39 Teacher Appreciation Door Decorating Ideas {Yoda, Reese’s Pieces, Taco’s and More}

Need ideas to decorate your teachers door during Teacher Appreciation Week? Here’s some new ideas to get your creativity flowing!

Once again, the parent volunteers did an amazing job decorating the doors of our school to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. We actually celebrate all teachers and staff, so everyone at the school gets their doors decorated.

Teacher Appreciation week is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year. These amazing educators spend countless hours helping our kids and I love any chance I get to help them know how much we appreciate them. Decorating teacher doors is just one way to send that message of appreciation.

I know there are some schools who just use a poster board size to decorate, but at our school, for the most part, we cover the entire door. 

  1. Great Teachers among us.
  2. Mrs.__ is out of this world
  3. We love our secretaries more than donuts.
  4. Mrs. __ You are all of our favorite thing rolled into one (sushi)
  5. Alexa, “who is the best principal? “This is what I found on the internet.”
  6. Yoda- appreciate you much we do.
Teacher appreciation door ideas for secretaries and teachers
  1. Mrs. Bugg we love you to pieces. (reese’s)
  2. Mrs. Smith kelps us sea the treasure in us.
  3. We appreciate all you do
  4. Yo-Da Best (Yoda). Thanks for helping us be heard.
  5. Reading with my Peeps.
  6. Spots- Janitor – Thanks for keeping our school spotless
teacher appreciation door idea 2 peeps, pieces, treasure, yoda, janitor
  1. Ms. Cope, we Love and Appreciate U. (university of Utah)
  2. Mrs. Dietz is on point. Thanks for keeping us sharp. (cactus)
  3. Thank you for loving our kids- We appreciate you, You rock.
  4. Mrs. f’s Peeps call her their favorite teacher (peeps)
  5. Taco Bout our favorite teacher (Tacos)
  6. Nacho Average teacher (nacho libre)
teacher appreciation door idea taco, nacho libre, football, peeps, cactus
  1. You Make our room a paradise (palm tree)
  2. Thank you for helping us reach for the stars (stars)
  3. Mrs. D. We love you SEW much (sewing needle and thread)
  4. Taco bout our great lunch ladies Ole’
  5. Having a Ball in PE
  6. Our Super Teacher (super hero)
teacher appreciation door idea ball super hero, taco, sewing, paradise, reach for the stars
  1. We are growling with love for Mrs. N (monsters)
  2. Mrs. A we love you to pieces (Reese’s)
  3. Ms. B, thanks for wrapping up our boo boos (for the nurse)
  4. Mrs. R, Nacho average teacher.
  5. We want to say think you- multi language poster.
  6. Movie poster (The Best Teacher)
teacher appreciation door idea foreign language, best, nacho, nurse, reese's pieces, monsters
  1. The UP balloons- Thanks for the adventures
  2. Mrs. A. We love you to Pieces.
  3. Mrs. D We love you to pieces Mrs. L. We stick together (cactus)
  4. Thanks for the ROLL you play every day! Rollo candy
  5. You’re our lifesaver (lifesavers)
teacher appreciation door idea lifesavers rolo, pieces, up balloons
  1. Miss. C We love you A-Chocol- Lot (chocolate bar)
  2. The earth without art is just “EH”. (art teacher)
  3. Mrs. C. Thank you for helping us soar to new heights (Kite)
  4. Said Mrs. C. There’s no end to the things you might know depending how far beyond zebra you go.
teacher appreciation door idea Rolo, space, kites, earth, chocolate bar

I just love some of the decorations from this year. So many really creative puns and elements used! The great part is that they leave them up for the remainder of the school year and our whole school just feels like a fun place to be as you walk through the halls. I hope you’re inspired by one of them!

Don’t forget to check out our other door decoration posts as well as Teacher Appreciation Week posts. If you’re looking for great Teacher Appreciation Week theme ideas, we have plenty!

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39 Teacher appreciation door decorating ideas

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