50 Bachelorette Party Snack Ideas with Names

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Plan a next level girls’ night for your bride-to-be with these bachelorette party snacks and themed names! This list has everything from sweets to finger foods to food bars! 

Here is a simple fact of life: food can either make or break a party. 

We’ve all been to a party that had bad food. It can really put a damper on things, especially if you came hungry. 

On the other hand, good food can take any average party and make it something worth remembering! And let’s be real. A bachelorette party is definitely worth remembering! 

So for all my Maids of Honor and close friends of the bride, here are some good foods to consider serving at your next bachelorette party. 

Now, some people do fancy bachelorette parties with weekend getaways, exotic activities, and a hotel suite stay. Others opt for a simpler approach like a slumber party, elegant brunch, or night out. No matter what your girls’ weekend looks like, you can include fun foods like these to help make it a themed bachelorette party.

Things to Consider 

When you are planning the party menu, here are a few things that are good to keep in mind. 

  • First, you’re going to want to have a variety of food options. That way, people can customize their plate. This could mean having a variety of different foods or even just a variety of toppings for things like a taco or waffle bar. 
  • Next, be mindful of food allergies and dietary restrictions. You’ll want to make sure that there is something that each guest can enjoy. If a meal is being prepared, provide a couple of options such as regular, gluten free, and vegetarian. 
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the number of people on the guest list. This will likely impact the type of food that is provided and how much of it is prepared. You don’t want to have too much food, and you definitely don’t want to have too little.  Knowing the guest count will help you provide an adequate amount of bachelorette party snacks. 

Following these tips will help you provide food that fits your group! 

Bachelorette Party Finger Foods

My suggestion for any kind of bridal shower or bachelorette party is to include some finger foods. And here is a whole list of tasty ideas for things to include at the party. 

The truth is, people are going to get hunger cravings throughout the night. That is why finger foods are perfect!! They are easy to eat, pre-portioned, and make very little mess.  

Vegetarian Bachelorette Party Snacks

Meat-free appetizers tend to be more cost effective, since meat is often an expensive ingredient. Below I have included a number of the most popular vegetarian party foods. You and the other guests can party all weekend and have a nice variety of foods to snack on! 

1. “Bride to Be” Bruschetta – Classic bruschetta includes mini bread toasts that are topped with a mixture of basil, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar. They are the perfect snack for a classy bride. 

2. “Kiss and Tell” Queso – I am a self proclaimed queso lover. I mean, who doesn’t love queso?! It is great with tortilla chips or just about anything else. Definitely a full proof party food. 

3. “Better Together” Chips and Guac – You know what else people love? Guac! Add a little onion, tomato, lemon juice, and garlic and you have a delicious appetizer. 

4. “Hot Mess” Mozzarella Sticks – Gooey cheese pull. Crispy outer shell. and Thick marinara sauce. Perfect party food. 

5. “Dream Come True” Deviled Eggs – Not everyone is a fan of these, but that’s totally ok. For those that do, they are a quick snack to throw together and bring. 

6. “Wedding Vow” Dip and Veggies – Veggies and dip take relatively little effort, but can be a nice addition to any party. You can always buy a tray and dip from the store or make your own dip with a cream cheese or sour cream base. 

7. “Tying the Knot” Garlic Twists – If you are a baker, you could make these yourself or pick some up from your local Domino’s. 

8. “Sealing the Deal” Salsa and Chips – Salsa and chips are a classic combo. They are inexpensive, low effort, and great for a crowd. 

9. “Key to My Heart” Mini Quiche Bites – Throwing a brunch? Include mini quiche bites for a simple, fun food. 

Bachelorette Party Snacks Containing Meat 

Some of my all time favorite snacks are included in this section. I mean, jalapeño poppers? I’m all about it. Pizza rollups! What’s not to love? Pretty much anything from this list will be an award winner with your friends. 

10. “It’s Getting Hot in Here” Wings – Wings are MESSY, but also delicious. For those who plan on serving this, make sure you bring lots of napkins!

11. “Mini Cuddlers” Pigs in a Blanket – These mini sausages wrapped up in a croissant make for a juicy, flaky snack that anyone can enjoy. 

12. “The Final Rose” Pizza Rollups – You can roll up little croissants with the pepperoni sticking out to make them look like little roses. And since every girl loves pizza and roses, you really can’t go wrong. 

13. “Breathtaking” Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip – Buffalo sauce gives this dish a bit of heat that is great for any spice lovers.

14. “Saucy” Meatballs – Costco has some meatballs that you can throw in a crockpot for an easy potluck food item. Just the thing if you’re running low on time. 

15. “Mine and Yours” Stuffed Mushrooms – Stuffed mushrooms are such a tasty appetizer. You can fill them with whatever you want, from cheese to bacon to spinach! 

16. “Too Hot to Handle” Jalapeño Poppers – Crispy bacon and gooey cream cheese help counter the spice of the jalapeño, making a flavorful appetizer. 

17. “Taking His Last Name” Chicken Taquitos – Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Mexican food. Chicken taquitos are a great idea for a party of chicas!

18. “Happily Ever After” Charcuterie Board – For those who like to graze, charcuterie boards are just the thing! They are super trendy right now, super versatile, and group-friendly. 

