15 Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers (New School Year)


Here are 15 thoughtful gifts for teachers of all grades! These ideas are perfect to give as a welcome back-to-school present.

As a child I had a secret. And my secret was this, I actually got excited every time the new school year rolled around.

I couldn’t quite explain it. At the end of the year, I was always burnt out from homework and more than ready to enjoy the freedom that summer offered.

But after a few months of freedom, I longed for a little more structure. I wanted to see some of those friends that I only ever hung out with at school. Ya know, school friends. Plus, there was something exciting about going to Walmart to get everything on the supplies list and picking out an outfit for the first day of school.

And among all these things, I also loved the anticipation of finding out who my new teacher(s) would be. I’ve found over the years that gifts are a great way to show someone you care, so use one of these 15 thoughtful gifts for teachers to greet your new teacher(s) this upcoming school year!

Gifts for Teachers

1. Get To Know Me Basket – In order to make this gift, fill a little basket with your child’s favorite snacks, colors, treats, etc. This homemade gift will give the teacher a sneak peek into your child’s personality!

2. Photo Album / Notebook Journal – Evidently there are these cute journals you can get with spaces to add pictures and notes about your class throughout the school year. I think they would make such a great gift. After all, what teacher wouldn’t love something to help them document their experience as an educator?!

3. School Supplies Gift Set – One of the most practical gifts for teachers is school supplies. For example, you could get them tissues, expo markers, and pencils! Teachers usually run out of these items during the year, so it helps when there’s extra on hand.

4. Cute Lunch Box – Most teachers don’t have a long enough lunch break to go eat out, so they pack a lunch to bring to work each day. Having a functional, well made lunch box will help with that a lot!

5. Scented Hand Sanitizer – No matter how clean the school is, there’s always tons of germs going around simply because of the number of people who spend time inside. Scented hand sanitizer can help instructors stay healthy AND smell good.

6. Desk Organizer Try as they might, a teacher’s desk always gets cluttered. Having a small organizer the store writing utensils or stacks of paper can be a huge life saver.

7. Teacher Stamp set – Stamps are a quick and easy way for teacher’s to add feedback to assignments or just spice things up as they are grading. And while they might seem childish, even the high schoolers like getting a smiley face on their paper haha.

8. Aromatherapy Mist – As a teacher, things can get stressful trying to manage a classroom full of students and to keep up with deadlines. Aromatherapy mists are filled with ingredients that promote a feeling of calm that any teacher or professor would benefit from.

9. Screen Cleaner Wipes – Often times, teachers spend at a few hours a day behind their desk. This can result in dirty screens and keyboard. Give them a way to sanitize and clean their space with these screen cleaner wipes.

10. Portable Charger – Another great gift idea for teachers is a portable charger. Since they spend long hours working at the school, this comes in handy when they aren’t near a wall plug in.

11. Cute Paper/Binder clips – School teachers have a LOT of papers and assignments to keep track of. So, having some nice clips will help them stay organized.

12. Mini Drink Cooler – With the long hours that teacher spend at the school, they deserve to have a cool and refreshing drink.

13. Self Adhesive Dots – Another great gift for teachers that no one thinks about is these adhesives. For teachers who like to decorate, these can help them hang posters and labels without ruining them or the wall.

14. Thermal Laminating Pouches – Although not everyone has their own laminating machine, most schools have one that could be used. These laminating sheets are so convenient for when they want to make something that will last.

15. Dry Erase Calendar – While it can take a little effort to set this up each month, I know a lot of teachers appreciate having a large calendar that they can write on and adjust. It’s a fan favorite.

I love these gift ideas for teachers, because they go beyond the typical Starbucks gift card or mug. These are more unique gifts that show that you put a little thought into something that they could use.

And if you want more ideas about inexpensive gifts to give to teachers, check out this article.

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