1st Birthday Barnyard Party

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This little cutie recently turned 1, and this Barnyard party was the perfect way to celebrate!

simple and affordable barnyard party

A friend in my neighborhood, Christina, recently had a barnyard themed birthday party for her adorable little boy turning 1! She graciously sent me all the photos from the big day, to share with all of you! ENJOY!

For a first birthday, there is no reason to go overboard and spend too much money. So much of the barnyard decor and food can be purchased for very little money! We hope some of these ideas get you thinking!

The backdrop was a Barnyard Birthday banner, a barn cut out from poster board, and some fabric cow print and bandanna squares to create a banner.

Next, we served juice from the “Duck Pond”. We had blue Kool-Aid to make it look like pond water, and included some rubber duckies.

Next, we added some Fisher Price farm toys to place around the cake. For the cake we included a graham cracker to look like the barnyard door, and some more crumbled crackers for the top.

We also served, Piggies in a blanket, and tater tots from the “Tater field”. We made place cards with cardstock and printed animal pictures, and a sharpie.

The treats were “Tractor tires” (oreo’s), and Hay Bales (Rice Crispy treats!)

Than, the centerpiece o the desserts, were these adorable Barnyard animal cupcakes!

No party is complete without a balloon! We chose a cow mylar balloon with a #1 to show it was his First Birthday!

And for the decor, some simple tissue paper barnyard animals for our shelves.

For a centerpiece, paint your own cow painted mason jar and fill it with artificial sunflowers (or real!)

And how about these paper plate chickens for the yard! Here’s a Youtube video with the directions:

And for all the guests to admire, we made a poster with pictures of our adorable birthday boy throughout his first year!

What do you think? This is a simple and affordable Barnyard party, perfect for your little ones!

1st Birthday Barnyard Party

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