What To Do When Your Child Isn’t Invited To a Birthday Party

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Your child wasn’t invited to a birthday party? It’s difficult when your child is left out. How dare they, but now what? Never fear, here are 5 tips to save the day.

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1. Don’t make a big deal about it

Kids follow our lead. If you are not making a big deal about it then hopefully they won’t either. If they are super sad then trying to keep it in perspective is a good way to go. Just act like not getting invited to a birthday party is no big deal.

2. Distraction is your friend

Make your own fun the day of the party and do an activity together in place of the party. Was anyone else not invited to the birthday party? Invite them to come do something with you too.

3. Listen, listen, listen

What is it that’s upsetting them?  Is it being left out on something fun or thinking a friend didn’t think of them? Letting them talk it out may help to soothe the sadness. It’ll also give you a better understanding of your child.

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4. Try not to intervene

It’s better to let it go than intervene (even though our mama/papa bear instincts tell us different and we have to keep ourselves from confronting the party goers parents). Use the opportunity as a time to teach your child about what we can do when things don’t go our way. For they often don’t.

5. Be mindful when it’s time for your child’s party

Be considerate of others when making party plans.  Consider handing out invites in private, not at school.  Talk about your party with only those invited.  Be respectful of not leaving out just one child.

Birthday parties are a time to celebrate even if you aren’t going to the party. Take the opportunity to talk with your child and do an activity together in place of the party.  It’s a great time to teach life lessons about when things don’t go our way. Also, to be mindful of other people’s feelings when it’s time to make our guest list.

What to do when your Child isn't invited to a birthday party

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