Freezer Meal Baby Shower

Freezer Meal Baby Shower - events to CELEBRATE!

Whether you are celebrating a first time mom or someone expecting their second, third, fourth, fifth…you get the idea, every mom knows how valuable the few meals your family or neighbors bring in after you have a baby are. The help is so appreciated, but when they stop, that usually means you’ve got to come up with something to feed your family (they’ll only eat cereal for dinner for so long). So, why not host a Freezer Meal Baby Shower? This would stock up the freezer for the family so the chaos of dinner time and the stress of taking a new baby to the grocery store, can be set aside a few days longer. I think this format would be especially helpful to moms with more than one child since juggling toddlers and a newborn can be extra tricky in the beginning.

Here are three ways you can approach it:

– Have each guest bring an already prepared frozen meal with the printed recipe to share with all of the guests. This lets your guests make a dish they personally love.

– Purchase the supplies and assemble the meals at the shower. Many hands make light work. 🙂

– Hand out an aluminum foil container and printed recipe and ask each guest to bring it already made. This is great for guests who say they “don’t know what to make”. 🙂 Problem solved.

As a fun gift for the family you can give paper products or gift certificates to take-out/delivery restaurants.

My favorite fall freezer meal is this Southwestern Chili. I served it at a baby shower not long ago and it freezes really well. You could serve it for your guests and make some for the expectant mother to take home for later!

Southwestern Chili Recipe

Here are a few blogs that feature meal plans for multiple freezer meal preparations. They include shopping lists, recipes, instructions and more! Check them out and plan a freezer meal baby shower – I guarantee it will be appreciated!

Loving My Nest:


Six Sisters Stuff:

8 freezer meals

A Turtles Life for Me

freezer meals


  1. To those of you who want to make meals for a new mom, if that mom is nursing be careful with beans. Beans can cause gastric distress in new babies who nurse.


  2. When I was pregnant with my second baby, my friends and family hosted a little lunch (instead of a full blown shower) and they all brought me freezer meals instead of gifts. It was WONDERFUL to know that we had some sort of dinner set and ready to go whenever we needed it!

    1. Tina-
      That is so great! It really does help so much when you are in that stage of trying to figure everything out while being so exhausted at the same time!

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