7 Gender Reveal Party Ideas to Celebrate Your New Baby


There is a new trend to throw gender reveal parties. The idea of celebrating a new baby by revealing the gender with all of your family and friends sounds like so much fun. A new baby can never be celebrated too much right?! So before you start thinking about baby shower themes–throw a gender reveal party!

1. Fiesta Theme Gender Reveal

gender reveal party ideas

A fiesta theme is perfect for a gender reveal party! The menu is easy to plan with a taco bar, Mexican desserts, and drinks. A colorful striped blanket makes the perfect tablecloth. The actual reveal of whether or not the baby is a “senor or senorita” can be done with a pinata! Just have a pinata filled with blue or pink candy. The dad-to-be should get the first swing!

2. Bows or Arrows?

The color palette for this party is gorgeous and gender neutral. Michelle’s Party Plan-it used these fun products from Oriental Trading to plan this “Bows or Arrows?” gender reveal.

3. Gender Reveal Party on a Budget

With a new baby on the way who wants to spend a lot of money on a gender reveal party? The purpose of a gender reveal party is to celebrate with your loved ones. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to reveal if you are having a boy or a girl! Plan a simple guessing game and some easy refreshments. This party even had a diaper raffle! A great way to stock up on diapers before your new one arrives.

4. Pink or Blue?

Do you need a theme other than just the colors pink and blue? Take the colors pink and blue to the extreme: balloons, tablecloths, drinks, and food! Play some fun games and have all of you guests make their guess. A great way to reveal the baby’s gender is with a cake reveal.

5. Lumberjack or Jill?

This theme is one of my favorites! The buffalo check is so darling when used for this “Jack or Jill” reveal. This theme is perfect for the winter months, or for a couple that is very outdoorsy. Zoom in because that stump in the middle is actually a reveal cake! And who doesn’t love s’mores?

6. Dr. Seuss Theme

There are lots of fun Dr. Seuss themed baby shower or first birthday party ideas floating around. But the theme is perfect for a gender reveal too! You could do a one fish, two fish theme like the cake pictured above. Or a twist on Thing 1 and Thing 2 would be darling. The colors and characters of Dr. Seuss books are perfect for party decorations, unique games and food. The books themselves can be used to decorate on the tables and will get you started on a great book collection for your new baby!

7. Pistols or Pearls?

This “Pistols or Pearls?” theme pairs something very feminine with something very masculine. This is really the idea of all gender reveal parties. Pair something feminine like bows, glitter, diamonds, or pearls with something more masculine. Get as creative as you want or can be. A great place to start is to really think about the couple and their interests. Do they have a favorite sport or sports team? Do they love to fish, hunt, camp, or hike? Did they meet somewhere unique? Or go somewhere exotic for their honeymoon? Have fun with it! I can’t wait to plan a gender reveal party!

What ideas do you have for a gender reveal party? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing I love designing Invites, banners, backdrops, plus so much more for any event, especially baby showers. Just designed a butterfly garden theme. Love all these social occasions.

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