19. “Kiss Like You Mean it” Kebabs – The fun thing about kebabs is that you can add whatever kind of meat or veggies you want! I love them. 

20. “She said Yes” Shrimp cocktail – Shrimp is one of those foods that is always at “fancy events”. If you’re planning a more glamorous girls’ night, make sure to include this. 

21. “Dressed in White” Dumplings – Costco has HUGE bags of frozen dumplings that are really easy to fry up and serve with sauce. 

22. “Young and Sexy” Mini Sliders – Pro tip: Use Hawaiian rolls for the bun. If you do that, there won’t be any left at the end of the night. 

Sweet Bachelorette Party Snacks

If your friends are like me, then they definitely have a sweet tooth! I’m a firm believer that no party is complete without some kind of dessert. 

Sweeten up this last hurrah with your bride-to-be, by including treats like these. 

23. “Put a Ring on it” Donuts – You can’t go wrong with donuts. Chocolate, cream filled, or traditional glaze, they will get eaten no matter what. 

24. “My Heart” Cookies – Of course, you’ll want to make/buy these heart shaped. You could even have an activity where people decorate their cookies. 

25. “Over the Moon” Muffins – Bring a homey, comforting touch to the party with some homemade muffins!

26. “Fairytale” Fruit and Dip – Fresh fruit is a must for any party. And you can take it up a notch with a dessert dip.

27. “Cheers to the Happy Couple” Cheesecake bites – I am a sucker for cheesecake. It is a rich treat that is indulgent, and totally great for sharing. 

28. “Here Comes the Bride” Brownies –  Fudgy chocolate goodness is the way to any girl’s heart. 

29. “Sweet and Sour” Lemon bars – Want a mixture of sweet and tart? Lemon bars are the perfect option.  

30. “Mr. Right” Macaroons – Macaroons are a light, airy treat. They are a great compliment for a delicate, whimsical party. 

31. “True Love” Truffles – Fun fact, when my sister and I were younger, we would make Oreo truffle balls around the holidays. They always got eaten up at any gathering we brought them to!

32. “Cuddled Up” Cupcakes – The nice thing about cupcakes is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavors. You can have whatever you want! 

Other Bachelorette Party Snacks

So I know I titled this “Bachelorette party snack ideas” but sometimes, your “snack party” turns into more of a meal. Maybe you’re wanting a little bit more than finger foods. These are some ideas for more hearty foods you can include to round out your party menu. 

33. “Soon to be Mrs.” Salad – Salad is a great addition to a party as a filler or side dish. And there are a million different salad recipes out there, so just find one you like to share! 

34. “Partners in Crime” Pasta – Pasta is easy to make for a large group and comes with all kinds of options for sauces and toppings! 

35. “Nacho Average Bach” Nacho bar – Wanting to make a food bar? The next few food ideas are perfect for that! 

36. “Taco bout a Party” Taco bar – Taco bars are a go-to meal for a gathering or crowd. They are a fan favorite. 

37. “Pretty Princess” Potato Bar – You can serve the guest a full meal by having a potato bar and some side dishes. Guests will love adding cheese, bacon, and more to their warm potatoes. 

38. “Crazy for Love” Crepes – I’m actually planning my own wedding right now, and we are actually going to have crepes at the reception! If you haven’t seen my other wedding related posts, click here. That being said, crepes are a light, indulgent food that is great for crowds. 

39. “Worth the Wait” Waffles – Waffles are just the thing for a cute breakfast with your girlies. 

40. “Better than Sex” Cake – Have you ever tried this? It is to die for! Chocolate cake with condensed milk, whipped cream, and Heath bar? What could be better?!

41. “Found Her Forever” Fondue – Fondue makes for good party food. People love drizzling chocolate all over some strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels. 


Bachelorette parties always need to have good drinks to go along with the food. Here are some popular drinks that would be a great addition to the snack situation you already have going on. 

42. “Virgin” Cocktails – Non-alcoholic drinks can be a nice way to make the big night feel wild and adventurous while still allowing you to be present and remember the experience. Highly recommend!

43. “Love Potion” Lemonade – Because this is such a well loved drink, it is a go-to for parties. 

45. “Wish Upon a Star” Water – If you have nothing else, please have water at the party! This is a must! 

46. “Getting Hitched” Horchata – Horchata is so tasty. It brings a milky cinnamon flavor that will rock your world. 

47. “Forever and Always” Floats – Run to the grocery store and grab different kinds of soda and vanilla ice cream. This will allow people to make their own cute little floats!

48. “Here Comes the Bride” Hot Cocoa – Throwing a bachelorette party during the winter months? Have some hot cocoa to warm everyone up!

49. “Power Couple” Punch – Punch can be super tasty, just be careful not to spill. That bright red can be a tough stain to get out. 

50. “Just My Type” Juice – Have a little toast with apple juice or some grape juice to start off your girl’s weekend. Everyone will love it! 

And there you have it! 50 bachelorette party snack ideas with fun, themed names. 

If you use any of these bachelorette party snacks, share a picture or story in the comments. And let me know if you come up with any other fun names, because there are so many possibilities! 

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