the party is by hiding animals through out the decor and have the children play a game of “Eye Spy”. 
  • Isabella: Loves to grow flowers and make things beautiful. Provide all sorts of arts and crafts for everyone to enjoy.
  • Luisa: is known for her strength. Set up a fun relay race that allows the kids to run around and get some energy out.

While the children are still arriving you can either have them start filling out Bruno‘s future telling story. Which is a mash game that you can print or if they are too young for that have costumes out and about allowing them to dress up in Camilo‘s Shapeshifter outfits. Be sure to snap pictures of all the fun! 

After everyone arrives I would start with a game that allows the kids to move and run. Peppes water game is definitely a fun one to start with or Luises strong relay race.  

Once those games are completed you could pick and choose a couple more such as a craft of making flowers or something pretty or an I spy game. 

Generally speaking I found that waiting til the end (depending on if you are doing a meal or not) is the best time to bring out snacks, cake and ice cream and presents. That way they are winding down and if someone does spill they can go home sooner to change. 

As the children are waiting for parents to arrive, try to keep them entertained.  Have kids who didn’t finish their craft work on it or play a game of telephone for Dolores super hearing.


This movie has so many points of food. The movie is a Columbian movie and therefore has a lot of different Columbian foods in it. If you’re feeling brave and want to see if children will try all the different foods I think they sound amazing! 

Or you can keep it more child friendly by doing things that are more familiar. I I would start off by calling it Julieta’s Kitchen which allows the name of different characters to continue throughout the party.

A fun few ideas is doing little taste testers of the food for the children or just doing traditional cake and ice cream. 

Here is a list of some food ideas:. 

Last but not least, have fun Encanto music playing in the back ground. Take fun and silly pictures of the kids and allow for as much dancing and singing as possible!

Encanto birthday party ideas with food and activities

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